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Imprinting apparatus with independently actuating separable modules

The present invention provides an imprinting apparatus, including a plate unit, and a plurality of imprinting modules provided on a lower surface of the plate unit. Each of the plurality of imprinting modules includes an actuator provided under the plate unit to be independently actuated by the controller, with a mold attached to a lower surface of the actuator and having a pattern on a lower surface thereof, so that the mold of the actuator is in surface contact with the upper surface of the objective material, a bonding unit to attach the mold to the lower surface of the actuator, and a compensator including an outer frame provided on the lower surface of the plate unit, and an inner frame placed in the outer frame so that the inner frame is self-aligned by the compliance of six degrees of freedom. The inner frame has on a lower end thereof the actuator, so that the actuator along with the inner frame executes a horizontal and vertical translational motion, a wobbling motion and a rotational motion in response to the conditions of the upper surface of the objective material when the pattern of the mold is imprinted on the upper surface of the objective material, thus compensating for a relative pose error of the mold with respect to the objective material.
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