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Integrally-packaged power semiconductor device

The invention relates to an integrally-packaged power semiconductor device. A top source electrode of an inverted low-end MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconducotr Field Effect Transistor) chip is electrically connected to the top surface of a chip base; a bottom drain electrode of a high-end MOSFET chip or a top source electrode of the inverted high-end MOSFET is electrically connected with a bottom drain electrode of the low-end MOSFET chip through a first metal connecting plate; a second metal connecting plate is stacked on the high-end MOSFET chip; and the chip base is also provided with a control chip and is electrically connected with the electrodes of the high-end MOSFET chip and the low-end MOSFET chip. According to the invention, a plurality of chips are stereoscopically packaged so as to reduce the whole size of the semiconductor device; in addition, the product performance of the semiconductor device is improved by largening the size of each chip in a packaging body which has the same size as that of the chip; and because the top source electrode of the low-end MOSFET chip and the top surface of the chip base are connected, the bottom surface of the packaged and exposed chip base is connected with a ground electrode, and the shape of the exposed bottom surface is simplified, and the area of the exposed bottom surface is maximized so as to facilitate heat dissipation.

Light-emitting element lamp and lighting equipment

The present invention provides a light-emitting element lamp 1 capable of preventing a temperature rise of a substrate 9, on which light-emitting elements 4 are mounted, by effectively utilizing a thermally conductive casing 2 and a thermally conductive cover 5.
The light emitting element lamp 1 includes a thermally conductive casing 2, a light source part 3, a thermally conductive cover 5, and an insulative cover 6. The thermally conductive casing 2 includes an irradiation opening 2b, is formed so as to be widened toward the irradiation opening 2b, has its outer circumferential surface exposed outwardly, and has a substrate mounting part 2c secured on its inner circumferential surface. The light source part 3 has a substrate 9 having the light-emitting elements 4 mounted thereon and causes the substrate 9 to be thermally coupled to and attached to the substrate mounting part 2c of the thermally conductive casing 2. The thermally conductive cover 5 is thermally coupled to and connected to the outer circumferential surface of the thermally conductive casing 2 in a surface-contacted state. The insulative cover 6 has one end side thereof connected to the thermally conductive cover 5, and the cap 7 is connected to the other end side thereof. The lighting circuit 12 controls lighting of the light-emitting elements 4 accommodated in the insulative cover 6.
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