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Remote monitoring and intelligent control system and method of agricultural greenhouse based on M2M framework

The invention discloses a remote monitoring and intelligent control system and method of an agricultural greenhouse based on an M2M framework. The system comprises an information acquisition module, an M2M network transmission module, a service monitoring module, an expert decision module, a system display module and a remote control module. The method comprises: firstly, deploying a plurality of environmental parameter sensors in a glasshouse to collect key information; then, in an M2M mode, sending the key information to a centered platform via the Internet or the 3G network; storing, displaying and analyzing data in the centered platform; combining with a crop model and an expert system to output decision information; and issuing a control order via the Internet or the 3G network. The system can avoid the limitation of the local automatic control system of the common greenhouse and realizes the situation that the production in a plurality of greenhouses is supported on one platform, thus the system has good expansibility and supports scale application. The system provides the means for checking systems and issuing orders on the Internet and a mobile terminal, is convenient and can transmit information by the broadband Internet and the 3G communication network.

Hydrophobic self-cleaning coating compositions

A hydrophobic self cleaning coating composition that can be applied by conventional methods such as by spraying the composition onto a surface forming creating a wet and dry dirt repellent coating on the surface. The coating utilizes hydrophobic nanoparticles of fumed silica and/or titania in a solvent which evaporates at ambient temperature. The coating solves the problem of poor resistance to UV light, opaque appearance, and/or abrasion found in previous coatings of similar nature. Virtually transparent coating are produced as compared to conventional coatings of comparable hydrophobicity which are typically white or opaque. The coating can be applied by a single and easy spraying method and the super hydrophobic property can be achieved by drying the film by evaporation of the solvent at ambient temperature for 5 to 10 minutes. Embodiments of the hydrophobic self-cleaning coating composition can be produced resulting in a clear coating or in some cases a translucent dirt repellant film or coating on painted material, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fiberglass or a polymer substrate. One preferred coating composition utilizing an effective amount of a treated fumed silica in a solvent forms a coated surface providing a contact angle of at least 165 degrees as compared to water having a contact angle of from 10 to 15 degrees on a noncoated surface. The self-cleaning coating composition imparts a degree of hydrophobicity to a surface so that the treated surface will have a tilt angle of sliding of less than 2 degrees as compared to water on a noncoated surface having a tilt angle of sliding of 90 degrees or higher.

Miniature closed type intelligent adjustment system of plant cultivation environmental factors

The invention discloses a miniature closed type intelligent adjustment system of plant cultivation environmental factors which comprises a cultivation box body and intelligent control structures. A plurality of interlayers used for plant cultivation are arrange inside the cultivation box body. The intelligent control structures comprise a human-computer interface, an industrial control board and collection executing mechanisms. Users send operational orders to the industrial control board through the human-computer interface. The collection executing mechanisms comprise a collection mechanism and an executing mechanism. The collection mechanism comprises a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration sensor and an illumination sensor. The executing mechanism comprises a compressor, a heater, a fan, a supplementary lighting device, a CO2 producer and a nutrient solution automatic cycle replenishing device. An output end of the collection mechanism is connected with an input end of the industrial control board, and an output end of the industrial control board is respectively connected with the human-computer interface and the executing mechanism. The miniature closed type intelligent adjustment system of plant cultivation environmental factors integrates automatic supplementary lighting function, temperature and humidity automatic adjustment function and CO2 concentration and nutrient solution automatic cycle replenishing function through automatic control and sensor technology, and a need of household vegetable cultivation can be met.
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