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Vacuum pneumatic system for conveyance of ice

Vacuum pneumatic conveying apparatus and method are described to provide for a simple, economical, convenient (and preferably automatic) system for conveying ice on an as-required basis from a source such as an ice maker to one or more receptors at locations remote from that source. The system can be configured such that dispensing locations can be added or eliminated from the system or temporarily taken "off line" from the system without the need to change the basic system configuration or the central ice providing apparatus. The apparatus in various embodiments includes an ice source, a conveying conduit from the source to the receptor, a vacuum pump for moving the ice through the conduit by vacuum, and the receptor to collect the conveyed ice. The receptor may be an ice/beverage dispenser, an accumulator for retention and discharge to further devices, an intermediate storage dispenser, or an air lock device from where the ice can be projected over significant distances. Ice and vacuum may simultaneously be routed into different branched routes, utilizing a unique diverter/air shifter with the capability of providing routing to up to four different routes. Appropriate sensors and controllers, which may be microprocessor-based, may be used to automate the system. The entire system is easily cleanable. The system is advantageously used by restaurants, groceries, hotels and motels, hospitals, laboratories, and many other establishments where the providing of ice at various locations is desirable or required.

Automatic packaging unit for vacuum packaging of inner bag and outer bag

The invention relates to an automatic packaging unit for vacuum packaging of an inner bag and an outer bag, which is characterized by comprising a case, a material hopper, a feeding device, a metering device, an inner bag loading device, an outer bag loading device and a vacuum sealing device, wherein the material hopper is fixed on the top of the case; the lower part of the material hopper is provided with the feeding device, the metering device, the inner bag loading device, the outer bag loading device and the vacuum sealing device successively; the unit also comprises an inner bag film supplying device and an inner bag making device which are matched with the inner bag loading device, and an outer bag conveying device which is arranged between the outer bag loading device and the vacuum sealing device; and an outer bag deposited device and an outer bag gaping device are correspondingly arranged on the outer bag conveying device. The automatic packaging unit has reasonable arrangement of the various actuating mechanisms, automatically organic connection of the multiple steps of feeding, metering, bag making, loading of the inner bag and outer bag vacuum sealing and the like and rapid and stable continuous operation, can automatically complete the inner and outer bag vacuum packaging of the flowing solid granule materials such as tealeaf and the like, and greatly improves the automaticity and the production efficiency of the vacuum packaging operation of the inner bag and outer bag.
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