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Multi-functional-region cell three-dimensional co-culture method based on micro-fluidic chip

ActiveCN105713835AAchieve inoculationAchieve perfusionArtificial cell constructsTissue/virus culture apparatusMain channelEngineering
The invention provides a multi-functional-region cell three-dimensional co-culture method based on a micro-fluidic chip. The chip is composed of a central main channel which is relatively low and side channels which are relatively high and are arranged on two sides, wherein the main channel and the side channels are connected by virtue of trumpet-shaped grid structures. Specifically, the method comprises the following steps: (1) adding collagen solutions different in composition to the sample inlet of the main channel of the chip and applying negative pressure to the outlet of the main channel, wherein the three collagen solutions flow into the main channel and functional regions, which keep distinct boundaries, are formed on the basis of a lamina flow principle; and (2) sterilizing the chip for a whole night through ultraviolet radiation, and directly blending cells to the collagen solutions which are injected into the main channel, so that cell inoculation can be achieved. By virtue of the micro-fluidic chip designed by the invention, a cell three-dimensional culture system, which has a plurality of independent functional regions, can be constructed in one step; and the method has an important application potential in the construction of in vitro complex cell micro-environments.

Flooding damage control method for water-diversion fracture main channels of drill-hole-grouting plugged overburden rock

The invention discloses a flooding damage control method for water-diversion fracture main channels of drill-hole-grouting plugged overburden rock. The method comprises the steps: collecting surface-drilling columnar data of all coal mining areas according to development characteristics of altitude of water-diversion fractured zones of overburden rock mined under specific mining conditions, determining stratum positions of all key strata in the overburden rock by adopting a key stratum position distinguishing method, then, determining development altitude of a water-diversion fractured zone of each area and areas of distribution of communicating strata and water-bearing strata of each area by an overburden rock water-diversion fractured zone altitude prediction method, finally, laying out the range of distribution of the water-diversion fracture main channels in areas of the communicating water-bearing strata of the water-diversion fractured zones. and determining a grouting drilling type and drilling construction parameters according to borehole tunnel positions, coal bed cover depth and ground drill distribution conditions; after drilling construction is completed, pumping slurry to areas of the water-diversion fracture main channels so as to plug water-diversion fracture channels. The flooding damage control method for the water-diversion fracture main channels of the drill-hole-grouting plugged overburden rock, disclosed by the invention, is determined, can adapt to different mining conditions and can provide a guarantee for water resource protection, flooding damage control and the like of coal mining of mining areas, the use method is reliable, and the practicability is high.

Pilot Type Water Discharging/Stopping and Flow Regulating Valve Device

A pilot-type water discharging/stopping and flow regulating valve device capable of performing both the discharging/stopping of water and the regulation of flow by light operations, and capable of, once the flow is regulated, discharging the water at a pre-regulated specified flow in the next water discharge even if the water is stopped.
The pilot type water discharging/stopping and flow regulating valve device has a main valve, a back pressure chamber, an introducing small hole, a pilot channel and a flow regulating mechanism. The flow of the main channel is regulated by advancing and retreating the main valve following the advance/retreat of a pilot valve. The valve device further has a water discharging/stopping switching mechanism that switches between the discharging and stopping of water by advancing and retreating the pilot valve between a water discharge position and a water stop position. Furthermore, the flow regulating mechanism is configured to maintain the flow regulating position of the pilot valve at a previously regulated flow regulating position when the water discharging/stopping switching mechanism causes the pilot valve to perform water discharging operation after causing the pilot valve to perform water stopping operation.
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