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Systems and methods of power output measurement

The present invention pertains to systems and methods of individual power output measurement. One embodiment relates to a pressure sensing device configured to be mounted on the bottom surface of a shoe. The device includes a sensor, a wireless communication system, a housing, and a mounting system. A second embodiment relates to a direct power measurement system including a pressure sensing device, a computer module, and a display module. In a bicycling application of the system, the device is mounted on the bottom surface of a shoe so as to measure applied pressure between at least one of the rider's shoe and corresponding bicycle pedal. The computing module mathematically converts the measured pressure as a function of time to a value of power exerted by the rider. In addition, the computing module may utilize the measured pressure as a function of time to compute the rider's cadence (pedal revolutions per unit of time). Various well-known communication systems such as RF may be integrated within the device and computing module to facilitate data transmission. Similar systems may be used to calculate an individual's power output during other activities including but not limited to running, rowing, walking, etc. A third embodiment relates to a method for calculating individual power output during an athletic activity. The method includes sensing pressure at a particular location, calculating or computing power, and displaying power.
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