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Intelligent instrumented air cleaner

An intelligent instrumented air cleaner comprises a multi-functional sensor, a central processor, a cloud server, a wireless communication module, a purification device, an alarm device, a motor driving mechanism and a humidifier. According to the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, updating and exchange of memory data are realized through the connection between the wireless communication module and a cloud server of the Internet of Things, the air cleaner is controlled through the connection between a mobile device and the cloud server so that a remote controller can be replaced, remote network control is also realized, the cloud server also has an analysis function and a processing result advice providing function and sends processed data to users for reference, the users can set the working state of the air cleaner by themselves and define working strategies by themselves, the air cleaner saves the strategies automatically and performs actions according to the strategies, and self-selection of self-learning setting optimization is conducted on the data in a memory through big data analysis and processing. By the adoption of the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, an intelligent instrumented household net and an intelligent instrumented office net are realized in the true sense, air is purified, safe and reliable living and working environments are provided, useless consumption of electric energy of a traditional air cleaner is avoided, energy consumption is reduced, using pleasure of a user is improved, the parameters of the environment where the user is located are provided for the user in time, and reliable parameters and solutions are provided for environment change handling.

Air cleaner, functional filter and method of manufacturing the filter, air cleaning filter, and air cleaner device

An air cleaner of the present invention, wherein an inlet port 4 and an outlet port 5 are formed and provided with air blower means 1 therein, an antiallergenic filter having an aromatic hydroxyl compound is installed in the air flow passage of the air blower means 1 in a main body 2, and the inlet port 4 formed in the main body 2 is provided at the lower part of the front panel, such that the suction air flow may be formed along the floor plane 3, whereby pollen and dead mites, and the like, which are present in a vicinity of a floor plane 3 can be efficiently sucked to inactivate allergic activity. A treating solution of the present invention is characterized in that it is prepared by dissolving and/or dispersing a water-soluble material and a water-insoluble material in a mixed solvent of water and a cellosolve and/or a carbitol. A method of manufacturing functional filter according to the present invention is characterized in that the treating solution above is adhesion fixed to the filter base material. A functional filter according to the present invention is characterized in that it is manufactured by the above method of manufacturing. A device according to the present invention is characterized in that the functional filter of the present invention is disposed between the inlet port and the outlet port for air or water. An air cleaning filter of the present invention is characterized in that two or more materials selected from a material having antiallergenic properties, a material having antibacterial properties, a material having antivirus properties, and a material having antifungal properties, are adhesion fixed. A device of the present invention is characterized in that the filter of the present invention is disposed between the inlet port and the outlet port for air.

Refrigerator having air-cleaner

ActiveUS20050284113A1Improved front appearanceCombination devicesAuxillary pretreatmentAir filterEngineering
The present invention relates to a refrigerator having an air-cleaner. The present invention comprises a refrigerator including a main body having a predetermined storage space and a door for selectively opening and closing the storage space; and an air-cleaner including a case fixed to the main body and having at least an inlet and an outlet, a filter unit for filtering air sucked through the inlet, and a blower for sucking air through the inlet and discharging the air filtered in the filter unit through the outlet. The filter unit comprises at least a filter for purifying the air sucked through the inlet; a filter basket which is detachably mounted in the case and in which the filter is seated; a basket door fixed to the filter basket and drawn out in a drawer-like fashion to selectively open and close the case; a fastening means for fastening the basket door to the filter basket; a guiding means for guiding the mount and dismount of the filter basket; and a locking means for keeping the filter basket to be mounted in the case. According to the present invention, it is possible to improve a front appearance, to simply replace a filter, to improve the efficiency of sucking and discharging air, to minimize vibration generated when the air-cleaner operates, and to easily check whether the air-cleaner operates.
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