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Planting method of famous and precious Chinese herb medicine dendrobium officinale

InactiveCN103004421AConducive to accumulation of emissionsAccelerate evaporationHorticultureFertilizer mixturesPlant rootsEvaporation
The invention relates to a planting method of famous and precious Chinese herb medicine dendrobium officinale, and the method is characterized in that a cultivation bed of a plantation trough with an undulated bottom is established under a certain facility environment, multiple mixed organic matrixes mainly comprising pine bark are paved, a nondestructive planting technology for stretching tissue culture seedling roots is adopted, and scientific and reasonable dendrobium officinale planting method adopting comprehensive cultivation measures such as a photo and temperature control technology, a fertilizer control technology, an insect and harmful organism nuisanceless control technology and a sustainable harvesting technology is adopted in different growth seasons and for different plants according to the biological characteristics of the dendrobium officinale; and due to the adoption of the method, the ventilation, moisture evaporation and moistening functions of a plant root environment can be enhanced, and harmful substances influencing the growth of the plant can be eliminated in time, so that the plant can grow strong, active components are highly concentrated, the resistance is enhanced, a purpose of high yield and excellent quality can be realized, the high yield and stable yield of the dendrobium officinale can be guaranteed, the product quality is excellent, sustainability for harvesting the dendrobium officinale for multiple years can be realized, and super high yield of fresh products about 600kg per Mu every year can be realized after the method is put into production.

Method and device for culturing rice field eel

The invention relates to a method for cultivating swamp eels and a device thereof and pertains to the technical field of agricultural cultivation, which is used for solving the problem of industrial high-density cultivation of the swamp eels under the unnatural conditions. The technical proposal thereof is that a three-dimensional multilayer small-area controllable water level combined-typed cultivating pool is arranged at the heliophobe indoor; according to the living habits and requirements of the best growing environmental conditions of the swamp eels, water source, the conditions of water quality, breeding density and bait proportion are configured for cultivating the swamp eels. Meanwhile, the three-dimensional combined-typed cultivating pool, a filtration pool, a deposition pool, an oxygenation pool, a dosing pump, a disinfector, a thermostat, and the like, form a closed water cycle system. And the problems of water supply, filtration, deposition, disinfection, constant temperature, constant flow, oxygenation, pollution discharge, and the like, under the condition of high density cultivation are solved in the cycle. By applying the method and the device of the invention, the swamp eels can be cultivated all the time without the influences of season and climate, and the large-scaled industrial cultivation of the swamp eels which are excellent special aquatic products can be realized.
Owner:郑小非 +1

Method for culturing large eucalyptus seedlings

The invention discloses a method for culturing large eucalyptus seedlings. The method comprises the following technical steps: 1. selection of seedling field; 2. preparation of a plug seedling bed; 3.preparation and sterilization of matrix soil; 4. selection and treatment of ear rods and tissue culture seedlings; 5. cutting and plug transplantation of the tissue culture seedlings, wherein, the cutting seedlings are vertically inserted in the midpoint of holes at depth of 1.5-2cm; and the tissue culture seedlings are directly transplanted to the prepared plug seedling bed; 6. water and fertilizer management; 7. transplantation in vessels: the seedlings are cultured in the plugs for about 50-70 days, and terminal buds are newly extracted to 2-3cm; when the root systems of most of nursery stocks are lumped, the seedlings in the plugs are transplanted to a black polyethylene plastic nursery cup with 8*8 (cm) for culturing the large seedlings; and 8. culture of the large seedlings: the transplanted young seedlings are placed in a shading arched cover for culture, and a shading net is gradually opened for hardening the seedlings at the later period; water and fertilizer management is strengthened; and then the seedlings are removed out of a seedling nursery and planted in a mountain for afforestation in the case of seedling height up to 35-50cm and ground stems up to more than 0.25cm, fertilization is stopped 10 days before afforestation, and the nursery stocks are applied with transferring fertilizer by 0.3% of complex fertilizer once 1-2 days before outplanting.

