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The retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) or nerve fiber layer, stratum opticum, is formed by the expansion of the fibers of the optic nerve; it is thickest near the optic disc, gradually diminishing toward the ora serrata.

Coating selective zones of thin webs to change the pervious character thereof

The process and apparatus of the present invention involves treating a well-integrated woven or non-woven web of hydrophobic fibers to make selected areas hydrophilic. It also can be used to make a web of hydrophilic fibers selectively hydrophobic. It uses a plurality of selectively adjustable covers on an applicator roll rotating in a bath of liquid to place the liquid material on selected areas of the web as the web moves over the roll. In a preferred embodiment the web is non-woven and the fibers are hydrophobic in nature, e.g., dry-laid or melt-blown polypropylene or polyethylene fibers or spun-bonded hydrophobic filaments. A woven web made of cotton or other hydrophilic fibers may also be used if the end result is to create partially hydrophobic areas on a hydrophilic web. The areas of liquid are positioned on the web only where desired so as to eliminate the excessive cost of unwanted and unnecessary coating material. If the web is hydrophobic, the liquid makes that area hydrophilic. If the web is hydrophilic, the liquid makes that area hydrophobic. Enhanced liquid containment and transport is obtained when at least one discontinuous fine fiber layer is utilized in the web and the fine fiber layer has a melt-blown content greater than zero but less than 1.5 gsm.

Polyurethane multilayer composite sheet for automotive headliner and processing method thereof

The invention discloses a polyurethane multilayer composite sheet for an automotive headliner, which has a non-woven fabric layer, a first reinforcing glue film layer, a first reinforcing fiber layer, a first adhesive film layer, polyurethane foam board, a second adhesive film layer, a second reinforcing fiber layer, a reinforcing glue layer and a surface finish layer from bottom to top. The production method of the polyurethane multilayer composite sheet has the characteristics that: the use of the reinforcing glue films as a substitute of hot-melt adhesive powder simplifies production process, improves production efficiency and product quality, radically solves dust pollution in a production process, and improves the working environment of workers. The polyurethane multilayer composite sheets produced by the method can be used for fiber glass-free automotive roofs, biodegradable automotive roofs, light automotive roofs, and other high-quality automotive headliners; the introduction of reinforcing fiber mats in different forms enables the method to produce breathable automobile roofs, high acoustic absorption automotive roofs, high strength automotive roofs and other functional automotive headliners; and the sheet and the method fill a gap of the automotive headliner industry in China.

Fuel cell ordered porous nano-fiber single electrode, membrane electrode and preparation method

The invention discloses a fuel cell ordered porous nano-fiber single electrode, a membrane electrode and a preparation method. Polymer nano-fibers are deposited on one side of a gaseous diffusion material through an electro-spinning technology; metal nanoparticles with catalytic activity are deposited on the surfaces of the polymer nano-fibers by using magnetron sputtering and vacuum evaporation methods, or catalyst slurry is directly sprayed to one side of a nano-fiber thin film to form a porous single electrode; then two single electrodes and a layer of proton exchange membrane are combined into a three-in-one membrane electrode. The fuel cell ordered porous nano-fiber single electrode, the membrane electrode and the preparation method have the beneficial effects that the conventional micro-porous layer is substituted by the nano-fiber layer with high porosity and high specific surface area, prepared by electro-spinning, so that the catalytic activity area is increased and the three-phase reaction interface and the mass transfer are facilitated, and an active metal catalytic layer formed by magnetron sputtering and vacuum evaporation has high adhesion, is uniform in coating and has controllable thickness, so that the using amount of the active metal catalyst is reduced and the utilization rate of the catalyst is also greatly increased.

Light-transmitting, breathable and static electricity repellent PM2.5 air filter membrane and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a light-transmitting, breathable and static electricity repellent PM2.5 air filter membrane and the preparation method thereof. The air filter membrane is characterized by being provided with at least one layer of non-woven fabric base material or screen net and at least one layer of ultrathin electrostatic spinning nano fiber layer. The preparation method comprises the steps of impregnating the non-woven fabric base material, the screen net or the ultrathin electrostatic spinning nano fiber layer in a tourmaline nano-particle containing suspension or spraying the tourmaline-containing nano particle suspension on the on-woven fabric base material, the screen net or the ultrathin electrostatic spinning nano fiber layer and drying, wherein the mass percentage of tourmaline nano particles in the suspension is 1-30%, the suspension further comprises a bonding agent, so that the tourmaline nano particles can be wrapped on the surface of the non-woven fabric base material, the screen net or the ultrathin electrostatic spinning nano fiber layer. The air filter membrane applied in a window screen is prepared by adopting the nano fiber technique and electrostatic repulsion and fine particulate matter PM2.5 is guaranteed to be blocked outside when a window is opened for ventilation.
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