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3D (3-dimensional) touch liquid crystal lens grating, display device and manufacturing methods of 3D touch liquid crystal lens grating and display device

The embodiment of the invention provides a 3D (3-dimensional) touch liquid crystal lens grating, display device and manufacturing methods of the 3D touch liquid crystal lens grating and the display device and relates to the technical field of display, and the thickness of the 3D touch display device can be reduced. The 3D touch liquid crystal lens grating comprises a lower substrate and an upper substrate, wherein the lower substrate and the upper substrate are formed by box-box molding; the lower substrate comprises a lower transparent substrate and a surface electrode; the upper substrate comprises an upper transparent substrate a strip-shaped electrode; liquid crystal is filled between the surface electrode and the strip-shaped electrode; at least one touch electrode arranged in an adjacent mode is arranged between the upper transparent substrate and the strip-shaped electrode; and a transparent isolated cushion layer is arranged between the touch electrode and the strip-shaped electrode. A double-layer electrode used for touch in the prior art can be reduced to a single-layer electrode by the embodiment of the invention, thus the thickness of the 3D touch display device is reduced, the manufacturing process is simplified, and the production cost of a product is reduced.

AMOLED array substrate and display device

The invention discloses an AMOLED array substrate. The AMOLED array substrate comprises a plurality of pixel structures formed in an array mode on a substrate base plate, wherein each pixel structure is defined by a grid line, a signal line and a power line, and the signal line and the power line are perpendicular to the grid line. Each pixel structure comprises a thin film transistor structure, a positive electrode, a negative electrode and an organic luminous layer between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, wherein the positive electrode is located in a region corresponding to each pixel structure, and the negative electrode is a transparent electrode covering the whole substrate base plate. Each pixel structure further comprises a first negative electrode auxiliary line parallel to the signal line, wherein the first negative electrode auxiliary line is connected with the negative electrode through at least two dotted first through holes. In the AMOLED array substrate, each negative electrode is connected with the corresponding first negative electrode auxiliary line on the same layer with the corresponding signal line through the at least two dotted first through holes to enable each negative electrode and the corresponding first negative electrode auxiliary line to be connected in parallel, and the negative electrode resistance is reduced. In addition, the width of each first negative electrode auxiliary line can be decreased, the influence on the opening rate is reduced, and the opening rate is improved compared with the prior art.

Organic light-emitting diode display panel and manufacturing method thereof and display device

The invention discloses an organic light-emitting diode display panel and a manufacturing method thereof and a display device. The organic light-emitting diode display panel includes a first substrate, a second substrate arranged opposite to the first substrate, an organic light-emitting element arranged between the first substrate and the second substrate, a periphery region between the first substrate and the second substrate, and a sealing layer used for packaging the organic light-emitting element between the first substrate and the second substrate in a sealing manner, wherein the sealing layer includes a supporting layer arranged on the first substrate and surrounding the periphery of the organic light-emitting element, and a bonding layer which is arranged between the supporting layer and the second substrate and covers the supporting layer. According to the manufacturing method in the invention, bubbles or a micro-crack phenomenon is not easy to occur in a packaging process of the organic light-emitting diode display panel, thereby simplifying manufacturing technology, reducing production cost, and improving the yield of organic light-emitting diode display panels.

Semiconductor fingerprint identification sensor and manufacture method thereof

The invention discloses a semiconductor fingerprint identification sensor and a manufacture method thereof. The semiconductor fingerprint identification sensor comprises an induction area, a control area and an interface area, wherein the induction area, the control area and the interface area are in communication connection; fingerprint information induced by the induction area is sent to the control area; after the fingerprint information is processed by the control area, the processed fingerprint information is output through the interface area; the induction area comprises an insulation layer, a routing layer, a substrate layer and a protection layer, wherein the insulation layer, the routing layer, the substrate layer and the protection layer are fixed in sequence; the routing layer is embedded between the insulation layer and the substrate layer; one surface, which contacts with the protection layer, on the substrate layer, is provided with sensor arrays; through holes corresponding to the sensor arrays are arranged on the substrate layer; and the sensor arrays are electrically connected with a sensing lead wire circuit of the routing layer through the through holes. The invention has the advantages of being low in cost, high in signal to noise ratio, high in reliability and simple in processing technology.

