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Through transmission. a type of ultrasound imaging in which the sound field is transmitted through a specimen and the transmitted energy is picked up on a far surface by a receiving transducer.

Intraoral apparatus for non-invasive blood and saliva monitoring & sensing

InactiveUS20070106138A1Dental implantsFastening prosthesisControl specimenRegimen
Controlled-specimen-sampling oral devices are described, implanted or inserted into an oral cavity, built onto a prosthetic tooth crown, a denture plate, braces, a dental implant, or the like. The devices are replaced as needed. The controlled specimen sampling may be passive, based on a dosage form, or electro-mechanically controlled, for a high-precision, intelligent, specimen sampling. Additionally, the controlled sampling may be any one of the following: sampling in accordance with a preprogrammed regimen, sampling at a controlled rate, delayed sampling, pulsatile sampling, chronotherapeutic sampling, closed-loop sampling, responsive to a sensor's input, sampling on demand from a personal extracorporeal system, sampling regimen specified by a personal extracorporeal system, sampling on demand from a monitoring center, via a personal extracorporeal system, and sampling regimen specified by a monitoring center, via a personal extracorporeal system. Specimen collection in the oral cavity may be assisted or induced by a transport mechanism, such as any one of, or a combination of iontophoresis, electroosmosis, electrophoresis, electroporation, sonophoresis, and ablation. The oral devices require replacement at relatively long intervals of weeks or months. The oral devices and methods for controlled specimen sampling apply to humans and animals.

Modular transmission system and method

A modular broadband transmission system and method include an input signal connector that receives an input signal which is then divided into N parts and amplified with an amplifier have N power amplifier modules. Outputs of the N power amplifier modules are passed through transmission lines and to a radial combiner that combines the outputs. The radial combiner, transmission lines and power amplifier modules are configured such that if one of the power amplifier modules fails, the other power amplifier modules may still operate acceptable well, with minimal impact on total output power. An output of the amplifier is provided to a coupler that measures a power level of the output signal and feeds the measured power level back to a controller where the controller adjust an overall output power based on the number of the power amplifier modules that are functioning properly. Each of the power amplifier modules have a processor such that respective of the power amplifier modules may be taken off-line, and replaced while the other power amplifier modules continue to operate in a transmit mode of operation. The modular broadband transmission system and method may conveniently be used as either a broadband booster for amplifying a plurality of input signals, or a head and transmitter configured to amplify one or more different input signals.

Air hybrid power motor vehicle

The invention relates to an air incorporation power machine motor car, which comprises a steering-wheel, a front aperture axle bracket, a rear axle stand, a girder for connecting the front aperture axle bracket and the rear axle stand and a vehicle body. The motor car further comprises a hub, an energy recovery device, an energy storage device, a power drive device, a control device, a shift device and an auxiliary device which are connected to the front aperture axle bracket and the rear axle stand through transmission shafts. The energy recovery device is connected with the energy storage device; the energy storage device is connected with the power drive device; and the control device controls the energy recovery device, the power drive device and the auxiliary device. When a motor vehicle is in normal running, an air power engine supplies power; and when the motor vehicle is needed to decelerate when conducting brake, turning and downhill, the hub and impellers are started to generate electricity and collect the power and use. The power recycled by the manner is rather considerable, so that the energy of the invention can be better made up. In sum, the invention utilizes air power as main power, and the power can be recycled and utilized through multi ways. In addition, the air source collection is convenient, the energy transformation rate is high and the exhaust emission is nearly zero, thereby achieving the aims of the invention.
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