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System testing is testing conducted on a complete integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. System testing takes, as its input, all of the integrated components that have passed integration testing. The purpose of integration testing is to detect any inconsistencies between the units that are integrated together (called assemblages). System testing seeks to detect defects both within the "inter-assemblages" and also within the system as a whole. The actual result is the behavior produced or observed when a component or system is tested.

FAQ Chinese request-answering system implementing method in tourism field

The invention provides an implement method of an FAQ Chinese question answering system in the tourism field. The implement method comprises the steps of FAQ collection and organization, construction of a tourism field knowledge base, user query, question analysis, answer extraction and the like, thereby realizing the FAQ Chinese question answering system in the tourism field. The implement method constructs the tourism field knowledge base-field knowledge network with the help of the idea of ontology, utilizes the KDML language to define and describe the terms and the relations of the tourism field and realizes the integration of the tourism field knowledge network and a general knowledge base-knowledge network. The invention proposes a calculation method of similarity of tourism questions on the basis, the method realizes the calculation of the similarity of the questions with the help of the characteristics of the questions of the tourism field and the combination of morphological relations, the syntactic dependency relations and the field concept semantic relations in the questions, and the method further searches the related question from a candidate question set and extracts the answer of the question based on the similarity calculation. The test result of a Yunnan tourism FAQ question answering system proves that the method is feasible and has better effect.

Testing device of nuclear power station digitized instrument and control system

ActiveCN102184750AFirmly connectedOvercome the problem of not being able to test several related devices in parallel at the same timeNuclear energy generationNuclear monitoringProcess systemsNuclear power
The invention discloses a testing device of a nuclear power station digitized instrument and control system. The testing device relates to the field of automation control and comprises a control device and a signal processing device, wherein the control device comprises an industrial control computer, a collection card installed in the industrial control computer and a control software controlling the testing process; the signal processing device comprises a layplate and a conditioning card; two ends of the layplate are connected with the collection card and the conditioning card through signal wires respectively; and the other end of the conditioning card is connected with a DCS (data communication system) control cabinet to be tested through a signal wire. The testing device adopts the DCS control cabinet or process system as a unit for testing, and can enable all the signals to be simultaneously connected into the testing device for finishing all the test items of the DCS control cabinet or the process system by one time, thus improving testing efficiency and saving human resource. The control method shows the testing state and expected result in real time, the simulation software can simulate the control loop of the process system, and the control accuracy and control effect of the process system state testing can be set according to the needs.
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