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Feed for pigs in different growth stages and feeding method thereof

The invention discloses a feed for pigs in different growth stages and a feeding method of the feed, which belong to the field of feeds. The feed with a new formula consists of sucking pig milk powder, a sucking pig feed, a piggy feed, a middle pig feed and an adult pig feed. Sucking pigs are fed with 4kg of sucking pig milk powder from the third day after the birthday to the age of 37-40 days of the sucking pigs; then the sucking pigs are fed with 20kg of sucking pig feed from the 37th-40th day after the birthday to the age of 59-65 days; the pigs can get out of a fence after being fed with a bag of piggy feed, two bags of middle pig feed and three bags of adult pig feed, the weight of each pig is more than 120kg when the pigs get out of the fence, and the specification of the piggy feed, the middle pig feed and the adult pig feed is 40kg/bag. The feed is designed and developed according to the growth characteristics of the pigs in different growth stages; the feeding method simplifies a complex pig culturing process through simple and effectively digitalization, so that the transition of different growth stages is stable and effective; therefore, the growth speed of the pigs is obviously improved, and the pig culturing benefit is effectively improved.

Process of preparing pig manure bio-organic fertilizer by microbial fermentation method

The invention discloses a process of preparing a pig manure bio-organic fertilizer by a microbial fermentation method. The process comprises the following step: by taking the pig manure as a raw material and supplementing straws, earthworm cast, seaweeds, and the like, performing a two-step fermentation process of a biological fermenting agent to prepare the pig manure bio-organic fertilizer. The process is high in resource utilization degree, easy for large-scale industrial production, beneficial to realizing resource utilization of live pig breeding wastes and capable of a pig breeding environmental pollution problem at present. The pig manure bio-organic fertilizer has the effects of the bio-organic fertilizer and the seaweed fertilizer, is rich in functional active ingredients of seaweeds and a large number of probiotics, capable of effectively regulating equilibrium of microorganisms in soil, decomposing organic or inorganic components such as organic substances and mineral substances in the soil, eliminating soil hardening, desertification, salinization and the like caused by abuse of a chemical fertilizer throughout the year, increasing the yield of crops, and has the special effects of improving the quality of the crops and improving the stress resistance of the crops. Besides, the pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is long in acting period, and is an ideal fertilizer for developing green ecological agriculture.

Intelligent system for healthy breeding of live pigs

PendingCN108925446ASensitive detection of health statusImprove economies of scaleAnimal feeding devicesInformation processingPig farms
The invention discloses an intelligent system for healthy breeding of live pigs. The system comprises a live-pig precise liquid feeding subsystem, a disease early warning subsystem, an environmental monitoring and controlling subsystem, a remote monitoring subsystem, a live-pig breeding cloud big datum center and intelligent supporting subsystem, and a control system. The system disclosed by the invention uses a scientific live-pig breeding technology as a theoretical guide, and is combined with a high-integrated novel technology of sensor, internet and information processing technologies, sothat the system can sensitively detect health conditions of the live pigs, thereby realizing timely and controllable epidemic prevention, guiding farmers to perform healthy breeding of the live pigs,and greatly improving scale benefits of the farmers of the live pigs; the system realizes controllability of disease early warning and systematization of datum processing, and reduces the breeding risk of the farmers of the live pigs; and the system has high reliability and good real-time performance, replaces manual operation in a fully-automatic manner, greatly optimizes a structure of choosingand employing people in a pig farm, reduces pressure of choosing and employing the people in the pig farm, effectively saves manpower and material resources and reduces management costs.

Ecological cycle pig breeding method

Provided is an ecological cycle pig breeding method. The ecological cycle pig breeding method comprises the step of making wine and vinasse, the step of making vinasse feed, the step of breeding maggots through excrement, the step of carrying out ecological organic breeding, the step of using excrement to generate biogas, the step of utilizing excrement maggot breeding by-products, the step of producing organic feed and the like. According to the ecological cycle pig breeding method, the cost is reduced by 15% due to the vinasse feed, the cost is reduced by 15% due to feed with adult maggots, and the breeding cost is comprehensively reduced by more than 30%; protein feed is added; pig breeding cycle is short, and the slaughtering rate is high; health of live pigs is improved, and immunity is improved; the purposes of cycle breeding, cleaning production and zero emission are achieved, and environmental friendliness is achieved; products are various, original-ecology products such as the wine, the vinasse, organic live pigs, organic fly maggots, biogas and biogas slurry are obtained, the risk resistance capacity is high, and the ecological cycle pig breeding method is particularly applicable to ecological or organic live pig breeding of a single household, or large-scale and industrial live pig breeding. The ecological cycle pig breeding method is also applicable to ecological breeding of livestock and poultry such as cattle, horses, donkeys, deer, chickens, ducks and gooses. The ecological cycle pig breeding method is particularly applicable to ecological or organic live pig breeding of a single household or large-scale and industrial live pig breeding, and is convenient to demonstrate and popularize.
Owner:丁志强 +4

