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Melt-infiltrated pitch-pan preforms

InactiveUS20030180538A1Omission of costly CVD stepGood adhesionBraking discsCeramic layered productsPorosityCarbon fibers
Carbon-silicon carbide brake preforms are manufactured by carbonizing a blend of carbon (e.g., polyacrylonitrile) fibers and thermosetting pitch resin, optionally along with a lubricant such as graphite, to provide an intermediate product having open porosity and subsequently filling the pores of the intermediate product with silicon by a melt infiltration process. Molded articles that consist principally of carbon, that have relatively high strength and resistance to decomposition by frictional heat, and that are suitable for melt infiltration with silicon, are produced by, e.g.: coating randomly oriented polyacrylonitrile-derived carbon fibers, optionally mixed with finely divided carbon powder, with a thermosetting blend of (a) pitch and (b) an organic medium, at an elevated temperature to form a viscous molding compound; molding the compound at a low pressure and elevated temperature so that a solid compact is obtained; stripping a molded article made of said compound from the mold; optionally heating the molded article at gradually increasing temperatures to insure complete condensation within the article; and carbonizing the condensed molded article in an inert atmosphere at gradually increasing temperatures to produce a molded C/C intermediate article suitable for melt-infiltration with silicon. The preforms may be configured in the form of a disc brake rotor or a disc brake pad.
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