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Intramuscular stimulation therapy using surface-applied localized electrical stimulation

A modality of electrical twitch obtaining intramuscular stimulation pain relief therapy utilizes a surface probe with a conductive tip to apply surface electrical stimulation of relatively high voltage locally and focally to muscle motor points and regions of adjacent motor end plate zones. The surface-applied electrical stimulation through intact skin readily facilitates the elicitation of forceful twitch responses from muscle fibers associated with the stimulated motor points and motor end plate zones, without requiring needle penetration into the patient's flesh. Rapid movement between multiple treatment sites is possible allowing treatment of a larger number of muscle motor point areas in afflicted muscles and more muscles to be treated in a single treatment session. The therapeutic effect of the twitches increases with the force and number of the twitches. In addition, since physical insertion of the needle electrode is totally unnecessary, patients experience little to no pain during and after the procedure, and the risk of repetitive stress injury to the therapist is reduced. Additionally, significantly less skill is required to effectively elicit pain relieving twitch responses, thus facilitating training of medical and para-medical personnel to perform the procedure.

Accurate human face acupuncture point locating and acupuncture and moxibustion prescription learning method

The invention discloses an accurate human face acupuncture point locating and acupuncture and moxibustion prescription learning method. Partial human face characteristic analysis and a pattern and nerve identifying algorithm are utilized to determine all organs and the characteristic portions of the human face, a coordinate origin is determined, a virtual simulation face locating coordinate system is established, data information of different acupuncture experts to acupuncture point location is collected, acupuncture point data values with the best accuracy can be achieved through acupuncture location consistency information fusion algorithm, a knowledge base for face disease acupuncture points and acupuncture and moxibustion prescription can be established, and face disease acupuncture point location, acupuncture and mosibustion prescription learning and grade evaluation can be achieved in a virtual and simulated mode. Furthermore, automatic location can be carried out to a new treatment object. The accurate human face acupuncture point locating and acupuncture and moxibustion prescription learning method can improve acupuncture point location fusion error of the different acupuncture and moxibustion experts to the point-by-point variable accuracy, effectively combines the characteristics of the acupuncture point locating measurement values of the different experts and improves the utilizing efficiency of measurement information.

Laser-infrared combined acupuncture instrument

The invention provides a laser light-infrared light combined acupuncture instrument which comprises a control host and an output therapeutic lamp holder, wherein the control host comprises a power circuit, a pulse generating and regulating circuit, a laser control and drive circuit and an infrared control and feedback circuit; the pulse generating and regulating circuit generates a signal to directly control the output of an infrared tube and generates a signal to control the output of a laser device through the laser control and drive circuit; the infrared control and feedback circuit feeds back according to skin temperature rise caused by infrared illumination so as to control infrared output; the interior of the output therapeutic lamp holder is sequentially provided with a laser tube assembly, a thermal-protective coating with holes and an infrared tube assembly from the benmost side to an output port; and the output end of the lamp holder is provided with an IR-transmission glass cover on which a temperature sensor is arranged. The laser-infrared combined acupuncture instrument has the functions of laser acupunctural needle and infrared thermal moxibustion which not only can be applied simultaneously but also can be applied independently, and is suitable for carrying out irradiation treatment on various acupuncture points or diseased parts.

Multifunctional Koryo hand therapy apparatus and method thereof

Disclosed are a multifunctional Koryo hand therapy apparatus and a method thereof, which provide an important acupuncture point and medical treatment guide, perform Yeoampa therapy in connection with the important acupuncture point guide, the Yeoampa therapy being a cyber treatment that controls the functions of a body, measure skin resistance, and perform low frequency treatment in response to a user's selection. Memory unit stories important acupuncture point and prescription guide information of hand therapy. Key input unit generates key signals according to user's selection of skin resistance measurement, important acupuncture point and prescription guide of low frequency treatment hand therapy, and Yeoampa therapy. Skin resistance measuring unit outputs current for measuring skin resistance according to selection of skin resistance measurement, and measures skin resistance of a body based on result value. Low frequency treatment unit supplies a low frequency to stimulation points of a body to mitigate pains through skin stimulation according to the selection of the low frequency treatment. Controller extracts corresponding information from the important acupuncture point and prescription guide information of stored hand therapy, performs Yeoampa therapy by outputting a hand therapy acupuncture pattern for performing Yeoampa therapy. Display unit displays important acupuncture point and prescription guide information of the hand therapy, and hand therapy acupuncture pattern for performing Yeoampa therapy.