Propellant for fireworks and crackers

InactiveCN103396276AThe production process is simpleLow hygroscopicityInorganic oxygen-halogen salt explosive compositionsGunpowderSolvent
The invention relates to a propellant for fireworks and crackers. The propellant is prepared from the following four raw materials: potassium perchlorate, potassium hydrogen terephthalate, charcoal powder and an adhesive, wherein the adhesive is glutinous rice flour or phenolic resin. The propellant is prepared by the following steps: mixing: by mass percentage, the four raw materials are put into a gunpowder machine and are uniformly mixed to obtain mixed chemical powder; and prilling: the well mixed chemical powder is added into a solvent and is kneaded into powder balls, and the powder balls are made into small spherical particles by a sugarcoating machine or rubbed into small particles by a screen mesh, and then the propellant for the fireworks and crackers is obtained by drying in the sun. A finished product of the propellant for the fireworks and crackers is prepared from the four raw materials and by the two processes of mixing and prilling, the production technology is simple, ball milling, tabletting, crushing and other processes in which exploding is easy to occur can be omitted, and the safety performance of the propellant is greatly improved. The propellant has the advantages of low hygroscopicity, stable performance, long shelf life, small shot noises, high shot height, small lateral force, low production cost and less use amount, and has obvious price advantage.

Ink box of ink jet printer

The invention relates to an ink box of an ink jet printer. The ink box comprises a box body and a detecting mechanism for detecting the ink box and the surplus quantity of ink, wherein the box body comprises an ink storage cavity for storing ink, an ink outlet for supplying ink for a printing head of the printer and an atmosphere inlet; the ink storage cavity comprises a first ink cavity and a second ink cavity, and a first negative pressure mechanism and a second negative pressure mechanism are arranged between the first ink cavity and the second ink cavity; the first negative pressure mechanism and the second negative pressure mechanism are matched to control the ink in the first ink cavity to be consumed more preferentially than the ink in the second ink cavity; and the second negative pressure mechanism ensures that negative pressure is generated when the ink in the ink storage cavity is used to a certain quantity. Because the negative pressure is not generated when the ink in the ink storage cavity is not used to a certain quantity, the negative pressure is generated only when the surplus quantity of the ink is less in the end, and the technical problems that parts in the ink box are easy to damage and deform because the negative pressure exists all the time in a using process and the printing quantity is influenced cannot occur.

Method for simultaneously separating soy protein and oil fat with inverse micelle abstraction technique

ActiveCN101343309AThe production process is simpleReduce production costs and fixed asset investmentPeptide preparation methodsFermentationSolventChemistry
Disclosed is a method for separating soybean protein and fat by the reversed micellar extraction, which comprises the following procedures: (1) reversed micellar solution is prepared; (2)a pretreated raw material of soybean is added into the reversed micellar solution to extract protein and fat; (3) electrolyte solution is added so that the protein is transferred into the aqueous phase from the reversed micellar solution to be separated, thereby realizing back extraction of the protein, and protein aqueous solution and mixed oil are obtained; (4) the obtained protein product and the fat product are processed. The method has the following main advantages: the fat and the protein are separated at the same time in the reversed micellar extraction system, so the production process is greatly simplified, and the production cost and the investment on the fixed assets are reduced; the method has the advantages of solvent extraction; in the process of extraction, the protein is surrounded by the water environment in the reversed micellar, and the environment is close to the environment in the cells with mild condition, so the protein is not denatured and can keep the biological activity of the protein, and the purity of the product is high; and no acid and alkali wastewater is discharged without pollution.

Method of preparing insoluble fibroin protein film

The invention discloses a preparation method for an insoluble silk fibroin membrane, and the preparation steps are as follows: obtaining the pure silk fibroin solution through the degumming, dissolution, dialysis and purification of the silk; mixing and stirring butyl titanate and ethanol with the volume ratio of 1 : 10, and adding the generated nanometer TiO2 and silk with the weight percentage of 0.4 to 0.8 percent into the pure silk solution, and adjusting the pH value as 5 to 6, and making magnetic stirring; the solution is dried into a membrane in the condition of a temperature of 20 to 40 DEG C and the relative humidity of 40 to 80 percent. The silk fibroin membrane of the invention is provided with no toxicity or harm and has good biocompatibility; the structure of the silk is a non crystalline state; the silk membrane has the water dissolve-loss rate of less than 2 percent, the elongation breaking strength of 50 to 80M/Pa, the breaking elongation rate of less than 40 percent and the amount of water transmission of 120 to 250g/(m<2>*h); meanwhile, the silk fibroin membrane is insoluble in water and only needs small amount of nanometer particles. The silk fibroin membrane is simple in preparation, low in cost and can be used in materials such as wound protective membranes, artificial skin, anticoagulant materials, ligaments, vessels, tendons and drug controlling.

