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Multi-function general purpose transceiver

The present invention is generally directed to a system and associated method for communicating information to a predetermined location. The system includes a transmitter disposed at a first location and configured to transmit a signal containing an instruction code that uniquely identifies an instruction to be carried out. The system further includes a transceiver disposed remotely from the transmitter and configured to receive the transmitted signal. The transceiver circuit includes a line interface circuit configured to interface with a telephone line that is part of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and initiate a phone call over the telephone line. Finally, the system includes a central station remotely located from said transceiver but being in communication with said transceiver via the PSTN The central station further include a decoder configured to decode the instruction code. In accordance with a broader aspect, the invention is directed to a general purpose transceiver having a receiver for receiving an information signal and a transmitter configured to transmit an outgoing signal over a phone line to a central station A portion of the information signal includes an instruction code, which may be decoded by the central station and acted upon accordingly Consistent with the general purpose nature of the transceiver, the phone number of the central station may be transmitted to the transceiver as part of the information signal.

Medical cabinet with adjustable drawers

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The system for monitoring and dispensing medical items which are dispensed for administration to patients includes a data terminal (76, 338) which is connected through a network (82, 328) to at least one remote computer (84, 324) having a processor and a data store. The system also includes a reading device (348) which is connected to the network. A user of the data terminal or the reading device is enabled to select a patient for whom medical items will be used, and responsive to a request to dispense items the requested items are dispensed from dispensing devices (96, 100, 344, 346, 450, 527) connected to the data terminal. A report generating device (384) generates reports (388) which include machine readable indicia corresponding to patients and/or medical items. Users may select patients and dispense medications by reading the indicia from the reports using the reading device. Certain storage locations are also labeled with machine readable indicia which may be read to indicate the taking of items therefrom as well as to indicate inventory status information. One such dispensing device in the system is a cabinet (550). The cabinet may be configured with various configurations of drawers or shelves by supporting connecting members in apertures which extend in the interior walls of the cabinet.

Dispensing device having a storage chamber, dispensing chamber and a feed regulator there between

A drug dispensing device is comprised of an upper hopper having an upper opening for receiving a medicament and a lower opening. A lid covers the upper opening. A lower hopper having an upper opening and a lower opening in a bottom portion thereof is provided. The upper hopper defines a bulk storage chamber and the lower hopper defines a dispensing chamber. A rotatable dispensing disc is positioned in a lower portion of the dispensing chamber for dispensing medicament from the drug dispensing device through the lower opening in the lower hopper. A regulator is situated between the bulk storage chamber and the dispensing chamber for controlling the rate at which medicament moves from the storage chamber to the dispensing chamber. The regulator may take a variety of forms. In one embodiment, the regulator includes a valve for controlling the flow of medicament from the storage chamber to the dispensing chamber. The valve may include a member responsive to the volume of medicament in the dispensing chamber for controlling the position of the valve. The valve and member may include a trap door valve and a float, a butterfly valve and a rotatable arm, a guillotine valve and a movable arm, and a conical plunger and a wing extending from the base of the plunger. In another embodiment, the regulator may include a rotatable member having an opening therein. The rotatable member may include a cylindrical wall having an opening in a portion thereof, a plate having an opening therein, a cup shaped member defining an opening and a pair of rotatable members which together define at least one opening therein. The regulator may be configured such that the rate at which medicament moves from the storage chamber to the dispensing chamber is never zero. Further, agitating members may be provided which extend toward the upper hopper. Methods of operation are also disclosed.

Dry powder inhalers, related blister devices, and associated methods of dispensing dry powder substances and fabricating blister packages

The present invention includes dry powder inhalers and associated multi-dose dry powder packages for holding inhalant formulated dry powder substances and associated fabrication and dispensing methods. The multi-dose package can include a platform body comprising at least one thin piezoelectric polymer material layer defining at least a portion of a plurality of spatially separated discrete elongate dry powder channels having an associated length, width and height; and a metallic material attached to selected portions of the piezoelectric polymer material including each of the regions corresponding to the elongate dry powder channels to, in operation, define active energy releasing vibratory channels. In operation, the elongate channels can be selectively individually activated to vibrate upon exposure to an electrical input.
The dry powder inhaler includes an elongate body having opposing first and second outer primary surfaces with a cavity therebetween and having opposing top and bottom end portions and a multi-dose sealed blister package holding a plurality of discrete meted doses of a dry powder inhalable product located in the cavity of the elongate body. The inhaler also includes an inhalation port formed in the bottom end portion of the elongate body, the inhalation port configured to be in fluid communication with at least one of the discrete meted doses during use and a cover member that is pivotably attached to the elongate body so that it remains attached to the body during normal operational periods of use and moves to a first closed position to overlie the inhalation port at the bottom end portion of the body during periods of non-use and moves to a second open position away from the inhalation port during periods of use to allow a user to access the inhalation port.

Restocking method for medical item dispensing system

A system for monitoring and dispensing medical items includes a plurality of hook registers (10). Each of the hook registers includes sensors (48, 60, 62, 64) sensing the removal or addition of a medical item to the storage location on the hook register. Each hook register has a microprocessor (66) connected to the sensor which stores a count of the items added or removed from the location. The microprocessor also includes location identifying information specifically associated with the particular hook register. The microprocessor is periodically polled by a controller (72) which reads and stores the count and location identifying information from each of the hook registers. The controller information is periodically read by a data terminal (76) which is connected through a local area network (82) to a remote computer (84) having a processor and data store. A user of the data terminal is enabled to specify a patient for whom medical items will be used when the items are removed from the hook registers or other storage locations. In addition, the system also monitors inventories of items and levels of usage by users. The system also monitors and controls the dispense of other medical items from box registers (110) as well as controls the dispense of items from secure storage locations such as electronic lock drawers (96) and medicine dispensers (100).
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