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Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. It is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture. Additives can be incorporated into the compound to enhance the material's strength, reduce its weight, add heat stability, decorative effects, and so on. Polyresin is also compatible with a large range of different finishes, including paint and metallic finishes, which is why many decorative pieces are made from this material. One form of polyresin often used is Alabastrite. It is a stone-based material, easy to sculpt, takes paint well, and has a similar appearance to porcelain and pottery.

Apparatus and method for production of three-dimensional models by spatial light modulator

An apparatus and the method of its operation for rapid prototyping of a three-dimensional object which includes a radiant energy source of a wide beam of radiant energy of suitable intensity and wavelength for curing a layer of photo-curable resin contained in an open vat, a spatial light modulator (SLM) having an array of pixel elements which are individually digitally controllable by a computer, for modulating the radiant energy beam projected from the radiant energy source on a pixel by pixel basis, to form a series of time sequential images of the cross-sectional laminae of the object, an optical system for focusing each image formed by the SLM, one at a time, onto successive layers of photo-curable resin for predetermined exposure times to thereby form stacked laminae of cured resin, each lamina of cured resin being in the shape of a different one of the cross-sectional laminae, and a piston support for lowering each lamina of cured resin after it is formed by the SLM and for depositing a layer of resin corresponding to the thickness of one cross sectional lamina of the three-dimensional object before the step of projecting a new image by the SLM. The SLM, the piston support for lowering, and the optical system operate repeatedly and sequentially until a complete copy of the object is thereby produced.

Reactive hyperbranched polymers for powder coatings

Novel powder coating compositions containing reactive hyperbranched polymers are disclosed and claimed. Preferred embodiments include powder coating compositions formed from hyperbranched polyesters having terminal hydroxy, carboxy, epoxy, and isocyanate groups. Preferred hyperbranched polyesters are formed from alpha , alpha -bis-(hydroxymethyl)-propionic acid, which act either as crosslinkers, adhesion promotors, or flow and leveling agents. A process for the synthesis of powder coating compositions is also disclosed which involves (a) self condensation of one or more of the multifunctional monomers to form the hyperbranched polymer, optionally, in the presence of suitable reactive end-capping moieties which are described herein; (b) melt blending of the hyperbranched polymer with suitable amounts of one or more of polyesters, epoxy resins, blocked urethane resins, or acrylic resins, a crosslinker, and one or more of suitable additional ingredients including degassers or flow and leveling agents, to form a flake; and (c) grinding and sieving of the flake to form the powder coating composition. These compositions exhibit improved flow and curing properties. These compositions can therefore be formed into thin films and can be cured at low temperatures to form smooth surfaces. Additionally, these films are hard and exhibit enhanced impact resistance properties than the conventional polyester resins. Thus, these powder coating compositions find utilities in automotive, packaging, and appliances.

Water-absorbent resin and production process therefor

In a production process for a water-absorbent resin, comprising the steps of: blending a liquid material and a water-absorbent resin; and heating the resultant mixture in order to produce a modified water-absorbent resin, the present invention is to provide: a method for uniformly and efficiently treating a water-absorbent resin favorably in view of industry, and as a result, a good-balanced water-absorbent resin having various excellent properties, such absorption capacity without a load, absorption capacity under a load, and single-layer absorption capacity under a load in contact with an aqueous liquid. The production process comprises the step of spray-blending a water-absorbent resin (A) and a liquid material (B) with a blending apparatus equipped with a spray nozzle (C), wherein the liquid material (B) is sprayed from the spray nozzle (C) and its spray pattern is a circular and hollow cone shape or a double-convex-lens and elliptic cone shape. In addition, the production process comprises the step of heat-treating a water-absorbent resin under an atmosphere having a dew point of not higher than 60° C. and a temperature of not lower than 90° C., wherein the water-absorbent resin is obtained after a drying step following a pulverization step.

Oil resistant (solvent), heatproof static conducting anti-corrosive paint and preparation thereof

The invention belongs to the corrosion protective coating technique field and provides an oil resistance (solvent) and temperature resistance electrostatic conducting corrosion protective coating and a preparation method thereof. The coating is mainly made by raw components by weight percentage of 20-35 percent of resinI which is used as basic material, 0-15 percent of modified resin II, 15-30 percent of conductive fillers, 1-3 percent of coupling agent, 8-20 percent of fillers, 10-15 percent of solvent, 2-10 percent of plasticizer, 0.5-1 percent of defoamer, 0.5-1 percent of flatting agent and 6-15 percent of curing agent. The coating is prepared according to the following steps: the resin I, the modified resin II, the coupling agent, the plasticizer, the flatting agent and the defoamer are put in a distributing tank. And part of mixed solvent is added to be stirred and distributed uniformly. The fillers are added proportionally and are put in a sand mill for sand milling after being dispersed and stirred uniformly at high speed, so as to obtain upper grinding pigment paste. The conductive fillers and the rest mixed solvent are added at low stirring speed. The conductive fillers are totally blended into the upper grinding pigment paste and stirring is carried out at middle speed, the viscosity is adjusted to be qualified and the fillers are filtered to obtain a qualified component A product. The curing agent is carried out subpackage according to proportion.

Polyhydroxylkanoates as well as blending modification for copolymer thereof and polylactic acid

The invention discloses a PHBV with good performance and a copolymer of PHBV and PLA and the preparation technique method. The invention is characterized in that 1 per cent to 99 per cent of PHAs, 1 per cent to 99 per cent of PLA1 and other additives 0-40 per cent are put in a mixer for 1 to 30 minutes, and then put in an electricity hot blast drying oven a temperature ranging from 40 to 100 DEG C for 2 to 48 hours after being mixed equally. The dried compound is plastified in a double screw extruder, the highest temperature of the double screw extruder is between 90 and 180 DEG C according to the the different content of PHAs and the temperature of the mouth mold is between110 to 170 DEG C. The material extruded from a die head is cooled, stretched and grained to form the complete biodegradation aggregate. The resin consisting of PHBV and copolymer of PHBV and PLA is able to be used for producing the thin films, plates and sheet materials and injected mold to plastic materials. The compound has biological degradability and good machining performance. The target product of the compound has excellent mechanical properties and can be used for replacing the petroleum base plastic to be widely used for packing, agriculture, medical material, electron, chemical industry concerning products for daily use, etc.
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