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Rapid prototyping and fabrication method for 3-D food objects

InactiveUS6280785B1Versatile and Realistic Rapid PrototypingRapid productionLayered productsConfectioneryFree formControl signal
A freeform fabrication method for making a three-dimensional food object from a design created on a computer, including: (a) providing a support member by which the object is supported while being constructed; (b) operating a material dispensing head for dispensing a continuous or intermittent strand of food composition in a fluent state; this food composition including a liquid ingredient and a primary body-building food material and the dispensed food composition having a rigidity and strength sufficient for permitting the food composition to be built up layer by layer into a three-dimensional shape in a non-solid state; and (c) operating control devices for generating control signals in response to coordinates of the object design and controlling the position of the dispensing head relative to the support member in response to the control signals to control dispensing of the food composition to construct a 3-D shape of this object. The method optionally includes an additional step of applying a heat treatment to the 3-D shape after this 3-D shape is constructed. This method can be used to form an intricate shape of a cake mix, which is then baked in an oven. It can also be used to form a custom-designed decorative shape on the top surface of a pre-made cake.

Manufacturing method of honeycomb structural body, and sealing material

An object of the present invention is to provide a manufacturing method of a honeycomb structural body which makes the profile of a cross section perpendicular to the length direction thereof less likely to generate dispersion, and also makes the thickness of its sealing material layer thinner, and a sealing material that is suitably used in the manufacturing method of the honeycomb structural body. According to the present invention, the manufacturing method of a honeycomb structural body with a sealing material layer formed on the peripheral portion of a pillar-shaped porous honeycomb member includes a sealing material applying step of applying a paste-like sealing material, which is a raw material of the sealing material layer, onto a circumferential face of the pillar-shaped porous honeycomb member, and a scraping step of fitting a ring-shaped scraper, which can be brought into contact with the circumferential face of the pillar-shaped porous honeycomb member so as to slide thereon, to the pillar-shaped porous honeycomb member and moving said ring-shaped scraper in the length direction, thereby expanding the paste-like sealing material applied onto the circumferential face of the pillar-shaped porous honeycomb member so as to spread over the entire circumferential face of the pillar-shaped porous honeycomb member.
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