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Single disc liquid fertilizer opener

ActiveUS20070044694A1Minimize opportunityEliminate premature mechanical failureTill seedingPlantingForce structureCircular disc
A method and apparatus to be mounted upon a planter row unit for delivering liquid fertilizer to the bottom of a trench without contacting the seed to be planted is disclosed and claimed. The system as claimed and described is adapted for mounting to substantially all modern row units employing floating row units. The method and apparatus as described does not interfere with existing down pressure or seed placement systems as found on modern row crop planters. As described and implemented, the method and apparatus is more compact and lighter in weight than the prior art. The attached assembly for a seed planting unit works in combination with a seed trench opener to form a trench for the deposit of liquid fertilizer offset from and parallel to the later formed seed trench. The apparatus allows directed liquid fertilizer delivery in close proximity to the seed trench with minimal disruption of said seed trench. The attachment includes a single disk blade disposed forward of the seed trench forming unit. The single disk blade is disposed at an angle of four degrees or less from the line defining the direction of travel of the seed planting implement in combination with a furrow strap. The attachment includes a selectively adjustable down force structure and a selectively adjustable depth control mechanism.

Intelligent ecological greenhouse system based on solar light supplement and geothermal insulation

The invention provides an intelligent ecological greenhouse system based on solar light supplement and geothermal insulation. The system comprises a greenhouse, a water accumulation and feed device, a fertilization device, a solar light condensation device, an optical fiber receiver, an optical fiber light splitter, a light supplement lamp, a solar photovoltaic generation device, a geothermal pump, hot water heat-radiating fins, a water curtain cooler, a CO2 generation device, a constant-flow ventilating window, a temperature sensing device, a humidity sensing device, a photosensitive sensor, a video monitor device, a CO2 sensing device, a rainwater collection pool, a storage battery, a power supply controller, an inverter, a control host, a monitor, a mains supply and the like, wherein electric power of a solar photovoltaic module and electric power of the mains supply are respectively supplied to the geothermal pump and the control host as well as a water feed pump and the light supplement lamp; and the control host respectively receives different signals of the temperature sensing device, the humidity sensing device, the photosensitive sensor and the CO2 sensing device to control respective terminal devices, respectively performs light supplement, temperature insulation, watering, fertilization and CO2 adjustment, and carries out remote monitoring at the same time.
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