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Method for producing feed additive from livestock and poultry breeding wastewater and purifying breeding wastewater to reclaimed water

The invention relates to the fields of environmental technology and the breeding and processing of microalgae, in particular to a method for producing feed additive from livestock and poultry breeding wastewater and purifying breeding wastewater to reclaimed water. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps that: wastewater enters an acidification adjusting tank through a grille, and the acidified wastewater enters an anaerobic biochemical reactor for treatment and then enters an aerobic biochemical reactor; after the aerobic biochemical treatment, the obtained biogas slurry enters a settling tank for settling, the supernatant enters a membrane bioreactor for further aerobic treatment and is filtered by an ultrafiltration membrane, the generated ultrafiltration clear liquid is sterilized and neutralized and then enters a photobioreactor, algae are added into the photobioreactor to perform microalgae cultivation, and the algae liquid is discharged from the photobioreactor and then enters a flocculation and settling tank; and after flocculation and settling, the supernatant is used for water recycling, the concentrated algae liquid at the bottom enters a filter, and the separated microalgae slurry enters a fermentation / enzymolysis pot (tank) to perform fermentation / enzymolysis to be used as the feed additive. The invention has the advantages of high economic adaptability, zero discharge and the like.
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Moisture-preserving nutritious soil for growing herbaceous flower seedlings and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to plant nutritious soil and a preparation method thereof and particularly relates to flower nutritious soil and a preparation method thereof. The flower nutritious soil contains the components of biomass water-retaining agent, turf, sapropel, black soil, corn straw, perlite, meerschaum, deer feces, fine sand, inorganic fertilizer, and the like and is processed by the steps of raw material selection, crushing, screening, disinfection, mixing, pH regulation and the like. By adopting the method of mixing organic materials and inorganic materials, the flow nutritious soil has the advantages of reasonable and loosened structure, complete nutrients, stable property, easily obtained raw materials, easy processing and low cost. In addition, the biomass water-retaining agent contained in the flow nutritious soil is a novel, multifunctional and natural macromoleclar polymer and has a three-dimensional space reticular structure, not only can absorb water and fertilizer, but also can retain water and fertilizer, and. the water absorbing capacity of the flower nutritious soil is more than 1000 times the weight thereof, a small reservoir of water and fertilizer is formed in the soil, and the water and the fertilizer are slowly released, thereby the flow nutritious soil has the functions of saving both water and fertilizer. The invention can be used for growing seedlings and planning seedlings.

Technological process of ramie bast fiber

The invention relates to a technological process of a ramie bast fiber, which comprises a basic degummed ramie production route: raw ramie skin-sorting and derooting-mechanical ungluing-cage loading-biological ungluing-high-temperature rinsing-cage unloading-sub-fiber washing-soft rinsing-radio frequency drying- degummed ramie. Long ramie can be growth through the mechanical hemp oiling- infiltration and health care-stretch breaking and carding-pre-gilling-combing and sorting-final gilling of the degummed ramie. Short ramie can be produced through the combing and the sorting of combed noil. Oakum can be produced through biological ungluing-high-temperature stewing and ungluing-high-temperature rinsing-cage unloading-sub-fiber washing-soft rinsing-dehydration and drying-radio frequency drying-mechanical hemp oiling- infiltration and health care-opening and edulcoration- combing and sorting. Improving methods are adopted for the mechanical ungluing, biological ungluing, high-temperature rinsing, sub-fiber washing, stretch breaking and carding, combing and sorting and the like. The preparation process has the advantages of short process, high production efficiency, high mechanical automation degree, stable product quality, excellent fiber quality and strong operability of fiber length and fineness, and can be used in the production processes of various bast fiber raw material, gramineae fiber raw material, leaf fiber raw material and other fibers.

Film coating process for aluminium alloy wheel hub

The invention discloses an aluminum alloy wheel hub coating technology. The aluminum alloy wheel hub coating technology comprises the procedures of oil removing, cleaning and drying, pre-treating, epoxy polyester powder spraying and solidifying, grinding I, methyl methacrylate-acrylate copolymer paint spraying and solidifying, grinding II, polybutadiene high temperature resistant insulating coating spraying and solidifying, vacuum cathode arc ion chromium plating and magnetism control sputtering aluminum plating, and polyurethane methacrylate light solidifying paint spraying and solidifying in sequence. The aluminum alloy wheel hub coating technology adopts dry electric plating to replace the traditional wet electric plating, the plating layer surface quality and the physical and chemical properties are approximately equivalent to the wet electric plated aluminum alloy wheel hub, the chromium consumption is reduced to about one fifth of the wet electric plating, the water consumption is reduced to about one seventh of the wet electric plating, precious nickel and copper are not utilized, the poisonous metal substance such as hexavalent chromium is not contained, the pollution to the environment is reduced, the energy, water and precious metal consumption is remarkably reduced, the technological flow is simplified, the production efficiency is enhanced, the heavy polishing working sequence is omitted, the working condition is remarkably improved, and the cost is reduced.

