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Medicine for treating pelvic inflammation

The invention relates to a Chinese herbal medicine for treating pelvic inflammation. The pelvic inflammation is an infectious disease which is easily caused in young women and can be easily transformed into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease so as to bring great pain to a patient. After a long-term research and clinical verifications, the oral traditional Chinese medicine with better treatment effect is found. The Chinese herbal medicine for treating pelvic inflammation comprises the components at the best ratio (obtained by a great deal of research): 15 parts of red peony root, 15 parts of salviae miltiorrhizae, 12 parts of ligusticum wallichii, 12 parts of lindera aggregata, 10 parts of angelica sinensis, 10 parts of rhizoma sparganii, 10 parts of curcuma zedoary, 12 parts of cassia twig, 30 parts of dandelion, 20 parts of houttuynia cordata, 20 parts of dahurian patrinia herb, 12 parts of cortex moutan, 10 parts of rhizoma corydalis, 15 parts of spina gleditsiae, 20 parts of fructus forsythiae, 20 parts of honeysuckle, 10 parts of liquorice, 15 parts of medicinal cyathula root and 10 parts of rhizoma alismatis. The technical task of the invention is to provide the Chinese herbal medicine composition for treating pelvic inflammation, and all the medicines have synergistic effect; and the Chinese herbal medicine composition has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, promoting qi circulation and relieving pain and the like, thus being used for effectively treating the pelvic inflammation.

Traditional Chinese medicine cataplasm for treating rheumatism and ostalgia and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a cataplasma which is a traditional Chinese medicine used for treating rheumatic pains and a preparation method thereof, pertaining to the technical filed of external-use preparations working as Chinese medicines treating rheumatic pains. The cataplasma is prepared by the means of extracting active ingredients of Chinese medicines and ground substances from one or more raw materials of angelica, rhizoma atractylodis sinensis, radix cynanchi paniculati and corydalis tuber; the raw materials also include one or more than one of chuanxiong rhizome, curcuma longa, frankincense, myrrh, radix achyranthis bidentatae, dactylicapnos scandens, sargentodoxa cuneata, fourstamen stephania root, geranium, tuberculate speranskia herb, nux vomica, menthol, borneol, and camphor. The prepared cataplasma utilizes the comprehensive effects generated by each component, has the efficacy of relieving rheumatism and chills, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, reducing swelling and alleviating pain and dredging the meridian passage and can effective treat diseases, such as rheumatic pains, rheumatic pains in waist, legs and back, traumatic injury, wrench, contused wound, limb pain, meridian pain, scapulohumeral periarthritis and arthroncus. The studies on zoology and clinical experiments indicate that the medicine has the advantages of strong penetrating power, quick results, short course of treatment, good curative effects, and the like, is convenient and practical and well-received by numerous patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating traumatic injury and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating traumatic injury and a preparation method thereof. The composition is prepared from following Chinese herbal medicines comprising, by weight, 80-160 parts of safflower, 20-100 parts of angelica sinensis, 8-20 parts of resina draconis, 15-30 parts of panax notoginseng, 20-100 parts of drynaria total flavonoids, 20-100 parts of dipsacus asperoids, 20-100 parts of vinegar-processed frankincense, 20-100 parts of vinegar-processed myrrh, 18-75 parts of acacia catechu, 18-75 parts of rhubarb, 2-10 parts of borneol and 18-75 parts of ground beetles. The preparation method includes following steps: mixing and crushing the safflower, the angelica sinensis, the resina draconis, the drynaria total flavonoids, the dipsacus asperoids, the vinegar-processed frankincense, the vinegar-processed myrrh, the acacia catechu, the rhubarb and the ground beetles; performing a sieving process through a molecular sieve to obtain a fine powder; respectively crushing the panax notoginseng and the borneol; performing the sieving process through the molecular sieve to obtain a fine powder; mixing the fine powders uniformly; and performing sterilization and a packaging process in bags. The traditional Chinese medicine composition has significant effects on traumatic injury, blood congestion, pain and the like.

Far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate, far infrared medicinal moxibustion product containing far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate and preparation method of far infrared medicinal moxibustion product

The invention belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion, and particularly relates to a far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate, a far infrared medicinal moxibustion product containing the far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate and a preparation method of the far infrared medicinal moxibustion product. The far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate mainly comprises the following raw materials, by weight, including 150-250 parts of bee wax, 30-50 parts of chocolate, 10-30 parts of honey, 100-200 parts of far infrared ceramic powder volcano energy mud, 20-40 parts of agaropectin, 16-18 parts of vaseline and 2-4 parts of capsaicin. The far infrared medicinal moxibustion product mainly comprises the following raw materials, by weight, including 1 part of the far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate, 7-9 parts of ginseng, 5-7 parts of saffron crocus, 6-8 parts of rhodiola rosea, 8-10 parts of herba cistanche and 9-11 parts of dioscorea nipponica makino. The preparation method of the far infrared medicinal moxibustion product comprises the following steps of preparation of the far infrared medicinal moxibustion substrate, preparation of a drug mixture and preparation of a finished product; the preparation method is simple, convenient to use, relatively low in cost, and beneficial to popularization and application.

Moxibustion device and moxibustion device use method

The invention relates to a moxibustion device and a moxibustion device use method. The moxibustion device comprises an upper combustion cylinder and a lower combustion cylinder, wherein the lower combustion cylinder is buckled with the upper combustion cylinder, The bottom of the lower combustion cylinder is provided with a supporting seat, the middle part of the supporting seat is provided with a circular smoke outlet, and a mounting hole is arranged at the central hole of the top of the upper combustion cylinder; an adjusting knob is arranged in the mounting hole; the upper end of the cylindrical adjusting knob extends out of the mounting hole; and a rectangular rotating sheet is arranged below the adjusting knob, and fixedly connected with the adjusting knob. The moxibustion device disclosed by the invention is simple in structure and convenient to operate; and the rectangular rotating sheet is driven to rotate by rotating the adjusting knob, so that the rectangular rotating sheet can close and open an air hole and then control the ventilation area of the air hole, and the operation above can be completed by using the thumb and index finger of a single hand, thereby achieving the effect of adjusting the combustion velocity of a moxa cone so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the temperature and then improving the moxibustion comfortableness.

Traditional Chinese medicine ointment for treating burn and preparation method thereof

Disclosed is a Chinese traditional medicine ointment for curing burn disease and a preparing method; the medicine is composed of the following Chinese traditional medicine materials by weight ratio: 112.5-337.5 parts of Garden Burnet Root, 37.5- 112.5 parts of radix scutellariae, 37.5-112.5 parts of Bark of Chinese Corktree, 12.5-37.5 parts of rhubarb, 12.5-37.5 parts of folium ilicis chinensis, 12.5-37.5 parts of lotus leaf, 12.5-37.5 parts of lithospermum, 12.5-37.5 parts of yellowweed, 12.5-37.5 parts of glabrous sarcandra herb, 7.5-22.5 parts of coptis root, 5-15 parts of borneol, and 450-1350 parts of benne oil and 48.6-145.8 parts of beeswax. With functions of clearing away heat and toxic material, reducing swelling and alleviating pain, promoting Blood circulation to remove Blood stasis, reducing inflammation and clearing away purulence, removing the rotten and drawing the poison, and generating muscle and skin, the medicine ointment has the advantages that the production technique is simple, the quality index can be controlled easily, the cost is low, and the use is security; the medicine is applied to patients with skin burn, and can have effects on resisting bacterium, diminishing inflammation and alleviating pain, and has accurate curative effect.
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