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Method for producing organic seaweed fertilizer employing algae processing waste and prepared fertilizer

The invention belongs to the fields of forestry and agricultural residue recycling and organic fertilizer production, and provides a method for producing an organic seaweed fertilizer employing an algae processing waste, and an organic seaweed fertilizer and an organic seaweed compound fertilizer prepared by the method. The method mainly comprises the following steps: crushing and evenly mixing the algae waste; decomposing an algae cell wall, polysaccharide and protein in an enzymolysis manner; carrying out solid-liquid separation on enzymatic hydrolysate, leaching enzymolysis algal residues to prepare extractum by adopting ethanol; mixing the enzymatic hydrolysate with the extractum to form an organic seaweed liquid fertilizer; mixing with a certain ratio of algae residue to form an organic seaweed granular fertilizer; and preparing the organic seaweed compound fertilizer after a proper amount of chemical fertilizer is added. The organic seaweed fertilizer is prepared by the wastes generated in macro-algae processing and micro-algae processing processes as the raw material, so that the operation is simple and convenient; the preparation cycle is short; a new idea for processing the wastes is provided for macro-algae or micro-algae processing enterprises; the environmental friendliness of enterprise production and processing is improved; and economic benefits of the enterprises are improved.

Amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution and a preparation method thereof. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution is prepared by major elements, trace elements and water. The major elements are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The trace elements are composed of iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron and molybdenum. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution is reasonable in component, rich in nutrition and low in cost, wherein raw materials are wide in source and readily available. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution provides various nutrient elements and trace elements required for the growth and the development of amaranth, so that the robust growth of amaranth is realized. The transplanting stock survival rate of amaranth and the fruit and vegetable quality are improved, so that the yield and the quality are increased. The preparation method is reasonable, simple and easy in process, high in efficiency, low in application cost, simple in operation, easy to implement and extremely high in application prospect. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution and the preparation method thereof are convenient to use and apply.

Special water-soluble soil conditioning package for saline-alkali land and preparation method of special water-soluble soil conditioning package

The invention discloses a special water-soluble soil conditioning package for a saline-alkali land and a preparation method of the special water-soluble soil conditioning package. The soil conditioning package comprises a special soil conditioning agent as a component A and a special nutritional agent as a component B, wherein the special soil conditioning agent as the component A is prepared from 50-70 parts of monosodium glutamate tail liquid, 10-20 parts of organic matter, 1-10 parts of amino acid, 10-30 parts of nutritional element, 0.1-1 part of biostimulant, 0.01-0.5 part of stress-resistant factor and 0.01-1 part of surfactant according to certain steps; the special nutritional agent as the component B contains 5-10% of K2O, 5-15% of medium nutritional element (Ca+Mg), totally 0.1-1% of nutritional microelements (Fe+Mn+Zn+Cu+B) and 3-5% of an anti-caking agent; the nutritional microelements (Fe+Mn+Zn+Cu+B) contains 0-0.8% of Fe, 0-0.5% of Mn, 0-1% of Zn, 0-0.3% Cu and 0-1% of B. The special water-soluble soil conditioning package can condition soil in a staged and intensive manner, and pertinently provides the nutritional elements conducive to stress resistance of plants, so that reaccumulation of saline matters is avoided and nutrient deficiency symptoms of crops are prevented.

Method for preparing liquid fertilizer by comprehensively recycling excrement and urine biogas slurry in livestock and poultry farm

The invention relates to a method for preparing a liquid fertilizer by comprehensively recycling excrement and urine biogas slurry in a livestock and poultry farm. The method comprises the following steps: performing anaerobic fermentation on excrement and urine and flushing water in the livestock and poultry farm; filtering fermentation biogas slurry; drying filter residues to prepare a solid organic fertilizer; performing flocculating settling on filtrate; centrifugally filtering a flocculating constituent; combining the filtrate with supernatant formed by flocculating settling; removing macromolecular proteins and colloidal particles through ceramic membrane microfiltration; removing medium and small molecular weight proteins from microfiltration filtrate through ultrafiltration; performing reverse osmosis filtration on ultrafiltration filtrate; adding trace elements and humic acid into a reverse osmosis concentrated solution to prepare a liquid fertilizer conforming to the national standard, wherein reverse osmosis effluent reaches the national specified discharge standard. Compared with the prior art, the process has the advantages that comprehensive treatment and recycling of excrement and urine sewage in the livestock and poultry farm are realized, environmental pollution is prevented, and the prepared liquid fertilizer meets the requirements of national relevant standards on products.

Suspended liquid fertilizer for promoting plant root system growth and preparation process thereof

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The invention discloses a suspended liquid fertilizer for promoting plant root system growth and a preparation process thereof. The suspended liquid fertilizer is composed of fulvic acid, macroelement raw materials, medium-element raw materials, microelement raw materials, functional matter, a suspension auxiliary, a compound chelator, an antifoaming agent and a solution stabilizer. The preparation process comprises the following preparation steps that 1, water, potassium humate, nitrogenous fertilizer and potash fertilizer are stirred at a high speed to be prepared into a saturated mother solution; 2, water, phosphate fertilizer, the microelement raw materials, a dispersing agent, filler and a part of the antifoaming agent are stirred continuously and ground through an ultramicro grinder to form a solid-liquid mixture; 3, the saturated mother solution and the solid-liquid mixture are sufficiently mixed to be uniform in proportion in a high-speed disperser, a thickening agent, the remaining antifoaming agent and an antifreezing agent are added, and the suspended liquid fertilizer is prepared after emulsification is conducted through a high-speed emulsification pump. The suspended liquid fertilizer has the advantages that drought resistance, cold resistance and other stress resistance of crops are improved, development of crop root systems and formation of blossom buds can be promoted, and the yield and income are increased; the suspended liquid fertilizer is instantly soluble, uniform and suitable for automatic application; a suspended liquid system is good in uniformity.
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