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Bletilla striata, known as hyacinth orchid or Chinese ground orchid, is a species of flowering plant in the orchid family Orchidaceae, native to Japan, Korea, Myanmar (Burma), and China (Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang).

A method for rapidly propagating bletilla striata seedlings

ActiveCN102283115AAlleviate the contradiction between supply and demand in the marketIncrease productionHorticulture methodsPlant tissue cultureBletilla striataAsexual reproduction
The invention provides a method for quickly reproducing bletilla striata seedlings, which comprises the following steps: 1) using mature seeds of bletilla striata as explants; 2) sterilizing the seeds and inoculating the seeds to a germination culture medium to allow the seeds to germinate in about 7 days, cutting protocorms formed in about 14 days, and transferring the cut protocorms onto a protocorm proliferation culture medium; 3) transferring the protocorms onto a cluster bud induction and proliferation culture medium; and 4) cutting the cluster buds, allowing the cluster buds to propagate massively, transplanting 3-centimeter seedlings grown from the cluster buds onto a rooting and seedling strengthening culture medium, and transplanting the seedlings when the seedlings grow to 7 to 10 centimeter. The method solves the problems of virus carrying seedlings, deterioration of variety, low effective yield and the like of the conventional bletilla striata asexual reproduction. When the method is used, a large number of asexual reproduction virus-free seedlings can be obtained under a manual control condition; compared with the conventional reproduction method, the yield is improved by 30 percent; and thus, the method has an active significance for reliving market contradiction between supply and demand for bletilla striata.

Chinese medicinal multiple-effect skin beautifying cream and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicinal multiple-effect skin beautifying cream, which comprises Chinese medicament extract and auxiliary materials. The Chinese medicament extract is prepared by extracting the following Chinese medicaments by weight: 15 to 25 grams of raidx astragali, 15 to 25 grams of ginseng, 10 to 20 grams of Chinese angelica, 10 to 20 grams of peony, 10 to 20 grams of danshen root, 10 to 20 grams of tree peony bark, 10 to 25 grams of largehead atractylodes rhizome, 10 to 20 grams of bletilla, 15 to 25 grams of szechuan lovage rhizome, 10 to 20 grams of almond, 10 to 20 grams of white muscardine silkworm, 5 to 15 grams of frankincense, 5 to 15 grams of lightyellow sophora root, 5 to 15 grams of wax gourd seed, 10 to 20 grams of motherwort herb, 15 to 25 grams of pomegranate rind, 15 to 25 grams of cucumber gourd root; 10 to 20 grams of platycodon root, 5 to 15 grams of baical skullcap root and 10 to 20 grams of liquoric root. The auxiliary materials comprise octadecanol, stearic acid, glycerin monostearate, glycerin, essence, ethylparaben, an antioxidant and distilled water. The skin beautifying cream of the invention has functions of relieving liver-qi stagnation, activating blood and removing blood stasis, cooling and activating blood, removing damp, expelling toxin and the like so as to achieve the effects of activating blood, moistening the skin, removing spots, whitening, removing wrinkles and preventing hypersusceptibility.

Method for preparing bletilla striata hemostatic gauze

The invention relates to a method for preparing a bletilla striata hemostatic gauze and belongs to the technical field of textile engineering. The preparation method provided by the invention employs the manner of carrying out the process of soaking bletilla striata stem blocks in distilled water a plurality of times, filtering and collecting the filtrate, and further comprises the following steps of: concentrating the collected filtrate, adding absolute ethyl alcohol to the concentrated bletilla striata gum solution, thoroughly standing and performing alcohol precipitation, thereby obtaining white precipitate; washing the white precipitate using absolute ethyl alcohol, and drying the precipitate for future use; preparing the dried bletilla striata gum into a spinning solution with water as a solvent and spinning the solution into long filaments with the absolute ethyl alcohol as a coagulating bath; knitting the long filaments into the gauze through needle weaving, machine weaving or non-weaving; and then cutting, disinfecting and packing the gauze, thereby obtaining the water-soluble hemostatic gauze. The raw material employed by the preparation method provided by the invention is the bletilla striata gum extracted from the bletilla striata stem blocks; the bletilla striata gum has excellent water-solubility; the bletilla striata long filaments can be degraded and absorbed in body and is good in compatibility with the organism without side effect on the wound. Chemicals involved with the preparation of the bletilla striata hemostatic gauze is only the absolute ethyl alcohol which can not generate harmful substances and has no pollution on the environment; and the coagulating bath for spinning by the wet method and the spinning process are simple and low in cost.

Traditional Chinese medicine preparation for post-operation rehabilitation of cervicitis and cervical hypertrophy

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for post-operation rehabilitation of cervicitis and cervical hypertrophy, which is prepared by the following traditional Chinese medicines in parts by weight: 2-8 parts of Chinese angelica, 1-5 parts of salvia miltiorrhiza bunge, 1-5 parts of drynaria rhizome, 1-5 parts of rhizoma pinelliae preparata, 1-4 parts of bletilla, 1-4 parts of dahurian angelica root, 2-8 parts of radix et rhizoma rhei, 1-5 parts of coptis chinensis, 1-6 parts of dandelion, 1-6 parts of elbow, 1-3 parts of dragon's blood, 1-5 parts of cape jasmine, 1-3 parts of ligusticum chuanxiong hort, 1-5 parts of borneol, 0.5-1.2 parts of frankincense, 0.5-1.2 parts of myrrh, 0.3-0.6 part of akebiaquinata, 1-3 parts of plantain seed, 1-3 parts of cortex moutan, 1-3 parts of polygonum aviculare, 1-3 parts of common cnidium fruit, 3-10 parts of polygonum cuspidatum, 1-5 parts of hairyvein agrimony, 1-3 parts of Chinese pulsatilla root, 1-4 parts of Chinese violet, 1-5 parts of dahurian patrinia herb and 1-3 parts of ginseng. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation is a pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation, which has little toxic and side effect, wide drug source, low cost and high curative effect and is proposed to be promoted and applied clinically.