Automatic monitoring system and method for live pig action

The invention discloses an automatic monitoring system and an automatic monitoring method for live pig action, The system comprises a multi-modular information collecting module, a multi-modular information fusion module and an action recognizing module; the multi-modular information collecting module collects the video information of live pig breeding by a camera, collects the time sequence moving information of a single live pig by a sensor, and sends the collected multi-modular information to the multi-modular information fusion module; and the multi-modular information fusion module performs aligning and synchronizing on the video information and the time sequence moving information, obtains the multi-modular information of each live pig individual, then performs feature extracting and sends the multi-modular characteristics of each live pig individual to the action recognizing module which recognizes the dynamic or static action of each live pig individual. The technical scheme disclosed by the invention fully utilizes the intuition of the video technology in the macroscopic visual performance and the sensitivity of the sensor technology in the microscopic parameter acquiring aspect, thus realizing the precision and the automation on the live pig action monitoring.

Bioorganic pesticide fertilizer and production method thereof

The invention discloses a bioorganic pesticide fertilizer and a production method thereof. The bioorganic pesticide fertilizer is a mixed product prepared from 70 to 80 percent of decomposed crop stalks or pig breeding fermentation bed padding, 5 to 10 percent of medical stone and 15 to 25 percent of inorganic compound fertilizer through effective microorganism fermentation; and the effective microorganism quantity after the fermentation is 2-3*10<8>. The production method comprises the following steps of: mixing the decomposed crop stalks or pig breeding fermentation bed padding and the medical stone; adding 5 to 10 percent of inorganic compound fertilizer first, and then adding effective microorganism bacteria for fermentation at normal temperature; and finally adding the rest 10 to 15 percent of inorganic compound fertilizer into the fermented material. The bioorganic pesticide fertilizer produced by the method can improve the yield of crops, has good effect of preventing and controlling crucifer diseases, and can reduce the nitrate content in brassicaceous vegetables and improve quality; in the production process, agricultural waste is further converted, so the environmental protection is facilitated; and the bioorganic pesticide fertilizer has wide application prospect in agriculture, livestock farming and environmental protection.

Original ecological pig farm and original ecological pig breeding method

InactiveCN101889553ANo stayUnobstructed ventilationAgricultural buildingsAnimal feeding stuffPig farmsDisease
The invention relates to an original ecological pig farm and an original ecological pig breeding method. The interval between front and rear rows of piggeries of the pig farm is more than or equal to 15m; and the activity space of pigs is formed and shade trees are planted among the piggeries; each unit piggery has large ventilation and light-transmitting area; each piggery is provided with a heat-insulating sleeping area, a manure discharge area, a manure discharge hidden channel, an inner suction dirty gas pumping device, a bathing place for cooling the pigs in hot summer days, a manure collection and hazard-free treatment system and a rainwater drainage system; and the temperature of supplied drinking water in each piggery is no lower than 5 DEG C. Through the original ecological pig farm, the pigs can restore natural habits, naturally ingest food, freely bathe in the sunshine so as to reduce the stress and obviously enhance the disease resistance of the pigs; and the internal and external environments of the piggeries are clean, air is ventilated, smooth and odorless, and pathogenic microorganisms are a few, so that morbidity is reduced; and the problems of residual toxic and harmful substances in pork, and light color and poor taste of the pork can be solved, and the pork becomes more tender, fragrant, and flavorous.

Pig breeding monitoring system

The invention discloses a monitoring system for pig rising, which consists of at least one raising monitoring station and a supervisory personal computer. The raising monitoring station consists of a weighing guardrail device, a weighing manger device, a feed proportioning device and an intelligent controller which is used for monitoring the weighing guardrail device, the weighing manger device and the feed proportioning device and the input/output interface of which is connected with an LCD touch screen, a signal conditioning device, which is used for conducting an amplification and an A/D conversion to at least two channels of load sensor signals, an RF transmitter for ID signals, which is used for identifying pigs and a drive circuit and used for controlling the feed electric motor arranged on the feed proportioning device. An RF ID card hung on the pig ear is additionally arranged to match with the RF transmitter for ID signals and the quantity of pigs needed to be monitored. The weighing guardrail device, the weighing manger device and the feed proportioning device all adopt simple and smart structures to coordinate with the computer control, thereby, the invention has simple structure, reliable performance, low manufacturing and using cost, small system error, high accuracy, low waste of feedstuff and high degree of automation; moreover, the invention can replace an imported product and satisfy the requirements for a modernized pig-raising production.

