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Sliding Contact¶. The sliding contact is a special type of contact which allows dispacement tangential to the contact surface but no relative movement along the normal direction.

Discharge Container

A discharge container includes a cylindrical container body with a bottom which includes a support extending upward from a bottom wall along a center axis, and a fixed partitioning plate extending from a region from a peripheral wall to a bottom wall as a base end to partition the inside of the container body in a radial direction; a rotor which includes a cylindrical shaft piece rotatably engaging with the outer surface of the support, and a rotatable partitioning plate extending from the cylindrical shaft piece as a base end to be arranged in a radial direction along with the fixed partitioning plate; and a cylindrical lid with a top which has a top wall having a saucer-shaped upper surface, and a downwardly extending shaft extending downwardly from the lower surface of the top wall and engaging with the cylindrical shaft piece from above such that the downwardly extending shaft cannot rotate therein, the lid covering the cylindrical opening as a lid and rotatably engaging with the cylindrical opening, wherein the edge of the fixed partitioning plate is brought into sliding contact with the cylindrical shaft piece; the edge of the rotatable partitioning plate is formed by a spatula-shaped sliding member made of soft material and is brought into sliding and linear contact with an area from the peripheral wall to the bottom wall of the container body; the lower surface of the top wall is brought into sliding contact with the upper end surfaces of the cylindrical opening and the fixed partitioning plate and brought into contact with the upper end surface of the rotatable partitioning plate; and contents are pressed by relative rotation between the container body and the lid and are discharged through a discharge opening provided on the top wall.

Nightlight, led power supply circuit, and combination thereof

In one embodiment, the present invention pertains to a night light assembly which plugs directly into an electrical wall receptacle to provide a beam of light that can be directed along different paths. The assembly comprises a housing having a plug with projecting blade contacts for insertion into a wall receptacle and a light sensor for automatically controlling the activation and de-activation of the lamp of the nightlight. A cover member rotatably supported by the housing includes a lens, a low wattage lamp, a support member, and a lamp retaining member. The low wattage lamp in the cover assembly is coupled, via sliding contacts, to the blade contacts in the base housing. This arrangement allows the cover and the lamp to be rotated as a unit relative to the base housing without limitation. The lamp retaining member is non-rotatably coupled to the cover and is rotatably engaged by a retaining member fixed to the housing member. The longitudinal axis of the low wattage lamp located in the lamp retaining member is aligned along the rotational axis of the lens in the cover to permit both direct and reflected light to pass through the lens in the cover without being obstructed by the base of the lamp. The disclosed assemblage is a new improved nightlight of simple design which provides increased light and can be manufactured and sold at relatively low cost. The low wattage lamp used in the nightlight can be either an incandescent bulb or a light emitting diode (LED) such as an ultrabright white LED either as a single bulb or a cluster of 2 or more bulbs. A photo sensitive circuit can be provided to automatically energize the incandescent bulb or the LED during low light conditions. When an LED is use as the light source, the LED is energized by a new improved power supply that is both simple in design and more efficient in operation than the standard power supply circuit used for LED's.

Prefabricated construction method for prestressed concrete box girder

Provided is a prefabricated construction method for a prestressed concrete box girder. Firstly, a prefabricated girder field is constructed; a prefabricated pedestal is manufactured in a prefabricated area; a lateral mold is erected on the pedestal; a steel reinforcement framework is put into the lateral mold; an inner mold and an end mold are installed; then concrete pouring and concrete maintenance are conducted; after the intensity of the concrete reaches 90% of the designed intensity and the maintenance time is longer than 7 days, prestress tension and grouting of a pore canal are conducted; and after the intensity of a grouting test block in the box girder pore canal reaches 90% of the designed value, the grouting test block is moved to a girder storage area. Steel reinforcement machining is conducted through a numerical control steel reinforcement bending machine, so that the machining precision and efficacy of steel reinforcement are improved; an automatic spraying and maintaining system is adopted, so that accuracy of maintenance time and reliability of maintenance quality are ensured; an intelligent tensioning and grouting system is adopted, so that automation and refinement of tensioning and grouting are achieved; a sliding contact line power supply system is adopted, so that power use safety is ensured. The standardization, factorization, intelligence, refinement and automation of the prefabricated construction method for the prestressed concrete box girder are achieved.

DC motor rotation control apparatus

A direct current motor rotation control apparatus, a method and device for controlling a rotational speed of a direct current motor, and an apparatus having the direct current motor rotation control apparatus. The apparatus and device control rotational operations of a direct current motor such that the direct current motor rotation control apparatus includes at least one rotation detecting brush which detects a signal indicative of an operation of the direct current motor, a motor driving circuit which drives the direct current motor by applying the direct current drive voltage to the pair of electrode brushes, a reference voltage generating device which generates a reference voltage a comparator which compares a voltage detected by the rotation detecting brush with the reference voltage generated by the reference voltage generating device and produces an output comparison voltage, and a motor control circuit which adjusts the direct current drive voltage based on the output comparison voltage. The direct current motor includes including a stator, a rotor with a rotation shaft and rotor coils, a commutator connected to the rotor coils, and a pair of electrode brushes in sliding contact with the commutator. The at least one rotation detecting brush contacts the commutator at a different axial position from an axial position contacted by the pair of electrode brushes. The comparator can compare a voltage detected by the rotation detecting brush with the reference voltage generated by the reference voltage generating device and produces as a comparison voltage output pulses of voltage. As such, the motor control circuit can determine an instantaneous rotational speed and adjust the drive voltage to the pair of electrode brushes accordingly.

Small two-stage light-gas gun

The invention discloses a small two-stage light-gas gun and relates to a light-gas gun. The small two-stage light-gas gun comprises a cylinder barrel, a pressure transmitting tube, a pressing column, a launching tube, a piston handle, a pressure transmitting body, a membrane, a membrane rupturing device, a first sealing ring, a metal sealing ring, a support and a plurality of supporting seats; a piston on the piston handle is in sliding contact with the inner circumferential surface of a gas chamber; one end of the pressure transmitting tube is connected with a gas port in a threaded manner, and the pressure transmitting tube is hermetically connected with the pressing column; the pressure transmitting body is mounted in the pressure transmitting tube; the first sealing ring and the metal sealing ring are mounted in a mounting groove from the inside to the outside, the membrane is hermetically connected with the membrane rupturing device, and the membrane rupturing device is hermetically connected with the launching tube; the cylinder barrel is mounted on the support, and the pressure transmitting tube and the launching tube are respectively detachably connected onto the supporting seats. The small two-stage light-gas gun has the advantages that problems that an existing light-gas gun is driven by gunpowder at a primary stage, accordingly, environments are polluted, occupied space is large, sealing cannot be carried out in a membrane rupturing procedure implemented by the aid of high-pressure gas and the bullet launching speed cannot be increased are solved, and the small two-stage light-gas gun is used in fields of spacecrafts or research on material performance and the like.
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