Method for cooperatively promoting agglomeration growth of PM (particulate matter) 2.5 and treating desulfuration wastewater in evaporation manner and device of method

The invention discloses a method for cooperatively promoting agglomeration growth of PM (particulate matter) 2.5 and treating desulfuration wastewater in an evaporation manner and a device of the method. The method particularly includes steps that agglomeration liquor prepared by desulfuration wastewater, high polymer adhesive and wetting agent is sprayed into an inlet flue of an electric precipitator and is evaporated by the aid of heat of flue gas, in an evaporation process, the wetting agent promotes dust to enter drops of the agglomeration liquor, the high polymer adhesive is connected with PM2.5 via a polymer chain with polar groups, the grain diameter of the PM2.5 is prompted to be enlarged, so that the PM2.5 can be gathered by the follow-up electric precipitator, the desulfuration wastewater is evaporated completely, suspended matters and dissolvable pollutants in the wastewater are converted into solid to be dissolved out, and the suspended matters and the dissolvable pollutants in the wastewater, together with dust in the flue gas, are gathered by the electric precipitator. The device consists of a boiler, an air preheater, the electric precipitator, a desulfurizing tower, a hydraulic cyclone, a desulfuration wastewater clarification tank and an agglomeration liquor preparation tank, and a double-fluid atomizing nozzle is arranged in the flue between the air preheater and the electric precipitator.

Gasification method of shock chilling type pulp or powder carbonaceous material

The invention discloses a gasification method of chilling slurry or powdery carbonic material. The method mainly consists of four technologies which are gasification in opposed multi-burner type, primary purification of synthetic gas, heat recovery and the treatment and recycling of black water, wherein, a gasification furnace is the core device of the method in the gasification process, which is provided with at least two pairs of opposed burners in uniform distribution and realizes the full gasification of the material under the operation pressure of 3-8 MPaG and the operation temperature of below 1200 DEG C-1700 DEG C. The invention has the following advantages: the carbon conversion rate in the gasification furnace is up to more than 90 percent, the effective gas content during slurry feeding is more than 84 percent and the effective content during powdery feeding is more than 90 percent; the ash content of the synthetic gas after primary purification is low, which can be lowered to below 1 mg / Nm<3>, thus having better water-gas ratio, i.e. the volume ratio of steam / synthetic gas (dry basis) is 1.3-1.5 / 1; the heat of the black water is totally recovered, the quality of ash water after purification is good and no fouling and clogging phenomena occur; the energy consumption, the oxygen consumption and the water consumption of the whole gasification process are relatively low, thus being capable of realizing long period stable operation with high efficiency.

Method for preparing titanium white

The invention provides a method for preparing titanium white. The method comprises the following steps of: preparing titanium solution from high titanium hydrochloric acid leaching residue, which is prepared from a titanium iron material through a hydrochloric acid leaching method, serving as a raw material or one of raw materials through acidolysis by using sulfuric acid; oxidizing the titanium solution, performing organic extraction and purification, and hydrolyzing to obtain metatitanic acid; and performing washing, salt treatment, calcination and surface treatment on the metatitanic acid to prepare the titanium white. According to the method, hydrochloric acid composite system solution containing chlorate is subjected to diffluent disposal and is recycled after the titanium iron material is leached, and is organically matched with a cyclic process of an organic extraction and purification and sulfuric acid system of the titanium solution, so that the titanium solution treatment process and the cost are reduced; and since the used hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and organic extraction agent can be recycled, ferrous sulfate (green vitriol) is not produced; and thus, the discharge of dilute sulfuric acid and acidic wastewater is effectively reduced, and the quality of the titanium white is obviously improved. According to the method provided by the invention, high efficiency, cleanness, low cost, low energy consumption and low waste discharge effects of an entire flow are realized; a novel process technology is provided for producing the titanium white by a sulfuric acid method; and fine grained rock type ilmenite with high calcium and magnesium content at the Panxi area can be effectively utilized.

High-pressure water burst and CO2 fracturing combined coal bed gas displacement extraction technology

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The invention discloses a high-pressure water burst and CO2 fracturing combined coal bed gas displacement extraction technology. The high-pressure water burst and CO2 fracturing combined coal bed gas displacement extraction technology comprises the following steps: ground stress state determination, hole sealing section drilling and sealing, hole drilling and slitting, charging, water injection hole sealing, high-pressure water burst crack starting, supercritical or liquid CO2 fracturing and gas extraction. A ceramsite proppant is mixed in the supercritical or liquid CO2, in a continuous fracturing process of the liquid CO2, extension conditions of burst cracks can be monitored in real time by a microseism monitoring instrument, and fracturing is stopped after an expected effect of extension in a set range is achieved. During guided slitting, slitting can be carried out step by step after holes are drilled according to the number of slits and a set distance between each two adjacent slits, and a mode of drilling holes and slitting alternately can also be adopted. The high-pressure water burst and CO2 fracturing combined coal bed gas displacement extraction technology has the advantages that the permeability of a low-permeability coal bed gas reservoir can be increased effectively, construction amount is reduced, and coal bed gas extraction efficiency is high.
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