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Organic material based uniprill fertilizer

An organic-based uniprill fertilizer is provided. To produce the fertilizer, organic matter is sequentially pre-treated by first mixing it in a first grinder with a lime admixture, then adding a slurry of reagents and binders, followed by a mixture of acids. The acids can include sulfuric and phosphoric acids, in addition to nitric acid and various organic acids such as citric and fulvic acid, depending on the end requirements of the fertilizer product. Following the mixing of the pre-product with the mixture of acids and reagents, the resultant raw product is preferably processed through a second grinder. This grinding further dries, mixes and granulates the raw product. The particle size of the completed fertilizer is reduced into a flowable, user safe uniprill product that can be further ground to reduce its moisture. Further drying may be necessary for bag or bulk product, or it can be liquified by high speed blending or micro-fluidized for sprinkler or drip applications. The uniprill fertilizer comprises small, preferably microscopic particles that are homogenous in nature, in that any single particle is substantially identical in composition to all other particles of the fertilizer. Additionally, each uniprill particle contains substantially all sixteen nutriments and minerals required for the growth of healthy plants.

Process of preparing pig manure bio-organic fertilizer by microbial fermentation method

The invention discloses a process of preparing a pig manure bio-organic fertilizer by a microbial fermentation method. The process comprises the following step: by taking the pig manure as a raw material and supplementing straws, earthworm cast, seaweeds, and the like, performing a two-step fermentation process of a biological fermenting agent to prepare the pig manure bio-organic fertilizer. The process is high in resource utilization degree, easy for large-scale industrial production, beneficial to realizing resource utilization of live pig breeding wastes and capable of a pig breeding environmental pollution problem at present. The pig manure bio-organic fertilizer has the effects of the bio-organic fertilizer and the seaweed fertilizer, is rich in functional active ingredients of seaweeds and a large number of probiotics, capable of effectively regulating equilibrium of microorganisms in soil, decomposing organic or inorganic components such as organic substances and mineral substances in the soil, eliminating soil hardening, desertification, salinization and the like caused by abuse of a chemical fertilizer throughout the year, increasing the yield of crops, and has the special effects of improving the quality of the crops and improving the stress resistance of the crops. Besides, the pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is long in acting period, and is an ideal fertilizer for developing green ecological agriculture.

Chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer

The invention discloses a chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer, which is prepared from the following raw materials: chicken manure, straw powders, konjak flour, corn flour, cellulose, zeolite, humic acid, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, urea, peat soil, a leavening agent, a soil improvement agent, a film coating agent, potassium sulfate, borax and calcium superphosphate. The above raw materials are subjected to the integrated treatment of anaerobic fermentation and aerobic fermentation, so that the organic fertilizer is prepared through the fermentation of the chicken manure. The chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer is complete in fermentation effect, and is capable of killing plant pathogenic bacteria, eggs, weed seeds and other harmful microorganisms in the chicken manure, and generating a large amount of nutrients beneficial to the plant growth and the plant absorption. The process is simple and easy to implement. The raw materials of the prepared organic fertilizer are rich in nutrition. Meanwhile, the prepared organic fertilizer is high in fertilizer efficiency and rich in nutrition, and can coordinate the soil nutrient balance, improve the soil nutrient, promote the plant growth, increase the plant yield and improve the plant quality.

Nitrogen-fixing microorganism compound fertilizer and preparation method

The invention belongs to the technical field of agricultural fertilizers, and particularly discloses a nitrogen-fixing microorganism compound fertilizer and a preparation method. The nitrogen-fixing microorganism compound fertilizer comprises polypeptide urea, a phosphatic fertilizer, polypeptide chelating potassium, a compound microorganism agent, a polypeptide compound, a soil conditioner, a medium trace element compound and a nutrition agent; the compound microorganism agent contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphate solubilizing and potassium solubilizing bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, probiotics and adsorbate. The preparation method disclosed by the invention comprises the steps of preparing compound microorganism agent fermentation liquor, mixing the fermentation liquor with the adsorbate uniformly and preparing the compound microorganism agent and a microorganism envelope complex agent successively; mixing the microorganism envelope complex agent, a humic acid envelope organic fertilizer and a polypeptide envelope inorganic fertilizer uniformly, under the action of an electric field and a magnetic field, adding medium trace elements, spraying bone glue, and preparing nitrogen-fixing microorganism compound fertilizer particles. The compound fertilizer disclosed by the invention has the effects of adjusting nutrients, stimulating crop growth, improving the agricultural product quality, increasing yield and efficiency, preventing insect diseases, increasing soil fertility, loosening and improving soil quality and the like.

Slow-release fertilizer for soil improvement and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses slow-release fertilizer for soil improvement and a preparation method and application thereof. The method is easy to operate, cost is low, raw materials can be obtained easily, the effect is obvious, secondary pollution can be avoided, and the method is poisonless, harmless and more environmentally friendly. Ground phosphate rock is activated through high temperatures and acid liquor, the soluble phosphate content is increased, and the plant growth requirement is met. Meanwhile, crop waste is added and ferric salt is loaded, so that loose and porous charcoal is generated at the high temperature for improving soil; generated ferric oxide can adsorb and fix heavy metal at the same time, and soil improvement and slow release of fertilizer are integrated. The utilization rate of the ground phosphate rock is increased by activating the ground phosphate rock, the shortage current situation of phosphate rock resources is relieved, and secondary utilization of waste is realized by using the crop waste. The slow-release effect of slow-release fertilizer phosphorus for soil improvement is good, the requirement for the biological activity of plants is met, and phosphorus losses can be avoided. The slow-release fertilizer has the advantages of adsorbing and fixing the heavy metal of the soil, reducing soil hardening, increasing soil bulk density and the like; the grain yield is increased, and the grain safety is guaranteed.
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