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Video surveillance, storage, and alerting system having network management, hierarchical data storage, video tip processing, and vehicle plate analysis

The present invention is a video surveillance, storage, and alerting system having surveillance cameras, video analytics devices, audio sensory devices, other sensory devices, and a plurality of data storage devices. A network management module monitors network status of all subsystems including cameras, servers, storage devices, etc. and shows actively monitored areas on a physical map. A vehicle information module retrieves information from a law enforcement database about vehicles detected in the video data based on the vehicle's license plate, including information about stolen vehicles, as well as warrant, wanted person, and mug shot information for registered drivers of the vehicles. Video tips are received and processed from anonymous and non-anonymous sources. A correlation engine correlates primitive events and compound events from each of the subsystems, weighted by attributes of the events, across both space and time, and an alerting engine generates alerts and performs actions based on the correlation. A hierarchical storage manager manages storage of the vast amounts of data, including video data, based on importance of the data calculated from attributes of the data. A privacy filter ensures no private data is detected, correlated, or stored.

System and method for predicting patient falls

A patient fall prediction system receives video image frames from a surveillance camera positioned in a patient's room and analyses the video image frames for movement that may be a precursor to a patient fall. In set up phase, the viewpoint of the camera is directed at a risk area associated with patient falls, beds, chairs, wheelchairs, etc. A risk area is defined graphically in the viewport. The patient fall prediction system generates a plurality of concurrent motion detection zones that are situated proximate to the graphic markings of the risk areas. These motion detection zones are monitored for changes between video image frames that indicate a movement. The pattern of detections is recorded and compared to a fall movement detection signature. One fall movement detection signature is a sequential detection order from the motion detection zone closest to the risk area in the frames associated with patient falls, to the motion detection zone farthest away from the risk area. The patient fall prediction system continually monitors the motion detection zones for changes between image frames and compiles detections lists that are compared to known movement detection signatures, such as a fall movement detection signature. Once a match is identified, the patient fall prediction system issues a fall warning to a healthcare provider.
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