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A false detection, or a false positive, is a case of incorrect detection of a clean file or website as infected.

Multilayer convolutional neural network-based power transmission line equipment image defect detection method and system

The invention discloses a multilayer convolutional neural network-based power transmission line equipment image defect detection method and system. The method comprises the steps of performing modularpreprocessing on an original training set image, and inputting the image subjected to the modular preprocessing into a multilayer convolutional neural network model for performing training; for the image subjected to the modular preprocessing, selecting different training set sizes and training parameters, repeating the step 2 for performing multi-time experiments, performing comparative analysison classification accuracy and efficiency, selecting out optimal training parameters and performing storage; and performing filtration through a judger formed based on an environment structure and priori knowledge, and correcting false detection and missing detection information to obtain a final image defect detection result. The method and the system have the beneficial effects that a machine learning model with multiple hidden layers is built, and valuable expressive features are learnt from a large amount of data, so that the classification or prediction accuracy is improved.

Vehicle detection system based on binocular stereo vision and method thereof

The invention discloses a vehicle detection system based on binocular stereo vision and a method thereof. The system comprises binocular parallel cameras, a DSP processor, communication and other modules. The system is vertically installed above a lane in a top-down mode so as to carry out real-time detection on road vehicles. The method comprises the following steps of (1) carrying out main point difference calibration on left and right cameras in advance and acquiring an accurate main point difference parameter; (2) collecting left and right images in real time so as to carry out detection and extraction of a foreground moving object; (3) carrying out stereo matching on an extracted and acquired foreground object area and acquiring a current frame parallax image; (4) carrying out subsequent processing on the acquired parallax image and removing a false detection area, simultaneously acquiring a two-dimensional ground plane mapping image; (5) through calculation, acquiring correlation parameters of a speed, a vehicle height, a vehicle model and the like. In the invention, the binocular cameras are used; a stereo vision principle is used so as to acquire depth information of the object; problems that a monocular vision technology is sensitive to light changes and is easy to be disturbed by shadow are solved.

Vehicle detection method based on laser and vision fusion

The invention discloses a vehicle detection method based on laser and vision fusion. The method comprises the following steps of 1) acquiring target detection information for an input image and laserpoint cloud; 2) performing optimal matching on the images of the front frame and the rear frame and the point cloud detection frame, and establishing a tracking sequence of an image and point cloud detection target; 3) fusing the tracking sequences of the image and the detection frame thereof and the tracking sequences of the point cloud and the detection frame thereof; 4) classifying all the target detection boxes, outputting a fusion list, and outputting a fusion result; and 5) obtaining the accurate position of the surrounding vehicle relative to the vehicle in the current frame, reading the next frame of image and the point cloud data, circulating the steps 1) to 5), and outputting a fusion detection result. According to the method, on the basis of point cloud and image target detection, the detection result is subjected to information tracking, the detection result is optimally matched, and the fusion result is preferentially input into the final fusion list, so that compared witha single sensor target detection method, the target detection precision is improved, and the false detection rate is reduced.

False-detection resistant annular coil vehicle detector

The invention discloses a false-detection resistant annular coil vehicle detector comprising an oscillating circuit module, a parameter setting module, a frequency measuring module, a central processing module, an RS-232 communication module and the like. The annular coil is connected with the oscillating circuit module of a vehicle detector through a coupling transformer of 1:1 to form a high-frequency oscillating circuit; the frequency measuring module is used for carrying out shaping and frequency division on an oscillating signal and feeding the finally-calculated signal frequency valve to a singlechip control system; a singlechip is used for sampling a measuring value of the frequency measuring module at regular time; the measuring value is subjected to filter processing and is detected by an embedded vehicle detection algorithm; a detection state is displayed by an LED; and the detection result can be output by a pulse manner or transmitted to an upper computer through an RS-232 bus. The invention improves the design of a threshold detection algorithm, uses a single threshold method for detecting the arrival of the vehicle and uses a flatness determination method for detecting the leaving of the vehicle. In addition, by adopting the invention, the arrival and leaving moments of the vehicle can be accurately detected, the phenomena of false detection caused by multiple false triggers are reduced, and the stability of the system is enhanced.
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