Ectopic fermentation bed livestock breeding excrement treatment system and application thereof

The invention discloses an ectopic fermentation bed livestock breeding excrement treatment system and an application thereof. The ectopic fermentation bed livestock breeding excrement treatment system comprises at least one breeding house, a dirt collecting tank, a first cutting pump and a fermenting house, wherein the fermenting house comprises a plurality of ectopic fermentation beds, a spray tank and a spray device; the bottom of the breeding house communicates with the dirt collecting tank; one end of the first cutting pump communicates with the dirt collecting tank, and the other end of the first cutting pump is connected to the spray tank; the spray tank is positioned among the four ectopic fermentation beds; the spray device comprises a second cutting pump and a plurality of spray pipes; one end of the second cutting pump communicates with the spray tank, and the other end of the second cutting pump separately communicates with the plurality of the spray pipes; and each spray pipe is correspondingly arranged above one ectopic fermentation bed transversely, and a plurality of water spray holes are formed in the side walls of the spray pipes. According to the ectopic fermentation bed livestock breeding excrement treatment system, the excrement generated by pig breeding is mixed with padding for fermenting, so that the odor and toxin of the pig excrement are eliminated, the excrement treatment capacity is improved, the fermentation operation efficiency is improved, the service life of the padding is prolonged, and the fermentation quality of an organic fertilizer is improved.
Owner:福建省农业科学院农业生物资源研究所 +1

Mobile intelligent terminal-based building method of pig breeding electronic record

The invention belongs to the field of standardized and digitalized management of a live pig breeding process and traceable supervision of a terminal product. The invention provides a mobile intelligent terminal-based building method of a pig breeding electronic record. In the whole design, the concept of modularization design is adopted; the traditional management method of a breeding file, using laws and regulations of feed additives and veterinary medicaments and the like are combined; and the software and hardware technology of a mobile intelligent terminal and the modern wireless communication technology are integrated. The method comprises the following steps of: 1) automatically identifying a two-dimensional bar code and a universal bar code which are specified by the Ministry of Agriculture; 2) moveably acquiring and processing data in an individual pig breeding process, wherein the information comprises ear tag wearing information, immunologic information, feed using information, veterinary medicament using information, monitoring and detecting information and the like; and 3) remotely managing and maintaining the record information in the breeding process. In the invention, associated communication technology, hardware and management software are integrated, so that digitalized mobile management in the live pig breeding process can be regulated and the feeding and management level and the production effect are improved, and more importantly, a way of quickly, conveniently and efficiently sensing the information of the individual animal is provided; and establishment, management and data sharing of a pig breeding electronic record database are realized remotely through seamless link between GPRS technology (2G) or TD-SCDMA technology (3G) and the Internet.

Composite system used for purifying high ammonia nitrogen pig breeding biogas slurry via algae-bacterium symbiosis/ecological floating bed combined technology

The invention discloses a composite system used for purifying high ammonia nitrogen pig breeding biogas slurry via algae-bacterium symbiosis/ecological floating bed combined technology. According to the composite system, algae-bacterium symbiosis and ecological floating bed technology is taken as a base, a high-efficiency low-consumption standard treatment system of high ammonia nitrogen pig breeding biogas slurry is constructed, and algae bacterium biomass and plant are obtained at the same time. A purifying method comprises following steps: pig breeding waste water is subjected to solid-liquid separation firstly, and is delivered into an anaerobic fermentation pool; generated high ammonia nitrogen biogas slurry is subjected to pH adjusting and nutritive salt adjusting, and is delivered into the composite system for processing, and biochemical treatment effluent is delivered through a flocculating settling pool and a disinfectant pool so as to realize clear water up-to-standard release. Operation is simple; operation cost is low; pollutant removing efficiency is high; harvested algae bacterium biomass can be taken as a raw material of feed, biological hydrogen production, and biodiesel, and no secondary pollution is caused.

Analysis method for recognizing attack behaviors of group-housed pigs through employing machine vision technology

The invention discloses an analysis method for recognizing attack behaviors of group-housed pigs through employing the machine vision technology. The method comprises the steps: extracting an attack key frame sequence from a downward view group-housed pig video, and locating an attacking pig; taking the attacking pig as the whole body for the extraction of the acceleration characteristics; carrying out the training of the acceleration data, obtaining an acceleration threshold value, and dividing the key frame into a high-level frame, a middle-level frame and a non-attack frame according to thethreshold value; finally setting a minimum unit of the attack recognition, and classifying the group-housed pigs into high-level, middle-level and non-attack group-housed pigs according to the proportion of the attack frame in the unit. The method is used for the recognition of attack behaviors of the group-housed pigs through the machine vision technology, does not causes any impact on the group-housed pigs, provides a theoretical basis for the exploration of the attack rule, the evaluation of the damage level and the determination of manual intervention, and also provides reference for thedetection of abnormal behaviors of other livestock based on the accelerated movement.
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