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Tapered roller bearing ring double extension-sleeve forging technique

The invention relates to a double diffusion intussusception forge technique of a bearing ring of a tapered roller, belongs to the technical field of forging of the bearing ring of the tapered roller and mainly aims at solving the problems that the existing ring forging technique is not suitable for various bearing rings of the large and medium size tapered rollers. The technique is mainly characterized in that: (1) a GCr15 steel material section is heated to 1050 DEG C on a medium frequency induction furnace, then upset on a press, extruded backward and forward, formed, sheathed respectively and is separated into an outer sleeve and an inner sleeve or a small outer sleeve blank; (2) the outer sleeve blank is ring-rolled on a ring rolling machine, then reeled on the press and cooled into an outer sleeve forged parts of a bearing; and (3) the inner sleeve or the small outer sleeve blank is placed on the press, upset again, extruded and punched and then a ring part is obtained which is ring-rolled on the ring rolling machine, then an inner sleeve hot forged part after being ring-rolled is reeled on the press and then cooled to obtain the inner sleeve forged part of the bearing. The technique is mainly used for manufacturing the inner and outer ring forged parts of the bearing of the large and medium size tapered roller with various types, small batch or large batch.

Mechanical arm modularized joint with force position perceiving function

InactiveCN102218739AHigh joint precisionEasy to connect in seriesJointsReduction driveTransducer
The invention discloses a mechanical arm modularized joint with force position perceiving function and relates to a mechanical arm modularized joint, which aims at solving the problems of large size, large power consumption and low integrated level of the current mechanical arm. A motor stator is fixedly mounted on a fixed shell; a second end cover is mounted in an output shell; the rigid wheel of a harmonic reducer is arranged in the second end cover; the second end cover is connected with the rigid wheel of the harmonic reducer and the fixed shell; a central hole wiring shaft is arranged inthe motor stator and the rigid wheel of the harmonic reducer; a cross roller bearing is mounted between the output shell and the fixed shell; the output shell is connected with the outer ring of a torque transducer; the flexible wheel of the harmonic reducer is mounted between the inner ring of the torque transducer and a connecting nut; a third end cover is mounted on the output shell; a limit stop is mounted on the third end cover; a rotating shaft is fixedly mounted in a motor rotor; a rotating magnetic ring opposite to a position transducer is fixedly sheathed on the rotating shaft; and the generator of the harmonic reducer is connected with the rotating shaft. The mechanical arm modularized joint with the force position perceiving function is used for forming multi-free mechanical arms with light weight through series connection.

Flapping rotor wing design method and microminiature flapping rotor wing designed according to the method

InactiveCN101492093AAchieve vertical takeoff and landingHover in the airOrnithoptersFlapping wingRotary wing
The invention provides a method for driving flapping wings to rotate by thrust produced by the flap of the flapping wings instead of driving by an electric motor, and the method combines with flapping wing and rotary wing technology. An aircraft designed by the method of the invention comprises the flapping wings, an electromagnetic driving mechanism, a connecting shaft, a roller bearing, a power supply, useful load, an electric steering engine, control surfaces, an undercarriage, a controller, an aircraft shell, a slip ring and an electric brush, wherein the electromagnetic driving mechanism drives a pair of flapping wings to flap up and down. The aircraft shell is connected with a rotary connecting shaft through the roller bearing, three control surfaces are evenly distributed at the lower part of the aircraft shell, and simultaneously the control surfaces have the function of the undercarriage of the aircraft. The flapping rotary wings of the invention have high pneumatic efficiency and can satisfy the mission and requirements of vertical takeoff and landing and hovering stopping of the aircraft. Simultaneously, the rotation of the flapping wings of the aircraft is a self-driven rotation, and the rotation is not offset by a torsion resisting mechanism which is added additionally. The aircraft has the advantages of simple design structure, light weight and high flight efficiency and is suitable for miniaturization aircraft design requirements.

Large package control equipment for coiling organic membrane and method

The invention discloses large package equipment for coiling an organic membrane and a method. Coiling angular speed and tension of the organic membrane are controlled by the equipment, so that the coiling package amount of the organic membrane is increased, joint waste of the organic membrane is decreased, the production efficiency is enhanced, influence of coiling process on the organic membrane is reduced, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced. The equipment comprises a furnace body, an uncoiling device and a coiling device, wherein the uncoiling device puts the organic membrane into the furnace body in a way of self correcting angular speed and gradually reduced tension taper, and the coiling device drags the organic membrane out of the furnace body in a way of self correcting angular speed and gradually reduced tension taper. An uncoiling tension detection device comprises a floating roller bearing shaft, a floating roller arranged on one end of the floating roller bearing shaft, a counter weight arranged on the other end of the floating roller bearing shaft, a sensor arranged on the floating roller bearing shaft, a low friction cylinder rotatably connected with the floating roller bearing shaft and a ratio regulating valve used for controlling the low friction cylinder. Drive rollers are all connected with servo motors.

Integral structure of a turn-milling complex machining center

An integral structure of a turn-milling complex machining center is disclosed, characterized by a single post and feeding boxes hung at two sides. The left-suspending feeding box is provided with a B-axis cutter holder device with cutters at three locations. The B-axis cutter holder device is used for the working procedures for crank machining like turning, milling, boring, deep-hole drilling, threading and the like. The right-suspending feeding box can be provided with a large-scale milling cutter disc for external milling machining of the crank shaft. Two spindle boxes have two Cf-axis structures, the two spindle boxes are movable along a Z-axis on the machine body, and the tip of the right spindle box is stretchable. The machine is fitted with a plurality of hydraulic self-centering center rests that have high precision retentivity. A guide rail on the machine body forms an angle of inclination of 30 degrees with a horizontal plane, and the plane of the machine body is completely ground to ensure the absence of scraps and dead corners. The entire machine is fully protected. An inner cavity of the guide rail for the operation of the single post of the machine body is supported by double ribs, and two sets of corners remain stressed all the time in the process of the operation of the post. A front support bearing of the spindle employs an imported large-diameter double-column cylindrical roller bearing. The invention solves three problems and the machining for parts of a main journal and a connecting journal of the crank prior to grinding can be completed by one-time mounting on a machine, thus realizing high-precision and high efficient machining for the crank shaft of a medium speed machine for ships; in addition, the invention bears heavy load and is fully-protected.
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