Fully-automatic fire needle therapeutic apparatus and using method thereof

The invention relates to a fully-automatic fire needle therapeutic apparatus and a using method thereof, belongs to the field of medical apparatus and instruments, and in particular relates to an acupuncture therapeutic apparatus and the using method thereof. The therapeutic apparatus is characterized by comprising a gun body and an ejection cabin, wherein the ejection cabin is arranged on an ejection hole of the gun body; a limit block is arranged in the ejection cabin; a holder is arranged between the limit block and an ejector pin which is arranged in the gun body; and the holder is connected with the ejector pin and used for holding and fixing a fire needle. Due to the adoption of the theory of induction heating and automatic ejection of the gun body, the fire needle can be automatically heated and needle; and the admittance threshold of fire needle therapy is lowered down by changing the needling instruments of the fire needle, the operation of the fire needle is simple and easy, and operators can reach or exceed the operation level of professional acupuncturists after being trained slightly, so that the operation standard of the fire needle therapy is unified, the pain when patients adopt the fire needle therapy is reduced at furthest, the treatment effect is improved to the utmost, the patient is easy to accept the fire needle therapy, and the historic fire needle therapy which is a miracle in the traditional Chinese medical science is effectively popularized and benefits all beings.

Intelligent temperature control acupuncture therapeutic apparatus

The invention discloses an intelligent temperature control acupuncture therapeutic apparatus. The intelligent temperature control acupuncture therapeutic apparatus comprises a power module, a liquid touch screen, a touch-screen controller, an electronic temperature control component used for simulating moxibustion temperature curve and a heating head used for being inserted into the handle portion of an acupuncture pin to conduct heating, wherein the electronic temperature control component is composed of a system control module and a heating driving module, the system control module is connected with the heating driving module in a communication mode, the system control module is connected with the power module and the touch-screen controller in a communication mode, the liquid touch screen is connected with the touch-screen controller in a communication mode and used for setting the heating time and the temperature cycle period of the heating head and displaying the temperature change and the heating time of the heating head in work, the heating head is connected with the heating driving module through a guide line, and the system control module and the heating driving module control the temperature change range of the heating head from 30 DEG C to 59 DEG C. According to the intelligent temperature control acupuncture therapeutic apparatus, moxibustion technique change and moxa-cone temperature change are effectively simulated, a continuous and variational thermal stimulus state is kept, fast - slow adaptation phenomenon caused when a human body experiences the apparatus is avoided, and clinical effect is improved.
Owner:上海中医药大学附属龙华医院浦东分院 +2

Combined recuperation nursing bed

InactiveCN108095931ATo meet the different needs of different placesMeet different needsDevices for heating/cooling reflex pointsElectrotherapyPush and pullWheelchair
The invention discloses a combined recuperation nursing bed, belonging to the field of medical nursing beds. The combined recuperation nursing bed is mainly formed by connecting two parts, namely, a wheelchair body and a bed head, an automatic body get-up and leg lifting and bending mechanism, a stool and urine collecting device, a storage battery group and a control panel are arranged on the wheelchair body, one or more groups of automatic physical therapy devices are arranged at the inner side of a backrest of the wheelchair body, and a pedal vehicle with a foot motion massage device, an electric heating plate and a lavipeditum barrel is arranged at the inner sides of support legs and at the lower parts of a concave leg support plate and a seat plate; the bed head is concave, two sections of bedsides capable of stretching out and drawing back forwards and backwards and a bedside table capable of being pushed and pulled leftwards and rightwards are arranged at the front and the rear side of a bedstead on the left and right ends of the bed head, one or more groups of automatic physical therapy devices are arranged on the outer side face of a rear backup plate of the bed head, so that the defects that for the common medical care bed, the number of components with the nursing function is small, the degree of automation is low, and no components with the automatic recuperation function are available, are overcome.

