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Intelligent system for monitoring vehicles and people in community

The invention discloses an intelligent system for monitoring vehicles and people in a community. The intelligent system comprises a monitor image collection module, a monitor image pre-processing module, a vehicle contour and license plate image information recognition module, a vehicle information database, a face image information recognition module, a people information database, an image information identification verification and positioning speed-measurement module and an intelligent management module. The monitor image collection module collects image information of the vehicles and the people, the monitor image pre-processing module pre-processes the image information, the vehicle contour and license plate image information recognition module processes, extracts and recognizes vehicle image information, and the face image information recognition module extracts and recognizes obtained people face information; and the image information identification verification and positioning speed-measurement module performs identification verification an positioning testing, and an intelligent control module is used for human-machine interactive interface operation and intelligent processing. The intelligent system monitors the vehicles and the people in the community and performs entrance guard management, thereby guaranteeing the trip safety of the people in the community.

Active-mode intelligent safety monitoring instrument for car

InactiveCN101857008ARapid situationQuick alarmAnti-theft devicesAlarmsElectrical batterySolar battery
The invention relates to the field of the car electronic and artificial intelligent field, and particularly discloses an active-mode intelligent safety monitoring instrument for a car and a monitoring method thereof. The active-mode intelligent safety monitoring instrument for the car comprises an embedded system (comprising a microprocessor, a monitoring program and relevant algorithm, which are cured inside a chip), a GPS module, a GSM module, an SIM card reader, an alarming device, a CCD camera, a multi-axis acceleration sensor, a power supply system (a lithium battery, a solar battery and a power supply adapter interface), an integrated circuit board, a shell (comprising a functional plate and a battery cover), an antitheft remote controller, a buckling-type rubbery-prevention remote controller and a power supply adapter. The instrument utilizes the GPS to realize the positioning, displacement bulgur prevention, speed measurement and timing, utilizes GSM to realize the auxiliary positioning and the SMS automatic alarming, utilizes the CCD combination mode to identify and monitor the fatigue driving, robbery and accident state and utilizes the acceleration sensor to detect the accident state. The instrument can realize the functions such as mobile positioning, over-speed alarming, positioning antitheft automatic alarming, positioning robbery-prevention alarming, fatigue driving prevention and warning, traffic accident automatic positioning, alarming and help, and the like.

Initiative anticollision self-adapting fuzzy control method for vehicle

The invention relates to an initiative anticollision self-adapting fuzzy control method for a vehicle. The method comprises the following steps: measuring the relative speed of a self vehicle and a front vehicle and the speed of the self vehicle respectively by a radar speed measurement sensor and a hall vehicle speed sensor on the self vehicle; according to the situations of weather, road surfaces, vehicle types and loads and manual input information, obtaining the largest braking deceleration that the self vehicle and the front vehicle possibly achieve, and at the same time, according to a distance between the two vehicles, dividing the control behavior of the self vehicle into four grades; and comparing the actual distance D between the two vehicles, measured by a radar distance measurement sensor, with a safe vehicle following distance, a warning distance, a fuzzy control automatic brake distance and an emergency braking distance, and determining which section the actual distance between the vehicles falls into, so as to make a corresponding action. According to the method disclosed by the invention, a control system can be adjusted in a self-adapting manner without changing a fuzzy control rule list and a fuzzy control algorithm list, so that the control system can be adaptive to the changes of the situations of individual types of drivers, the weather, the road surfaces, the vehicle types, the loads and the like, and the stability, the reliability and the robustness of automatic brake are maintained.

Turbine driven electric power production system and a method for control thereof

A turbine (2) driven electric power production system (1), —said turbine (2) arranged for being driven by a fluid (3) having a fluid speed (v) varying in time, —said turbine (2) connected to a hydrostatic displacement pump (6) further connected to a hydrostatic displacement motor (8) as part of a closed loop hydrostatic transmission system (7), —said motor (8) arranged for driving an electrical generator (9) supplying AC power (10) at a frequency (fg) near a given desired frequency (fdes), characterized by a closed loop system arranged for controlling a volumetric displacement (13) of the hydrostatic motor (8), comprising —a fluid speed meter (11m) arranged for producing a speed signal (11s) representing a speed (v) of said fluid (3), and —a rotational speed meter (12m) arranged for providing a rotational speed signal (12s) representing a rotational speed measurement (ω) of said turbine (2), —a motor displacement control system (15) for continuously receiving said speed signal (11s) and said rotational speed signal (12s) and arranged for calculating a control signal (16), —a volumetric displacement control actuator (17) on said hydrostatic motor, arranged for receiving said control signal (16) for continuously adjusting a volumetric displacement (d) of said hydrostatic motor (8) for maintaining a set turbine tip speed ratio (tsrset) and thereby providing an improved power efficiency of the power production system (1) during fluctuations in said fluid speed (v).

