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Seed coating agent special for direct seeding rice

InactiveCN101310582AEfficiently regulate changes in moisture contentRegulating changes in moisture contentSeed coating/dressingDiseaseAdditive ingredient
The invention discloses a seed coating agent specially used for direct seeding rice, which is characterized in that the seed coating agent mainly contains the following ingredients by weight: 2 to 8 percent of super absorbent resin, 1 to 5 percent of oxygenates, 0.1 to 0.5 percent of sparrow and rat destruction agent , 0.5 to 2 percent of bactericide, 0.5 to 2 percent of pesticide, 0.02 to 0.2 percent of plant growth regulator, 3 to 10 percent of trace element fertilizer and the margin is special type mineral clay. The powder raw materials are crushed to more then 100 meshes and are mixed evenly, the mixture is coated on the surfaces of rice seeds by a seed-coating method for direct sowing, thus clay sacculus integrating 'a small water reservoir, a small oxygen reservoir, a small drug storage and a small fertilizer storage' are formed around the rice seeds and at the roots of seedlings; the seed coating agent has the effects of preserving and providing water, ventilating and providing oxygen, promoting seedling emergency, preventing diseases and killing pests, preventing mice and destructing sparrows, strengthening seedlings and roots and increasing production. The seed coating agent is also characterized by low dosage, low cost, simple and convenient operation, and the like, thereby being applicable to coating rice seeds which are directly sowed both on flooded paddy fields and dry paddy fields.

Bletilla striata rapid propagation seedling cultivation method

ActiveCN103270863ASolve the problem of quality degradationImprove germination rateSeed coating/dressingHorticultureRiver sandGermination
Provided is a bletilla striata rapid propagation seedling cultivation method. Fermented bark and a mixture of humus and river sand serve as a base material, the base material is laid on a seedling cultivation vessel, 1-2 layers of gauze is laid on the base material, water is poured to soak the base material, bletilla striata seeds are sown on the gauze, a transparent plastic film is utilized to wrap the seedling cultivation vessel, and the seedling cultivation vessel is placed in an artificial intelligent cultivation box to grow seedlings and strengthen the seedlings. The bletilla striata rapid propagation seedling cultivation method breaks through a traditional corm planting and cultivation mode of bletilla striata, the quality degeneration problem existing in vegetative propagation is resolved, and a new path is created for sexual propagation seedling cultivation of the bletilla striata genus of orchidaceae. The bletilla striata rapid propagation seedling cultivation method is simple in operation, low in cost and short in seedling cultivation period; the germination rate reaches up to 90%, the planting percent is 70%-80%, and good practical popularization significance is provided for large-scale propagation seedling cultivation of the bletilla striata.

Drought-resistant energy plant seed pelleting agent, preparation method and using method thereof

The invention discloses a drought-resistant energy crop seed pelleting agent, a preparation method and a using method thereof. The seed pelleting agent comprises the following components: straw powder or overrotten organic matter, a plant growth regulating substance, a water absorbent resin, a filler, an adhesive, an insecticide, a bactericide, urea and monopotassium phosphate. The method for seed pelleting comprises the following steps of: 1) spraying an adhesive water solution on the surfaces of drought-resistant energy seeds evenly; 2) mixing the drought-resistant energy seeds of which the surfaces are the adhesive water solution and a pelleting agent for coating; and 3) repeating the step 1) and the step 2) until the diameters of the seeds meet the requirement. The invention breaks the traditional idea that the pelleting agent absorbs water in soil of a plough layer, establishes a theory of absorbing water before the sowing and sowing after the germination acceleration, and realizes the aim that the pelleting agent can absorb the water before the sowing after the coating, does not disperse after the water absorption, has good expansibility, ensures that the seeds germinate in the palleting agent and can adopt mechanized sowing by adding crop straw powder or the overrotten organic matter which is rich in water absorption expansibility into the components of the pelleting agent.

No-tillage seedling-throwing overall aerobic cultivation method for oil crop-medium rice fixed compartment ditch

The invention belongs to the field of rice cultivation, and particularly relates to a cultivation method suitable for no-tillage rice in a fixed compartment of an oil crop-medium rice field. The cultivation method comprises the following steps that: (1) rice seeds are coated by using dry-raised nurse, thick mud and dry fine soil serving as coating agents, wherein the components comprise 7.9 to 12.5 percent of dry-raised nurse, 25 to 26.3 percent of rice seeds, 12.5 to 13.2 percent of thick mud with 37 percent of water content and 50 to 52.6 percent of dry fine soil with 3 percent of water content in percentage by mass; the rice field is finished as required and the soil moisture is kept; and keeping the seedling age at 15 to 18 days; (2) the compartment width of the oil crop field is 1.2 meters, the width of the ditch is 0.3 meter, and the depth of the ditch is 0.25 meter; the rape seedlings are applied to the field; a ternary compound fertilizer of which pure nutrients comprise 15 percent of N, 15 percent of P2O5 and 15 percent of K2O is applied, and 30 kilograms of pure nitrogen is applied in each mu; 5.80 kilograms of zinc is applied in each mu; and 4.8 kilograms of boron fertilizer is applied in each mu, and the ditch is kept full of water; (3) rice seedlings with 50 to 100 grams of soil in each seedling in 15 to 18 days are directionally thrown according to a row space of 20 centimeters; and (4) the ditch is kept with water and the compartment surface has no water after throwing the seedlings till the heading stage, and dry and wet alternated cultivation is adopted from the grain filling stage to the maturation stage. Compared with the conventional method, the yield is averagely increased by 8.7 percent.
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