Single acupuncture point electro-acupuncture method and device

ActiveCN101390809AReduce in quantityEasy to wearAcupuncturePower flowElectro acupuncture
Disclosed are single-point electro-acupuncture method and a device, which relate to a method of controlling an electro-acupuncture to generate a single-point electro-acupuncture stimulation signal. The method is characterized in that parameters for the output of the stimulation current are set through an input device; the stimulation current is generated by a pulse generator according to the set parameters; the stimulation current is applied on electrodes which are used for outputting stimulation current to the single point; the stimulation current forms a loop in the selected single point section and has no direct current stimulation on other points and meridian; the method can be implemented by a percutaneous single-point electro-acupuncture device or an implantation single-point electro-acupuncture device. The percutaneous single-point electro-acupuncture device comprises an invitro pulse generator and electrodes, and adopts a split structure or an integral structure; the implantation single-point electro-acupuncture device comprises an invitro controller, a vitro pulse generator and electrodes; wherein, the invitro pulse generator and electrodes are designed integrally; the invitro pulse generator can adopt the power supply mode or the charging mode. The single-point electro-acupuncture method and device have the advantages of convenient application, wide application range and being applicable to various point electrical stimulations with different requirements.

Biofeedback type electronic acupuncture abstention instrument

InactiveCN101926729AChange data monotonicChange real-timeAcupunctureDevices for locating reflex pointsSide effectTreatment effect
The invention discloses a biofeedback type electronic acupuncture abstention instrument, which mainly comprises a keyboard input module 1, an LCD display module 2, a waveform input module 3, an acupuncture point feedback diagnosis module 4, a brain wave feedback diagnosis module 5, a single-chip control module 6, an automatic acupuncture point detection module 7, a DDS-based acupuncture waveform generation module 8 and four pairs of electrodes 9 stuck with medicament; the automatic acupuncture point detection module 7 automatically and accurately finds four acupuncture points to be treated of a patient; and the DDS-based acupuncture waveform generation module 8 compares and analyzes the data from the acupuncture point feedback diagnosis module 4 and the brain wave feedback diagnosis module 5 with the patient data pre-stored in the system, automatically adjusts the stimulation therapy time corresponding to the low frequency and the high frequency of the therapy waveform, and sends four same waveforms to the four pairs of electrode pads 9 stuck with auxiliary abstention medicament. The invention has the characteristics of complete functions, strong pertinence, advanced technology, obvious and quick curative effects, safety and reliability, no dependence or no toxic side effect, simple operation and the like.

Acupuncture needle

The invention belongs to the technical field of medical instruments, particularly to an acupuncture needle. The acupuncture needle comprises a needle handle, a needle body, a magnet ring, a magnetic sheet, scale marks, a fixing bolt and a screw hole, wherein the needle body is fixedly connected with the lower end of the needle handle, the other end of the needle body is a needle point, the magnet ring is provided with a first center hole, and is sleeved with the needle body in a sliding manner and fixed on the needle body; the magnetic sheet is provided with a second center hole and used for accommodating the magnet ring; the side surface of the second center hole is in smooth contact with the outer side surface of the magnet ring; the scale marks are arranged on the needle body from the needle point above, and the fixing bolt and the screw hole are formed in the magnet ring. During the use, a specific acupuncturing part can be positioned through the second center hole of the magnetic sheet, the acupuncture depth can be set according to specific treatment conditions, the magnet ring is fixed in the position of a corresponding scale mark on the needle body, then acupuncture and moxibustion can be performed, accuracy control to the acupuncture depth can be achieved, adverse effects caused by over deep needle insertion or over light needle insertion can be prevented, besides, the magnet ring and the magnetic sheet are used in the invention, so that the needle body can be magnetized, and a magnetic therapy effect can be achieved at the same time during acupuncture.
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