Control method of IPM electromotor for driving electric motor car

The invention discloses a control method of an IPM electromotor for driving an electric motor car. According to the working characteristics of the IPM electromotor used on the electric motor car and the characteristics and advantages of various control methods, a segmental control strategy and a method for accurately detecting the start of the electromotor as well as the position and the rotational speed of a rotator during the operation provided are provided. A hall sensor is used for carrying out the method of rough positioning first and scanning next, so that the relatively accurately positioning of the initial position of the rotation in a static state can be realized, the electromotor can be successfully and easily started no matter in the case of idle load, light load or heavy load,and the reliability of the start and operation of the electromotor can be greatly improved. After the IPM electromotor is successfully started, output signals of the hall position sensor undergo rising edge capturing and trailing edge capturing by using software. According to a signal jumping edge, the position of the rotator is corrected in the cases of a low rotational speed and a high rotational speed. When the electromotor operates, a T method is adopted for speed measurement, and an algorithm undergoes certain adjustment in the cases of the low rotational speed and the high rotational speed. When the position and the rotational speed of the rotator during the operation are correctly detected, the segmental control strategy such as peak torque current control and field-weakening control can be adopted so as to ensure that a peak torque is output during the operation of the electromotor.

DSP-based electromagnetic flowmeter signal processing system

The invention discloses a DSP-based electromagnetic flowmeter signal processing system, which comprises a hardware system and a software system. The hardware system consists of an excitation driving module, a signal modulation and acquisition module, a signal processing control module, a man-machine interface module, a communication module and a power supply management module. The signal control module uses DSP as a core. In the system, a high frequency square wave excitation control scheme is adopted, and the DSP generates an excitation time sequence to control the excitation driving module to perform high frequency square wave excitation of a magnet exciting coil; the signal modulation and acquisition module amplifies and filters an output signal of an electromagnetic flowmeter, performs the analog-to-digital conversion of the output signal and outputs the output signal to the DSP; the software system processes an acquired signal to obtain a flowmeter measurement result and send the result to a liquid crystal display; and the parameters of the flowmeter are set by keyboard operation or by the interaction between a master computer and the flowmeter by the communication module. The system can realize the high-accuracy and high-speed measurement of fluid flow, particularly the measurement of flow of liquid-solid two-phase fluid such as pulp.

High-precision time interval measurement device

The invention discloses a high-precision time interval measurement device, which is used for reshaping signals generated by blocking devices by means of a signal conditioning module based on a phase-modulated high-precision time interval measurement method into square wave signals recognizable by an FPGA (field programmable gate array). In the FPGA, the square wave signals standing for start and stop are integrated into a pulse signal with a certain pulse width by a trigger. A phase-locked loop is constructed in the FPGA, multichannel clock signals with fixed phase differences are obtained after frequency multiplication, debounce and phase shift of an external clock, and the clock signals are used for driving an FPGA interior counter to perform pulse counting so as to obtain a group of count values. The count values are transmitted to a single chip microcomputer for computation by the FPGA, and computed results are transmitted to a display module to complete display of the time interval measurement values. The high-precision time interval measurement device realizes precise measurement and real-time display of time interval, principle errors are eliminated, monolithic integration and flexible extension in the FPGA are easy, and the device is used for speed measurement of high-speed movement.

