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Diammonium phosphate (DAP) (chemical formula (NH₄)₂HPO₄, IUPAC name diammonium hydrogen phosphate) is one of a series of water-soluble ammonium phosphate salts that can be produced when ammonia reacts with phosphoric acid. Solid diammonium phosphate shows a dissociation pressure of ammonia as given by the following expression and equation: (NH₄)₂HPO₄(s)<=>NH₃(g)+NH₄H₂PO₄(s) At 100 °C, the dissociation pressure of diammonium phosphate is approximately 5 mmHg.

Specialized organic/inorganic composite biological medicine fertilizer for rape, and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a specialized organic/inorganic composite biological medicine fertilizer for rape, and a preparation method thereof. The weight parts of composition raw materials are as follows: 60-80 parts of greenhouse garbage, 6-7 parts of pericarp, 6-8 parts of cotton straws, 8-10 parts of pig manure, 10-12 parts of plant ash, 10-12 parts of sugar residue, 20-25 parts of sodium humate, 10-11 parts of diammonium phosphate, 12-14 parts of potassium sulfate, 12-14 parts of urea, 12-14 parts of ammonium bicarbonate, 14-16 parts of medical stone, 12-14 parts of animal hair, 1-2 parts of EM strains, 20-22 parts of modified bentonite, 8-10 parts of celastrus orbiculatus, 3-4 parts of neem, 4-6 parts of monkshood, 3-5 parts of fiveleaf akebia fruit, 0.7-1.2 parts of boric acid, 1-1.2 parts of manganese sulfate, 2-4 parts of copper sulfate, 4-6 parts of eucalyptus oil and a proper amount of paraffin. A green organic fertilizer is obtained by mixing a plurality of organic wastes and fermenting the mixture, thereby reducing environment pollutions. The specialized organic/inorganic composite biological medicine fertilizer for the rape has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition and enhanced sterilizing effects by mixing the fermented organic materials and inorganic fertilizer and adding medicine juice of the Chinese herbal medicine having insectidical functions. With the application of the fertilizer, rape quality can be effectively increased; and the rape has green leaves, bright flower, prolonged flowering period, full seeds and increased output.

Method for growing blueberry

The invention relates to a method for growing blueberry, which comprises soil modification, seedling cultivation, seedling planting and fertilization. In the invention, a soil modifier is applied to soil and the organic materials in the soil modifier increase the content of fatty acids such as acetic acid and propionic acid of the soil, so the rate of mycorrhizal infection, which is capable of promoting the growth of the blueberry, improving blueberry yield, contributing to productivity improvement and soil modification and improving quality and sugar content of fruits, of the blueberry is improved; meanwhile, pine soil and grass carbon are used to regulate the pH value of the soil. In the invention, a rooting medium which contains IAA growth hormone and glycine betaine is used to cultivate the seedlings, so the rooting rate of cuttings and transplanting survival rate are improved, the seedling cultivation time is reduced greatly, and the propagation efficiency is improved obviously. In the invention, a microbial fertilizer, a potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer, ammonium sulfate and diammonium phosphate are used for fertilizing the blueberry, wherein the ammonium sulfate can lower the pH value of the soil, namely the ammonium sulfate provides nutrients for the blueberry for growth and improves the growing environment of the blueberry; and thus, the blueberry yield is more improved effectively.

