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Benzoic acid /bɛnˈzoʊ.ɪk/, C₇H₆O₂ (or C₆H₅COOH), is a colorless crystalline solid and a simple aromatic carboxylic acid. The name is derived from gum benzoin, which was for a long time its only known source. Benzoic acid occurs naturally in many plants and serves as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of many secondary metabolites. Salts of benzoic acid are used as food preservatives and benzoic acid is an important precursor for the industrial synthesis of many other organic substances. The salts and esters of benzoic acid are known as benzoates /ˈbɛnzoʊ.eɪt/.

Methods of treating chronic inflammatory diseases using carbonyl trapping agents

InactiveUS6444221B1Improved therapeutic propertyBiocidePeptide/protein ingredientsEtiologyBenzoic acid
These and other objects of this invention are achieved by providing a novel method and compositions for the clinical treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. This invention involves use of systemically administered compositions which include primary amine derivatives of benzoic acid as carbonyl trapping agents. These primary therapeutic agents act by chemically binding to and sequestering the aldehyde and/or ketone products of lipid peroxidation. Increased levels of lipid peroxidation have been repeatedly demonstrated as a part of the non-enzymatic "inflammatory cascade" process which underlies the secondary etiology of chronic inflammatory diseases. p-Aminobenzoic acid (or PABA) is an example of the primary therapeutic agent of the present invention. PABA has a small molecular weight, is water soluble, has a primary amine group that reacts with carbonyl-containing metabolites under physiological conditions and is tolerated by the body in relatively high dosages and for extended periods. The carbonyl sequestering agents are used in combination with at least one co-agent so as to produce an additional beneficial physiological effect of an anti-inflammatory nature. Such compositions are administered systemically entirely via the oral route. Co-agents of the present invention include anti-oxidants and free radical trapping compounds (e.g., alpha-tocopherol), compounds having indirect anti-oxidant activity (e.g., selenium), vitamins (e.g., pyridoxine HCl), compounds which facilitate kidney drug elimination (e.g., glycine), metabolites at risk of depletion (e.g., pantothenic acid), sulfhydryl containing chemicals (e.g., methionine), compounds which facilitate glutathione activity (e.g., N-acetylcysteine), and non-absorbable polyamine co-agents (e.g., chitosan).

Block Copolymerized Polyimide Ink Composition for Printing

The object is to provide a polyimide ink composition having good printing properties and good continuous printing properties, which composition can be dried at a low temperature of not higher than 220° C., and which composition gives a coating film, after being dried, having excellent dimensional stability, heat resistance, low modulus of elasticity, flexibility, resistance to warping, chemical resistance, adhesiveness with substrates, and plating resistance. This object is accomplished by a polyimide ink composition for printing, comprising a mixed solvent containing an benzoic acid ester solvent and a glyme solvent, and a polyimide soluble in the mixed solvent; wherein the polyimide is obtained by polycondensing a polyimide oligomer with a tetracarboxylic dianhydride component(s) and/or a diamine component(s) having no siloxane bond in molecular skeleton thereof the polyimide oligomer being prepared by polycondensing a tetracarboxylic dianhydride component(s) and a diamine component(s) having siloxane bonds in molecular skeleton thereof in the presence of a base catalyst(s), or a mixed catalyst including a lactone(s) and/or an acidic compound(s) and a base(s); the content of the diamine component(s) having siloxane bonds based on the total diamine components being 15 to 85% by weight.
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