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Process and packing machine for manufacturing filled drinking cups

The invention is concerned with a process of manufacturing filled drinking cups closed by cover foil blanks heat-sealed thereto and formed by deep-drawing from a thermoplastic packing material strip, comprising a beaded peripheral flange, with the cover foil blanks being provided with a pull flap. According to the invention the method includes the following steps: cyclically feeding the packing material strip loaded with the deep-drawn and filled cups underneath a cover foil blank transfer means; taking up the cover foil blanks from the transfer means, with the pull flaps, during transfer of the cover foil blanks to the packing material strip, being positioned in a direction substantially vertical to the extension plane of the blanks, and the blanks with the upright pull flaps above the cup openings being applied to the packing material strip; sealing the margins of the cover foil blanks to the unmolded areas of the packing material strip about the cup openings; bending the upright flaps during the advance movement of the packing material strip; punching the cups from the packing material strip along a punching contour line extending in parallel to and at a space from the circumferential contour of the cover foil blanks; and transferring the punched cups into a beading means wherein the peripheral flange portion projecting relative to the cover foil blanks is downwardly beaded.
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