Method for silvering kovar alloy interconnection piece

The invention relates to a method for silvering a kovar alloy interconnection piece. The method comprises the following steps of 1, carrying out surface screening and wiping cleaning, 2, carrying out combined oil removal, 3, carrying out pickling and activation, 4, carrying out pre-plating treatment, 5, carrying out pre-silvering, 6, carrying out silver electroplating, and 7, carrying out electrochemical passivation. The method is characterized in that the step 3 is utilized for preparing pickle and an activation solution and carrying out pickling and activation; the step 4 is utilized for impacting nickel and plating copper on a bottom layer; and the step 7 is utilized for preparing a passivation aqueous solution and carrying out electrochemical passivation. The method has the advantages that 1, a kovar alloy is utilized as a base material of an interconnection piece for a cell array so that a production technology is simplified and a cost is reduced; and 2, on the basis of a cyaniding silver-electroplating technology, through further optimization of activation solution preparation, a pre-plating treatment method and passivation treatment, the requirements on atomic oxygen resistance, electrical conductivity and solderability of an interconnection piece are satisfied; after high/low temperature circulation, tensile strength is great than or equal to 0.83N/mm<2>; a yield is high; and the characteristics of mass production feasibility and cell array service life improvement are obtained.

Washing machine with water filling port type balancing ring and control method thereof

The invention relates to a washing machine with a water filling port type balancing ring and a control method of the washing machine. The washing machine comprises an outer barrel and an inner barrel. The balancing ring is arranged at a clothes charging port of the inner barrel. The balancing ring is of a circular ring structure. The inner circumference of the balancing ring is provided with water filling ports, and the water filling ports are used for supplying water into the balancing ring as balancing liquid to balance the load eccentric quantity. The outer circumference of the balancing ring is provided with at least one water drainage port which can be opened or closed. According to the washing machine, the balancing ring is hollow inside, and no filler with a fixed quantity is arranged in the balancing ring, so the weight of the balancing ring is reduced greatly, sealing does not need to be considered, the manufacturing processes of the balancing ring are simplified, the manufacturing cost is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved; the washing machine with the water filling port type balancing ring does not need to drive the filler in the balancing ring to rotate together, so energy consumption is lowered, an appropriate amount of water can be injected according to the measured load eccentric quantity, the unbalance effect caused by too little filler and excessive balance caused by too much filler are avoided, and the problem that the quantity of the filler in the balancing ring of a common washing machine can not be changed is solved.

Process equipment for roller brush

InactiveCN101250940AReduce the number of starts and endsThe production process is simpleLiquid surface applicatorsAdhesive processes with adhesive heatingSizingEngineering
Roller brush processing equipment is used to fix brush hair made of plush cotton flannel on the surface of a core tube. The equipment comprises a frame supporting the core tube and a sizing drum and a heater corresponding to the core tube, and is characterized in that: the left end and the right end of the frame are respectively provided with a left transmission device and a right transmission device which can realize friction movement and holding of the core tube; moreover, the frame is provided with an axial movement device which can synchronously drive the core tube to move in axial direction through the left transmission device and the right transmission device as well as a rotating device which can drive the core tube to rotate. After adopting the structure, the core tube can move in axial direction when rotating; therefore, the length of the core tube which is arranged on the frame is no longer limited by the equipment, and the core can be output forwards ceaselessly, thereby realizing the goal that plush cotton flannel can be stuck to the external surface of the core tube without stop; thus, the roller brush processing equipment reduces the start and end times of the plush cotton flannel on the surface of the core tube without frequently replacing the core tube, thereby having the characteristics of simple manufacture process, high operation efficiency and low operation difficulty; moreover, the equipment ensures that a processed roller brush has low production cost and has stronger market competitive power.
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