Rapid propagation and transplantation method of blumea balsamifera

The invention discloses a rapid propagation and transplantation method of blumea balsamifera. The method comprises the technical links of explant browning resistance, disinfection, primary induction, mulitiplication, root induction, bottle seedling transplantation and the like, specifically comprising the following steps of: inducing multiple shoots by taking tender leaves with petioles or tender stems with axillary buds of blumea balsamifera as explants, and taking integrated leaves with stems of the multiple shoots as mulitiplication materials or direct root induction materials. The invention provides a whole set of rapid propagation and transplantation method of the blumea balsamifera. After the method is used, the browning rate and the pollution rate of the explant can be obviously reduced, the primary induction and inoculation survival rate of the explant is more than 90%, the mulitiplication period is 35 days, integrated leaves with the stems of the multiple shoots can be directly used for the root induction, and the rooting percentage reaches 100%. The bottle seedling transplantation method is simple and easy, the survival rate is more than 90%, and the technical guarantee can be provided for the shortage of the large-scale plantation of seedlings of the blumea balsamifera.

Healthy and ecological planting method of organic selenium-enriched white tea

The invention relates to a healthy and ecological planting method of organic selenium-enriched white tea. The method includes the steps of firstly, digging planting furrows 15cm in depth and 30cm in width in a tea garden, laying mulches in the planting furrows, laying a mixture layer formed by rice husks 5cm in thickness and humus on the mulches, laying organic selenium fertilizer mixture 2cm in thickness on the mixture layer, and covering the organic selenium fertilizer mixture with 8cm of soil; secondly, transplanting white tea trees into the planting furrows according to standardized specifications of tea trees, sufficiently watering the white tea trees after the transplanting, and covering the ground with a layer of straw; thirdly, timely supplementing the organic selenium fertilizer mixture in spring and autumn in the first year of transplanting; fourthly, performing standardized tea garden management, to be more specific, mainly paying attention to the maintenance of the planting furrows, watering in dry summer, timely weeding in spring, mainly performing topdressing, weeding and furrow cleaning in autumn and preventing freezing damage in winter; picking tea leaves in the vigorous growing period of the selenium-enriched white tea instead of early spring after 2-3 years of cultivation.

Electrostatic Force Rebalance Pendulum Silicon Micro Accelerometer Sensitive Structure and Manufacturing Method

ActiveCN105659845BHigh repeatability accuracyImprove zero drift problemAcceleration measurementGuidance systemGlass cover
The sensitive structure of the electrostatic force rebalanced pendulum silicon micro accelerometer is the upper and lower glass plates, and the middle is the sensitive mass block of the monocrystalline silicon pendulum structure. The three are connected together by bonding. The double flexible beams of the crystalline silicon sensitive mass are arranged opposite to the lead-out lines of the electrodes. In addition, in order to further reduce the influence of temperature on the monocrystalline silicon pendulum plate, the bonding area is reduced in the design, instead of the overall bonding, three small pieces of bonding are used to ensure that the bonding area of ​​the upper and lower glass plates is completely Consistent, and further reduce the temperature coefficient caused by thermal stress; the manufacturing method of the above-mentioned sensitive structure includes the manufacturing of single crystal silicon pendulum plate and the manufacturing of upper and lower glass cover plates. The invention can reduce the temperature coefficient of the instrument and improve the temperature repeatability, thereby improving the resolution and sensitivity of the silicon micro accelerometer and meeting the requirements of inertial guidance systems such as missiles.

Adipose-derived stem cell preparation and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN104771414AGuaranteed survival rateThe preparation method is simple and gentleSkeletal disorderUnknown materialsAlbuminHyaluronic acid
The invention relates to the field of biology and medicines, and especially relates to an adipose-derived stem cell preparation and a preparation method thereof. The adipose-derived stem cell preparation comprises adipose-derived stem cells, hyaluronic acid, alhumin and normal saline. The adipose-derived stem cells can maintain good survival rate and activity, and do not differentiate under the protection of hyaluronic acid, alhumin and normal saline in the adipose-derived stem cell preparation. The preparation method of the adipose-derived stem cell preparation provided by the invention can avoid damages of the adipose-derived stem cells, and improves the survival rate of the adipose-derived stem cells in the preparation. Experiments show that the adipose-derived stem cell preparation can maintain the survival rate of the adipose-derived stem cells above 99%, and allows the cells to have uniform size and shuttle-shaped form. After the adipose-derived stem cells are preserved at 0-4DEG C for 72h, the cells still maintain good form and have no volume enlargement or other abnormal phenomena, the survival rate still maintains above 95%, and the adipose-derived stem cells still maintain the characteristics of stem cells, and do not differentiate.