Method for preparing nano hydroxyapatite powder

The invention relates to a method for preparing nano hydroxyapatite powder, belonging to the field of the biomedical material. The method for preparing the nano hydroxyapatite powder comprises the following steps: adding the organic polymer of polyethylene glycol to the initial reactants of calcium nitrate and diammonium phosphate solution to adjust and control the morphologies of the products of reaction; adding aqueous ammonia to adjust the pH values of the products of reaction, and making the aqueous ammonia react with the products of reaction at different water bath temperature to synthesize nano hydroxyapatite precipitate, wherein the agglomeration of the synthesized nano hydroxyapatite precipitate can be inhibited by the polyethylene glycol functioning as the dispersant; freezing and drying synthesized nano hydroxyapatite precipitate slurry to obtain dry nano hydroxyapatite powder which contains by-products of reaction and polyethylene glycol, and calcinating the dry nano hydroxyapatite powder at high temperature to remove the by-products of reaction and the polyethylene glycol which are contained in the dry nano hydroxyapatite powder to obtain the nano hydroxyapatite powder which is in the shape of the ball or the rod and in the particle size of 10-100 nm and has high yield and good dispersion. The method for preparing the nano hydroxyapatite powder is simple, needs short preparing period, causes no poison and pollution and is suitable for industrial production.

Compound fertilizer capable of reducing cadmium content in rice with overproof cadmium and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a compound fertilizer capable of reducing cadmium content in rice with overproof cadmium and a preparation method thereof. The fertilizer is prepared from urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, diammonium phosphate, nitrophoska, a calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, sepiolite, ferrimganic oxide, kaolin, bentonite and power plant slags in a certain proportion. The preparation method comprises the following steps: A, preparing the sepiolite; B, preparing the ferrimganic oxide; C, preparing the kaolin; D, preparing the bentonite; and E, preparing the power plant slags. In addition, scale production is carried out by a compound fertilizer process flow namely extrusion and granulation. The compound fertilizer is characterized in that 38.5-50.5% of passivator such as sepiolite, ferrimganic oxide, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, kaolin, bentonite, power plant slags and the like (wherein the sepiolite accounts for 20-32.5%) are contained; the content of the total nutrition (N+P2O5+K2O) is 25%, the soil activated cadmium in the rice with the overproof cadmium is reduced by 31.9-58.5%, rice cadmium is reduced by 28.7-51.7% (the content is less than 0.2mg/kg); and the compound fertilizer has huge popularization and application value in light-grade cadmium-polluted areas.

Process for preparing high dispersion supported type transition metal phosphide catalyst

The invention relates to a catalyst of supported metal phosphide, in particular to a process for preparing the catalyst of high dispersive supported metal phosphide. The catalyst is composed of two parts of active components and a carrier which can be represented by AP/Z or B2P/Z, wherein the A of the active components is Mo or W, the B of the active components is Ni or Co, and the Z of the carrier is Al2O3 or SiO2. The operation steps of the catalyst are that transient metal salt and mammonium dihydrogen phosphate are dissolved in deionized water according to the stoichiometric ratio of targeted phosphide, and simultaneously moderate hydroxy acid as chelating agent is added to get the impregnating solution for preparing supported transition metal phosphide. The porous carrier is immersed in the impregnating solution, and is rested, the procedure gains temperature and returns after the impregnating solution is dried, roasted and under the atmosphere of hydrogen gas, and finally the supported transition metal phosphide is made. The supported transition metal phosphide prepared by the preparation method has the advantages of high dispersion, simple and convenient operation, low cost, no pollution, good repeatability and easiness of large scale preparation.

Slow controlled release diatomite fertilizer

The invention relates to a slow controlled release diatomite fertilizer which is characterized in that 16 to 20 portions of urea, 12 to 17 portions of diammonium phosphate, 10 to 15 portions of potassium chloride and 8 to 12 portions of diatomite are put in a pulverizer to be crushed and sieved by a 80-mesh sieve and then are put in a granulator to be granulated by a rotary drum; 50 to 100ml water is added slowly and uniformly to be used as coupling agent during the granulating process; after the granulation, 100 to 120ml coating material of polyvinyl alcohol is sprayed to rotating fertilizer particles by a high-pressure spray gun uniformly in small amount; after coating, rosin and olefin are poured into the rotary drum based on the proportion of 1 to 2 to be melted and made into sealant; the temperature is kept between 70 DEG C to 80 DEG C; and finally, the coated fertilizer is poured into the rotary drum to be sealed. The invention can separate the soil from the fertilizer, avoids the direct contact of the soil and the fertilizer and controls the release of nutrient; the slow controlled release diatomite fertilizer has the functions of preserving moisture and fertility, prolonging the fertilizer effect by slow release and improving the soil; and the slow controlled release diatomite fertilizer causes no pollution to the soil.