Scented tea whitening skin-moistening cream and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a scented tea whitening skin-moistening cream and a preparation method thereof. The scented tea whitening skin-moistening cream comprises a plurality of traditional Chinese medicine whitening components, a plurality of biochemical whitening components, whitening and protective components extracted from scented tea and green tea, and base raw materials. The whitening and protective components of traditional Chinese medicines and scented tea are self-prepared from licorice root, bletilla striata, bighead atractylodes rhizome, white poria cocos, Japanese ampelopsis root, white peony root, rose, peony and wintersweet flower. The biochemical whitening components comprise purchased ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate and an amino acid whitening agent. The base raw materials comprise a hexadecanol-octadecanol mixture, jojoba oil, an amino acid moisture-retention agent, fucoidin, a cetyl alcohol-octadecyl alcohol mixture and a cetyl glucoside-octadecyl glucoside mixture. Through uniform blending and scientific composition of the whitening and oxidation-resistant components and the moisture-retention and skin-care base raw materials, the scented tea whitening skin-moistening cream is a novel, safe and reliable scented tea whitening skin-moistening cream product having lasting effects.

Externally-applied skin-generating oil for treatment of burn and preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to the technical field of a traditional Chinese medicine preparation, and particularly discloses externally-applied skin-generating oil for treatment of burns and a preparation method and application thereof. The skin-generating oil is prepared by soaking the following 15 Chinese herbs in sesame oil: radix scutellariae, rheum officinale, astragalus mongholicus, coptis chinensis, cortex phellodendri, angelica sinensis, sanguisorba officinalis, lithospermum, rehmannia, radix angelicae, cynanchum atratum, bletilla striata, olibanum, myrrh and borneol. When the skin-generating oil is applied in treatment of burns, wound infection caused after injury can be prevented effectively, proliferation and migration of fibroblasts and vascular endothelial cells can be promoted, neovascularization can be induced, wound healing can be accelerated, scar repair can be promoted, the wound healing time can be shortened, Class I-II burns can be cured in 10-12 days, and Class III burns of rabbits can be cured in 20-25 days. When Class III burns of rabbits are treated with the skin-generating oil, the wound area can be reduced from 6 cm<2> to 0.1cm<2>, the wound surface is flat, smooth and soft, and newborn hair is normal. The wound epidermis can be recovered completely, dense hair follicles can be formed in the dermis layer, and almost no difference from normal skin tissues can be produced.

Method for efficiently and quickly producing bletilla striata seedling

The invention aims at providing a method for efficiently and quickly producing a bletilla striata seedling. The method comprises (1) a liquid culture stage and (2) a solid medium culture stage, wherein (1) the liquid culture stage comprises the particular steps that a bletilla striata capsule is disinfected via sodium hypochlorite; the capsule is cut; a seed is sown in a liquid medium for culture; the seed is developed into a protocorm; (2) the solid medium culture stage comprises the particular steps that the protocorm is induced to be differentiated into a root-free seedling, and then transferred to a rooting culture medium for rooting culture, and a cultivation substrate transplanted into a greenhouse is domesticated before field transplanting. The method realizes efficient and quick production of the bletilla striata seedling; compared with whole-course solid culture, the method overcomes the defect that the seed germination rate is low when an early seed is cultured on a solid medium; the seed germination rate is increased significantly and reaches 99%; the fresh weight and the dry weight of the protocorm are increased greatly; and the whole production cycle is shortened significantly, and can be shortened to about 110 days.

Efficient tissue culture and rapid propagation technology for seedlings of bletilla striata

The invention discloses an efficient tissue culture and rapid propagation technology for seedlings of bletilla striata. According to the technology, bletilla striata seeds are sown on a seed germination culture medium for sterile germination, the obtained seedlings are inoculated to a multiplication and subculture medium one by one for multiplication and subculture, clustering seedlings are obtained and inoculated to a rooting culture medium for rooting culture, the obtained tissue culture seedlings are planted on a prepared seedling hardening substrate, and the seedlings are transplanted to a large filed for plantation after seedling hardening, wherein the seed germination culture medium comprises MS (magnesium sulfate), 30g/L of sugar, 8g/L of agar and 10g/L-12g/L of potatoes; the multiplication and subculture medium comprises MS, 1.0 mg/L of KT (kinetin), 0.2 mg/L of NAA (naphthalene acetic acid), 30g/L of sugar and 9g/L of agar; the rooting culture medium comprises MS, 0.2 mg/L of NAA, 1.0mg/L of IAA (indole acetic acid), 30g/L of sugar, 9g/L of agar and 25-30 g/L of potatoes; the seedling hardening substrate comprises medium moor peat soil, perlite and wood dust in the volume ratio being 5:2:3. The technology is mature, a system is perfect, the problems of low natural germination rate of bletilla striata and difficulty in obtaining of seedlings can be effectively solved, and the technology has better popularization and application value and broad market prospect.
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