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Oral devices and methods for controlled drug release

Drug dosage forms, which are housed in oral devices, and methods for controlled drug release are provided. The oral devices are permanently or removably inserted in the oral cavity and refilled or replaced as needed. The controlled drug release may be passive, based on the dosage form, or electronically controlled, for a high-precision, intelligent, drug delivery. Additionally, the controlled release may be any one of the following: release in accordance with a preprogrammed schedule, release at a controlled rate, delayed release, pulsatile release, chronotherapeutic release, closed-loop release, responsive to a sensor's input, release on demand from a personal extracorporeal system, release in accordance with a schedule specified by a personal extracorporeal system, release on demand from a monitoring center, via a personal extracorporeal system, and release in accordance with a schedule specified by a monitoring center, via a personal extracorporeal system. Drug absorption in the oral cavity may be assisted by an electrotransport mechanism. The oral devices require refilling or replacement at relatively long intervals of weeks or months, maintain a desired dosage level in the oral cavity, hence in the gastrointestinal tract, for extended periods, address situations of narrow drug therapeutic indices, and by being automatic, ensure adherence to a prescribed medication regimen.

Medical cabinet with adjustable drawers

InactiveUS6788997B1Carry-out particularly rapidly and efficientlyEfficient restockingDrug and medicationsAnti-theft devicesData terminalPharmacy medicine
The system for monitoring and dispensing medical items which are dispensed for administration to patients includes a data terminal (76, 338) which is connected through a network (82, 328) to at least one remote computer (84, 324) having a processor and a data store. The system also includes a reading device (348) which is connected to the network. A user of the data terminal or the reading device is enabled to select a patient for whom medical items will be used, and responsive to a request to dispense items the requested items are dispensed from dispensing devices (96, 100, 344, 346, 450, 527) connected to the data terminal. A report generating device (384) generates reports (388) which include machine readable indicia corresponding to patients and/or medical items. Users may select patients and dispense medications by reading the indicia from the reports using the reading device. Certain storage locations are also labeled with machine readable indicia which may be read to indicate the taking of items therefrom as well as to indicate inventory status information. One such dispensing device in the system is a cabinet (550). The cabinet may be configured with various configurations of drawers or shelves by supporting connecting members in apertures which extend in the interior walls of the cabinet.

Blister package with electronic content monitoring system

A replicate can be secured to a blister package intended to contain articles, such as pills, and is used to record the removal of individual articles from the blisters. To remove an article from a blister one will usually press against the blister to push the article through a frangible closure seal, breaking the seal in the process. The replicate includes a backing sheet which carries a plurality of traces alignable with corresponding blisters so that when the article is removed from the blister it will not only break the seal but it will also break the corresponding trace. All of the traces are connected to an integrated circuit which may also be formed or provided on the backing sheet, as is a power source for the integrated circuit. The breaking of the trace is an event that is recorded in the integrated circuit for later accessability. The replicate may be secured to the blister package after the package has been produced by conventional form-fill-seal equipment. The individual traces can be formed into a grid of closely spaced traces so that alignment of the traces with the individual blisters is less critical. The replicates may be formed by printing or other conventional methods on a roll of lidstock. After forming the individual replicates are severed from the roll of lidstock for securement to a blister package.

Dispensing device having a storage chamber, dispensing chamber and a feed regulator there between

A drug dispensing device is comprised of an upper hopper having an upper opening for receiving a medicament and a lower opening. A lid covers the upper opening. A lower hopper having an upper opening and a lower opening in a bottom portion thereof is provided. The upper hopper defines a bulk storage chamber and the lower hopper defines a dispensing chamber. A rotatable dispensing disc is positioned in a lower portion of the dispensing chamber for dispensing medicament from the drug dispensing device through the lower opening in the lower hopper. A regulator is situated between the bulk storage chamber and the dispensing chamber for controlling the rate at which medicament moves from the storage chamber to the dispensing chamber. The regulator may take a variety of forms. In one embodiment, the regulator includes a valve for controlling the flow of medicament from the storage chamber to the dispensing chamber. The valve may include a member responsive to the volume of medicament in the dispensing chamber for controlling the position of the valve. The valve and member may include a trap door valve and a float, a butterfly valve and a rotatable arm, a guillotine valve and a movable arm, and a conical plunger and a wing extending from the base of the plunger. In another embodiment, the regulator may include a rotatable member having an opening therein. The rotatable member may include a cylindrical wall having an opening in a portion thereof, a plate having an opening therein, a cup shaped member defining an opening and a pair of rotatable members which together define at least one opening therein. The regulator may be configured such that the rate at which medicament moves from the storage chamber to the dispensing chamber is never zero. Further, agitating members may be provided which extend toward the upper hopper. Methods of operation are also disclosed.

Automated medication dispenser with remote patient monitoring system

A medication dispensing unit comprising a carousel defining a plurality of compartments, each of the compartments adapted to store a dose of medication is disclosed. The dispensing unit also comprises a housing that has a surface adapted to receive the carousel. The housing defines a receptacle and an access aperture that communicates between the receptacle and the surface that is adapted to receive the carousel. One of the compartments is positioned to communicate with the receptacle through the access aperture. The unit also comprises a dosing drawer that is positioned within the receptacle and communicates with the access aperture to receive a dose of medication from the compartment through the access aperture. The dosing drawer includes a normally closed trap door that, when opened, allows a dose of medication in the drawer to drop out of the dosing drawer. The dispensing unit comprises a recovery drawer that is positioned within the receptacle and communicates with the dosing drawer through the trap door, and receives a dose of medication from the dosing drawer when the trap door is opened. The medication dispensing unit also comprises means for rotating the carousel and a microcontroller that defines dosing period, determines that the patient has accessed the dosing drawer within a dosing period, and locks the recovery drawer.
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