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Apparatus and method for needle filling and laser resealing

An apparatus is provided for needle filling and thermally resealing containers having stoppers that are needle penetrable for filling the containers with a substance, and are thermally resealable for thermally sealing a needle hole in the stopper upon withdrawal of a needle therefrom. A container support of the apparatus supports at least one container having a resealable stopper in a substantially fixed position during needle filling and thermally resealing a needle hole in the stopper upon withdrawal of a needle therefrom. A robotic arm of the apparatus is drivingly mounted adjacent to the container support and movable relative thereto. A manifold is drivingly mounted on the robotic arm and includes (1) a needle for penetrating the resealable stopper and introducing a substance through the needle and into the container; (2) a laser optic assembly for heating a needle penetrated region of the stopper and, in turn, sealing a needle hole in the stopper; and (3) a temperature sensor for sensing the temperate of a needle penetrated region of the stopper to determine whether a needle hole therein is sealed. The manifold is movable laterally relative to the container on the container support to position the manifold relative to a needle penetrable region of the stopper of the container.

IC full-automatic method for testing brede and full-automatic holding tray type machine for testing brede

The invention discloses an IC automatic detecting braiding method and an automatic pallet type detecting braiding machine, comprising a pallet-transport device, a braiding packing device, a waste materials collecting device. A PC control system and an electrical control system as well as a pallet-separate device are arranged on the front end of the pallet transport device and an empty pallet-collect device is arranged on the back end. The braiding lead direction of the braiding packing device is vertical to the pallet-transport direction of the pallet-transport device. A face side scan device and a back side device for detecting IC as well as a catch-and-put device for catching IC from the pallet are orderly arranged in the transportation range of the pallet-transport device. The catch-and-put device is electrically connected with the PC control system and the electrical control system and is a classification catch-and-put device which can classify the ICs according to the detecting results of the face side scan device and the back side device and then send the eligible ICs to the braiding packing device and the unqualified ICs to the waste materials collecting device. The braiding machine has the advantages of good accuracy and reliability for scanning and detecting, rapid speed for braiding and packing, low composite cost and high production efficiency.

Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling water consumption

InactiveUS20050067049A1Monitor and control daily water consumption flowProtection malfunctionDetection of fluid at leakage pointMeasurement of fluid loss/gain rateInformation processingWater based
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling water consumption in a water-based system are disclosed using one or more sensors for generating signals indicative of the operation thereof. One or more interface modules are provided as breaker circuits for receiving the generated signals, and a fluid control device is operable for limiting the water consumption. A motherboard receives the interface modules and provides communication therebetween for information processing. Signals from the various sensors are supplied to a controller, which provides signals to status indicators, and also operates to provide alarm signals via network interfaces to remote locations and to operate an alarm. In an alternate embodiment, a water monitoring system is designed to shut off the water supply to the water device and to shut off either the electrical supply or the gas supply to the heating unit of the water device in response to sensing a malfunction through one or more of a number of different sensed parameters. These parameters include a water leak detector located beneath the water device, a water level float sensor, a temperature sensor to sense excess temperature, and a pressure sensor located in line.

System and method employing short range communications for interactively coordinating unloading operations between a harvester and a grain transport

ActiveUS20100070145A1Effectively and advantageously communicateSpread widelyAnalogue computers for trafficMowersOperational systemTelecommunications link
A system, and method of use thereof, that employs short distance communications signals, thereby limiting and localizing the dissemination area for such signals, for interactively coordinating crop material transfer operations between a harvester and a grain transport, including the automated conduct of an unloading operation, including commencement of the actual unloading of the grain through continuation of such unloading to termination of such unloading, which system and method of the present invention employs operating systems in the harvester and grain transport that so operate to become electronically linked to one another to thereafter operate in unison with one another to effect and control the conduct of the crop material transfer operation between the harvester and grain transport, with each of such operating systems having associated therewith a short range communications system for the transmission and receipt at close range of electronic data signals, such operating systems, when appropriately electronically linked to one another, being operable in conjunction with one another to exchange information, to maintain a communications link therebetween, and to automatedly coordinate and effect various activities of the harvester and grain transport as a crop material transfer operation is effected and proceeds.

Method for supplying gas while dividing to chamber from gas supply facility equipped with flow controller

A method for supplying a specified quantity Q of processing gas while dividing at a desired flow rate ratio Q1/Q2 accurately and quickly from a gas supply facility equipped with a flow controller into a chamber. When a specified quantity Q of gas is supplied while being divided at a desired flow rate ratio Q1/Q2 from a gas supply facility equipped with a flow controller into a reduced pressure chamber C through a plurality of branch supply lines and shower plates fixed to the ends thereof, pressure type division quantity controllers FV1 and FV2 are provided in the plurality of branch supply lines GL1 and GL2. Opening control of both division quantity controllers FV1 and FV2 is started by an initial flow rate set signal from a division quantity control board FRC for fully opening the control valve CV of the pressure type division quantity controller having a higher flow rate and pressures P3′ and P3″ on the downstream side of the control valve CV are regulated thus supplying a total quantity Q=Q1+Q2 of gas while dividing into the chamber C through orifice holes (3a, 4a) made in shower plates (3, 4) at desired division quantities Q1 and Q2 represented by formulas Q1=C1P3′ and Q2=C2P3″ (where, C1 and C2 are constants dependent on the cross-sectional area of the orifice hole or the gas temperature on the upstream side thereof).
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