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Eraser assembly for a rotary tool

InactiveUS20090083916A1Quick and convenient reinstallationEasy to disassembleErasing devicesLiquid surface applicatorsHand heldInk eraser
A two piece eraser assembly for use as a rotary tool attachment for abrading surfaces enables quick and easy replacement of worn eraser disks without requiring the assistance of any hand held tools in either the removal or in the reinstallation process. The assembly, including aftermarket replacement parts therefor, comprise an eraser disk and an eraser hub for mounting and holding the eraser disk. The eraser hub includes upper and lower surfaces, wherein the eraser hub upper surface features a centrally positioned throughbore, a flange at the peripheral edge of the hub and a stub shaft on the lower surface positioned axially with the throughbore. The eraser hub includes a plurality of spaced apertures for engaging with and detachably locking eraser disk extensions on the backside, so the eraser disk is mounted flush with the eraser hub. The upper surface of the eraser disk includes a central recess and an aperture in the recess keyed for axially alignment with the throughbore of the eraser hub. The eraser disk is also equipped with a plurality of abrading teeth running radially from the central recess to the peripheral edge thereof. The lower surface opposite the upper surface of the eraser disk further comprises a plurality of mounting elevations keyed for engaging with the spaced apertures or slots in the eraser hub for securely locking the eraser disk to the eraser hub, avoiding slippage of the eraser disk during operation, while allowing quick replacement when worn with manual dexterity only.
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