Electric bicycle intelligent networking terminal and electric bicycle intelligent networking system

The invention further discloses an electric bicycle intelligent networking terminal and a system thereof. The electric bicycle intelligent networking terminal comprises a main controller, and a battery, a GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile/General Packet Radio Service) data transmission module, a positioning module, a Bluetooth module, a speed measuring module, a three-axis acceleration sensor and a three-axis gyroscope module which are connected with the main controller, wherein the GSM/GPRS data transmission module is used for realizing bilateral communication between the electric bicycle intelligent networking terminal and a server; the positioning module is used for positioning by combining a GPS, Beidou satellite positioning, a base station and WIFI (Wireless Fidelity); the Bluetooth module is paired with mobile phone terminal over a Bluetooth signal to realize bilateral communication; the speed measuring module, the three-axis acceleration sensor and the three-axis gyroscope module are used for measuring the running speed and driving direction of an electric bicycle, and transmitting the running speed and driving direction data of the electric bicycle to the main controller. The electric bicycle intelligent networking terminal has good anti-theft alarming, abnormal monitoring, intelligent locking and battery life monitoring functions.

Method and device for detecting insulator through multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle

ActiveCN102879692ARealize real-time charged detectionKeep abreast of and grasp the operation statusElectrical testingLower poleGround station
The invention relates to a method and a device for detecting an insulator through a multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle. The device comprises a multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, as well as an onboard control computer of a flight control system, a positioning device, an unmanned aerial vehicle steering engine controller, a height measuring device, a speed measuring device, a high-definition camera, an unmanned aerial vehicle PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) remote control receiver, an onboard wireless communication unit and a lifting device which are arranged on the multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle; the lifting device drives a probing lower pole to move; the onboard wireless communication unit communicates with a ground station; the unmanned aerial vehicle steering engine controller controls a servo steering engine; the servo steering engine controls a multi-rotor module; a probing upper pole and the probing lower pole are respectively connected with respective voltage sensors; the two voltage sensors are connected with an A/D (Analogue-to-Digital) conversion unit, a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) unit and the onboard control computer of the flight control system. The method and the device provided by the invention can be used for knowing and control the operation condition of a circuit insulator in time; the risk when a detector climbs up to carry out near-distance electrified operation can be further avoided; and meanwhile, the detection efficiency can be improved.

Low-interception speed measurement method and radar device

A low-interception speed measurement method comprises the steps that 1, frequency modulated continuous waves are generated, echo signals of an object with measured speed are received through an antenna, frequency mixing is carried out on the echo signals and B-path signals, and baseband signals are obtained; 2, the baseband signals are converted into digital signals, sampling and zero filling are carried out, FFT is carried out on the rising part of trace frequency, FFT is carried out on the reduction part of return trace frequency after conjugate taking, and frequency spectrums corresponding to positive/negative frequency modulation slopes are obtained; 3, the frequency spectrums corresponding to the positive/negative frequency modulation slopes are subtracted after module taking, the difference value is changed into an absolute value, and an objective frequency spectrum is obtained; 4, whether an object to be detected exists or not is determined, and if the object to be detected exists, the frequency corresponding to two peak value points within the frequency spectrum normalization range is found out in the objective frequency spectrum, and the speed of the object to be detected is worked out. The invention further discloses a low-interception speed measurement radar. The low-interception speed measurement method and radar have the advantage that the probability that the lower-measurement-speed radar is intercepted by a radar detector can be effectively reduced due to the adoption of the frequency modulated continuous waves with low-interception-probability wave forms.

Vehicle intelligent monitoring and recording system and method based on radar and video detection

The invention discloses a vehicle intelligent monitoring and recording system and method based on radar and video detection. The system comprises a high-definition camera, radar, an auxiliary light source, a front-end control unit, a backend server and the like. The system adopts a manner that combines the video detection with the radar speed measurement, the high-definition camera realizes vehicle video detecting, recording and picture capturing functions, the radar detects the vehicle driving speed, if the vehicle exceeds the speed, the over-speed snapping evidence is automatically started; the high-definition camera and the radar can realize the vehicle detection and the speed measurement, when one of the functions is invalid, the other manner can be automatically switched, the redundancy heat backup function of the video and the radar detection is realized, the reliability is increased; the auxiliary light source automatically detects the external ray environment and provides a snapping auxiliary light source; the front-end control unit provides functions of GPS time service and equipment management. The vehicle intelligent monitoring and recording system and method based on radar and video detection solve the technical defect that the video detection manner has inaccurate speed detection and low snapping accuracy, and provide the road real-time recording function.
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