Living body measurement method for body length of fish fry

The invention relates to a living body measurement method for body length of a fish fry. The method in the invention is mainly used for solving that the problem that the existing method for measuring the body lent of the fish fry can not meet the requirement that multiple samples can be rapidly measured while a fish body is guaranteed to be survived. The method comprises the following steps of: firstly, placing the fish fry to be measured into a culture dish filled with water, and placing a scale with the length of 10mm into the culture dish; secondly, lining a background at the bottom of the culture dish, thus contrast is formed between colour of the fish fry and the colour of the background; thirdly, shooting a picture of the whole culture dish by a digital camera, and respectively measuring the body length of the fish fry and the length of the scale in the picture by utilizing image processing software; and fourthly, calculating real body length of the fish fry by utilizing a scaling formula, thus living body measurement of the body length of the fish fry is completed. According to the method disclosed by the invention, body length measurement on the fish fry is carried out by virtue of a digital camera, survival rate of the fish fry is guaranteed, images of a large number of samples are stored in a short time, measurement time is more leisure and freer, and numerical measurements are more accurate; and the method disclosed by the invention is used for living body detection for the body length of the fish fry.

Watermelon planting method

The invention provides a watermelon planting method. The watermelon planting method includes the steps of a, seed selecting; b, seed soaking for germination accelerating; c, soil and seedbed preparing; d, seedling growing and transplanting; e, field managing; f, disease and pest controlling. According to the watermelon planting method, an early-maturing variety resistant to low temperature is selected, and through seed washing, seed soaking, seed airing and germination accelerating, a survival rate of seedlings is guaranteed; farmyard manure and compound fertilizer are used in combination to keep green and environmental friendliness, and a little pesticide residue is left; a greenhouse or a plastic greenhouse with multiple covers is adopted in cultivating, wherein the plastic greenhouse with multiple covers refers to 'one greenhouse + two films + an arched shed + a mulching film', and the arched shed is covered with grass carpets, so that a good heat preservation effect is realized; seedlings can be planted in advance, so that watermelons can appear on the market early in late April-early May and can be sold at a high price, second-batch watermelons can be harvested, and high benefit can be obtained; by means of a precision management mode, the watermelons are enabled to be high in sugar content and quality and good in taste.

Mountain land grafting method and mountain land cultivation method of apocarya

The invention provides a mountain land grafting method and a mountain land cultivation method of apocarya and belongs to the field of cultivation methods of walnuts. The mountain land grafting method comprises the following steps: selecting and treating stocks: selecting seedlings of the apocarya, which are 1 to 2 years old, as the stocks; planting the seedlings on a mountain land; enabling the seedlings to grow until the height is 60cm to 80cm and carrying out field planting for 2 to 3 years; carrying out top grafting and head change: top grafting pre-selected scions on main branches of the stocks and covering a top grafting part by a plastic film; cutting the plastic film after 3 days, so as to form a liquid drainage hole; carrying out one time of water drainage operation and closing the liquid drainage hole. According to the mountain land grafting method provided by the invention, water drainage is reduced after the top grafting and conventional operation is changed; the survival rate of the apocarya cultivated in the mountain land is improved; rapid forestation of the mountain land can be realized and occupation of a farmland is reduced, so that lands for cultivating cereals are not occupied. The mountain land cultivation method comprises the mountain land grafting method, so that the apocarya is cultivated on the mountain land and the occupation of the farmland is reduced.

Long-distance transportation method of seawater groupers

The invention discloses a long-distance transportation method of seawater groupers. The method includes the following processes: the step S1 of conducting feed deprivation and temporary rearing on thefresh seawater groupers in the seawater and then conducting programmed cooling on the seawater to a temperature of 13-14 degrees to let the seawater groups to be under anesthetic; the step S2 of transferring the seawater groupers under anesthetic to a transport vehicle with a water temperature of 15-18 degrees for long-distance transportation. According to the method, the sweater groupers are under the anesthetic state through the reasonable programmed cooling process, and the metabolism and stress response of the groupers are significantly reduced, so that the transportation loss of the seawater groupers is reduced during the transfer process and the transportation process, the transportation load is improved, and the survival rate of over 90% can be ensured within 72h transportation distance. In addition, the method can be used for transporting the seawater groupers in high density, ensures high transportation volume of the seawater groupers while ensuring high survival rate, greatly reduces the transportation cost and is favorable for development of the grouper market.
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