Biological organic fertilizer prepared by aerobic fermentation of biogas residue and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a biological organic fertilizer prepared by aerobic fermentation of a biogas residue and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the steps: mixing the biogas residue and a swelling agent to form a fermentation raw material, inoculating a compound microbial agent in the fermentation raw material, uniformly mixing for fermenting, and adding urea, diammonium phosphate, a potassium chloride inorganic salt, brown nitrogen-fixing bacteria, mycorrhiza fungi, silicate bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria acetic bacteria, bifidobacterium, and saccharomycetes after the fermentation is completed to prepare the biological organic fertilizer, wherein the compound microbial agent comprises strains of bacillus, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, streptomyces, penicillium, aspergillus and trichoderma. The compound microbial agent prepared by using the biological organic fertilizer has a pertinence to aerobic fermentation of the biogas residue, and is capable of effectively increasing the fermentation rate of the biogas residue, shortening the fermentation time and realizing high-additional value production, innocent treatment and recycling of the biogas residue; and the problem of resources and environment of villages and small towns is solved, and the rapid development of construction of new countryside and towns and cities can be promoted.

Fermented liquid pasty fertilizer and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses fermented liquid pasty fertilizer which relates to the technology of utilizing fermented liquid for producing pasty and organic compound fertilizer, in particular to a method mixing fermented liquid of livestock manure with humic acid raw materials to prepare the pasty fertilizer and the application of the method, belonging to the technical field of novel organic fertilizer and the cyclic utilization of the resource of agricultural wastes. The pasty fertilizer includes the main component of fermented liquid, and is additionally provided with carbamide, diammonium phosphate, lemery, aminated wood coal, thickening agent and other additives; and the carbamide, the diammonium phosphate, the emery, the aminated wood coal, the thickening agent and the other additives are added to and uniformly mixed and stirred with the fermented liquid, and the mixture is pulverized to form a pasty shape. The invention which utilizes the fermented liquid to prepare the pasty fertilizer turns the wastes into resources, the preparation method is easy, and required equipment is simple, thereby the invention is easy to be easily popularized and applied to the fertilizer industry. The pasty fertilizer has the advantages of favorable dissolvability, full nutrition and obvious effect of yield and quality improvement and can be widely applied to vegetables, fruits, foodstuffs, forests and various cash crops.

Water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer special for winter wheat and application method for water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer

ActiveCN102358709AReasonable ratioTo achieve the purpose of balanced fertilizationFertilising methodsHorticultureINCREASED EFFECTCopper sulfate
The invention relates to a water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer special for winter wheat, and an application method for the water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer. The water and fertilizer integrated fertilizer is prepared by uniformly mixing the following raw materials in part by weight: 40 to 50 parts of urea, 20 to 32 parts of diammonium phosphate, 12 to 18 parts of potassium chloride, 6 to 12 parts of potassium humate, 1 to 2 parts of borax, 1 to 2 parts of zinc sulfate, 0.5 to 1 part of copper sulfate, 0.5 to 1 part of ferrous sulfate, 0.5 to 1 part of manganese sulfate and 0.3to 0.5 part of amino acid. Water and fertilizer are supplied to wheat in a spray irrigation mode, a small amount of fertilizer is applied for multiple times, the fertilizer application amount, the irrigation amount and a water and fertilizer requirement rule of the winter wheat are basically matched, the continuous nutrient requirement of the winter wheat in a long growth period can be met, the ear rate is improved, and the obvious production and income increasing effect can be achieved. By the invention, boundaries of furrows and ridges in a field can be broken, and the land utilization rate is improved by over 5 percent.
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