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Electrical storage device and manufacturing electrical storage device

An electrical storage device of the present invention is characterized in that a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a lithium electrode, and an electrolyte capable of transferring lithium ion is included, the lithium electrode is arranged to be out of direct contact with the negative electrode, and lithium ion can be supplied to the negative electrode by flowing a current between the lithium electrode and the negative electrode through an external circuit. With the above characteristic, problems such as non-uniform carrying of lithium ion to the negative electrode, shape-change of a cell, and temperature increase of an electrolytic solution under incomplete sealing of a cell and the like can be easily solved. A using method of the electrical storage device is characterized in that, by using the lithium electrode as a reference electrode, the positive electrode potential and negative electrode potential can be measured, and the potential of the positive or negative electrode can be controlled when the electrical storage device is charged or discharged. Therefore, the potentials of the positive electrode and negative electrode can be monitored, thereby it can be easily determined whether deterioration of the electrical storage device is caused by the positive electrode or the negative electrode. Also, it is possible to control the device with the potential difference between the negative electrode and reference electrode, that is, the negative potential. In addition, when characteristics deteriorate such as the internal resistance increase, an appropriate amount of lithium ion can be supplied to the negative electrode and/or positive electrode by the lithium electrode.

Method for preparing electrodes of super capacitor based on nickel foam and products thereof

The invention discloses a method for preparing electrodes of a dissymmetric super capacitor based on nickel foam. The method comprises the steps: washing the nickel foam, soaking the nickel foam into a graphene oxide aqueous solution to obtain nickel foam in which graphene oxide deposits, serving the nickel foam in which the graphene oxide deposits as precursor materials, and respectively adopting a three-electrode method for preparaing a positive electrode and a negative electrode of the dissymmetric super capacitor, wherein the positive electrode is composed of composite materials of graphene, a carbon nanometer tube and the nickel foam, and the negative electrode is composed of composite materials of graphene, manganese dioxide and the nickel foam. The invention further discloses some other methods for preparing the electrodes of the super capacitor based on the similar principle, and products which correspond to the methods. By means of the methods and the products, respective high-ratio capacitance characteristics of the composite materials are fully played, and energy density of the super capacitor is improved. In addition, usage of various combined reagents can be avoided, and accordingly large-batch industrial production is conducted in a mode of convenient control, low cost and low energy consumption.

Oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material and preparation method and application thereof

ActiveCN101527202AImprove double layer capacitanceExcellent supercapacitor performanceElectrolytic capacitorsHybrid capacitor electrodesPolyaniline compositeAniline
The invention discloses an oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material and the preparation method and the application thereof. The preparation method comprise the following steps: firstly, adding oxidized graphite to water for ultrasonic dispersion so as to form an oxidized grapheme solution with uniformly dispersed single pieces; at room temperature, dropping aniline to the obtained oxidized grapheme solution for continuous ultrasonic dispersion to from a mixed solution; at a low temperature condition, adding hydrogen peroxide, ferric trichloride and a hydrochloric acid solution dropwise to the mixed solution, and stirring the solution for polymerization; and after the reaction is finished, centrifugating, washing and roasting the obtained mixed solution in vacuum to obtain the oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material which is used as the electrode material of an electricity storage system of a super capacitor and a battery. The oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material with good electrochemistry performance is obtained by the method, and the specific capacity of the oxidized grapheme and the polyaniline is greatly improved. In addition, the addition of the oxidized grapheme improves the charge and discharge service life of the polyaniline.
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