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Method for real-time donating and satisfying personalized received blessing gift based on network platform interaction

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The invention provides a network platform interaction-based method for realizing real-time giving and personalized blessing gift acceptance, and belongs to e-commerce information technology. The method adopts the prior communication technology and network technology, combines the characteristics of blessing mobile phone short messages, multimedia messages or emails, makes the prior mobile phone short messages, multimedia messages or emails have a value function of property in goods besides an affective communication-related functions, creates a completely new mobile phone real object short message, multimedia message and real object email mode having a value of properties in related information and real object goods and allowing for multipart interaction, satisfies requirements on convenient and quick gift giving between relatives, friends as well as commercial units, solves the phenomena such as single-blessing-function blessing short massages and formal 'same message', and personally solves long-existing problems, such as waste, food security and market disturbance, related to gift recovery and the like. The method is applicable to various festival and daily wishes and greetings and enterprise accumulated score-gift exchange service and the like.

Intelligent television theme customizing system and customizing method thereof

The invention discloses an intelligent television theme customizing system and a customizing method thereof. The intelligent television theme customizing system comprises a television side, a server side and a PC side, wherein the television side is in wired connection with the server side, and is used for receiving the theme customizing information of a user and uploading the theme customizing information and a television icon to the server side; the PC side is connected with the server through a network; the PC side accesses the server side to acquire the theme customizing information to be browsed by designers, and is used for uploading the customized theme made by the designers according to the theme customizing information to the server side; the television side is used for downloading and applying the customized theme corresponding to the television icon from the server side according to user instructions. Therefore, the user can customize corresponding customized themes and display the themes on the television according to demands, the individual demands of the user on television themes are met, the experience and the interestingness in television application are improved, and meanwhile, the content and the display mode of the television theme are enriched, so that the customizing system and the customizing method are applicable to wide popularization.

Refrigerator with data transmission function and data transmission system for refrigerator

The invention provides a refrigerator with a data transmission function and a data transmission system for the refrigerator. The refrigerator with the data transmission function comprises a refrigerator body, a door body, a data collection device and a data uploading device, wherein a storage chamber is limited in the refrigerator body; the door body is connected to the front side of the refrigerator body so as to seal the storage chamber; the data collection device is arranged in the storage chamber and configured to receive storage information provided by a storage device placed in the storage chamber according to a preset wireless transmission protocol, a detection component and a wireless transmission component are arranged in the storage device, the detection component is configured to detect the storage condition in the storage device, and the wireless transmission component is configured to generate the storage information according to a detection result of the detection component and send the storage information to the data collection device; and the data uploading device is connected with the data collection device and configured to obtain the storage information received by the data collection device and upload the storage information to a terminal used by a refrigerator user or specific network equipment. In this way, personalized requirements of the refrigerator user are met.
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