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Laser cladding method for strengthening surface of piercing point

A laser cladding method for strengthening the surface of a piercing point includes the following steps of: (1) prefabricating WC/Co-base cladding powder; (2) pre-processing the surface of a piercing point workpiece, and cleaning up stain and rust; preheating for 2 to 5 hours at a temperature between 400 DEG C and 600 DEG C; (3) cladding the prefabricated composite powder fed in the way of reverse synchronization or coaxially in multiple steps by a CO2 laser; simultaneously, carrying out synchronous inert gas protection on the laser-cladding area; and (4) subsequent processing. The laser cladding method adopts laser to prepare a WC ceramic particle-strengthened Co-base composite coating on the surface of the piercing point, and the coating is metallically combined with the matrix, so the binding force between the coating and the matrix is enhanced; the maximum thickness of the coating can reach a few millimeters; and as the surfaces of WC particles are coated with Ni, the absorption of laser energy by the WC can be reduced, so that the burnout rate of the WC can be reduced in a laser melting pool. The distribution of the WC particles is uniform in the coating, the rigidity of the coating is high, consequently, the service performance of the piercing point can be improved, and the service life can be prolonged.
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