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Control tables are tables that control the control flow or play a major part in program control. There are no rigid rules about the structure or content of a control table—its qualifying attribute is its ability to direct control flow in some way through "execution" by a processor or interpreter. The design of such tables is sometimes referred to as table-driven design (although this typically refers to generating code automatically from external tables rather than direct run-time tables). In some cases, control tables can be specific implementations of finite-state-machine-based automata-based programming. If there are several hierarchical levels of control table they may behave in a manner equivalent to UML state machines...

Cooking control method, device and intelligent electric rice cooker

The invention is suitable for the technical field of intelligent cooking and provides a cooking control method, a cooking control device and an intelligent electric rice cooker. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring cooking information, wherein the cooking information comprises information of food to be cooked, cooking environment information, cooking equipment information and user setting information; calling a corresponding cooking control table according to the acquired information of the food to be cooked and generating a cooking control program according to the cooking control table, the cooking environment information, the cooking equipment information and the user setting information; and sending the cooking control program to cooking equipment to ensure the cooking equipment to cook. Each party related to cooking can be influenced; the cooking information is completed; and a virtual cooking platform is constructed to cook the foods. Therefore, the quality maximization of the cooked food is implemented, the application of the Internet of Things (IOT) in the field of cooking is implemented, the cooking of the food which accords with the Individual requirements of users is implemented and the effect of meeting the requirements of the users to the greatest extent is implemented.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) servo system control method based on fuzzy and active disturbance rejection control

The invention relates to a PMSM servo system control method based on fuzzy and active disturbance rejection control. A position signal is given by a differential tracker to arrange a transition process so that the contradiction between rapidness and overshoot of a system is solved, and uncertainty, friction torques and external disturbance due to modeling errors of the system are observed via an expansion state observer; according to the error between the differentials generated by the differential tracker and state variation generated by the expansion state observer, a fuzzy inference rule is obtained with application of experimental experience of technical staff, so that a fuzzy rule control table of an error proportion coefficient, a differential coefficient and an integration coefficient is established; accurate control amount is obtained after de-fuzzification, so that parameter self-adaptive adjustment of a nonlinear error feedback control law is realized; and compensation amounts of the nonlinear error feedback control law and the expansion state observer to the total disturbance forms the control amount, thereby realizing optimal control for an controlled object. The method of the invention improves both tracking precision and disturbance rejection capability of the system.

Portable and dynamic distributed transaction management method

A system and method is shown for enabling a plurality of computers and associated computer resources, some or all of which may be of heterogeneous configuration, to cooperatively process various applications such that the execution is transparent to the user regardless of where the application is actually executing. This distributed applications architecture performs an information distribution service between multiple transaction processing systems by working with a transaction processor via communication channels to other hosts within the network and a dialog manager which uses a transaction processor interface to communicate with the transaction processor. The architecture employs a map service which provides an editor to create the maps for the application panels, a compiler to generate the maps into a linkable form, and a linkable interpreter which translates the linkable form into the screen presentation format for that platform. To distribute an application, the source code for the procedures, view and panels are moved as a block to the new system. This is possible because once the application source code is complete, all application logic, user interface control tables, view definitions, and other application-specific tables for one transaction definition are packaged by the present invention in a single load module on the system where the application will reside. The load module is then compiled using the target system's compiler, link editor, and bind process. Thus, all environment-dependent variations of import/export are automatically integrated with the application at load module bind time, requiring no source code changes.

Method for monitoring goods in real time in logistics management

The invention discloses a method for monitoring goods in real time in logistics management. The monitoring method comprises the following steps of: constructing a spatial-temporal data model by using an object-oriented thought, defining each object in the logistics management, establishing a data table, introducing an event mechanism, defining a data table and change information of changes caused by each event, combining the changes of related information in the data table in a specified time domain into a set, representing the change of the spatial information of the goods through the set, simultaneously grouping the goods according to the attribute information change types of the goods, performing management by using groups as units, finally defining the chain relation among the events, establishing a data integrity control table by using the events as a core, and completing update of the spatial information according to the table so as to realize real-time monitoring of the goods. The method has the operation flows that the information of the warehoused goods is recorded through a RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) label and bound with a vehicle ID (Identity) when the goods are delivered, and the spatial information of the outgoing goods can be acquired by positioning a vehicle through a GPS (Global Positioning System) positioner so that update of the spatial information of the goods is realized.

Control method for compressor exhaust temperature under heating conditions of air conditioner

The invention relates to a control method for compressor exhaust temperature under heating conditions of an air conditioner. The control method includes the following steps that after the air conditioner is started, an electromagnetic valve runs for time t1 according to benchmark opening, detects coolant circulating flow and inquires a target discharge control table and sustaining time t2 of the coolant circulating flow within a zone corresponding to the target exhaust control table, and regulation of the electromagnetic valve is performed by taking initial standard opening corresponding to the coolant circulating flow zone in the target standard opening; when time t3 is sustained when the electromagnetic valve reaches the target standard opening, actual exhaust temperature of a compressor is detected, and opening of the electromagnetic valve is regulated according to difference between the actual exhaust temperature and the target exhaust temperature in the target exhaust control table. Under the same working condition and with the method, discreteness of the actual exhaust temperature of the compressor is lower than +/-30DEG C, consistency of heating air outlet temperature under the same working condition of the air conditioner is greatly improved, and heating performance of the air conditioner is improved.

Gas extraction and drilling cooperative drilling and protecting integrated system for soft coal seams and process

ActiveCN102587828AOvercome the problem of frictional resistanceReduce displacementDrilling rodsGas removalHydraulic pumpAir compressor
A gas extraction and drilling cooperative drilling and protecting integrated system for soft coal seams and process belong to soft coal seam cooperative drilling and protecting systems and process. The gas extraction and drilling cooperative drilling and protecting integrated system mainly consists of a control table, a hydraulic pump station, an air compressor, a feeding device, a drill stem, a hole protecting tube, a drill bit and the like. The hole protecting tube is located in the drill stem, and the hole protecting tube and the drill stem are synchronously connected and drill cooperatively. The depth of a drilled hole is equal to the length of the hole protecting tube. Finally, the hole protecting tube penetrates through the drill bit, and the drill stem is withdrawn while the hole protecting tube is remained in the hole to realize functions of supporting a hole wall and extracting gas. The system and the process are convenient in operation, the hole protecting tube and the drill stem realize cooperative drilling and protecting, the hole protecting tube is easy to be remained in the drilled hole, problems that the hole collapses and the hole protecting tube is difficult to be fed to the drilled hole can be resolved, the hole protecting depth is high, the hole wall can be supported more effectively, deformation and collapse are prevented, accordingly high gas extraction concentration and flow of the soft coal seams are guaranteed, and the gas extraction and drilling cooperative drilling and protecting integrated system for soft coal seams and the process are particularly applicable to quite soft coal seams with the value of the firmness factor f smaller than 0,3.

Transfusion monitoring device based on video images

InactiveCN103127583ASolve problems such as going to the toilet during the infusionEasy to controlFlow controlComputer terminalBottle
The invention discloses a transfusion monitoring device based on video images. The transfusion monitoring device based on the video images comprises a transfusion bottle monitoring probe, a drip bucket monitoring probe, a transfusion monitoring terminal, a signal wire, a network port, and a direct current converter; wherein the transfusion monitoring probe and the drip bucket monitoring probe are both connected with an embedded type system processor through the signal wire, a power supply input end of a transfusion monitoring terminal is communicated with a power supply through the direct current converter, and the transfusion monitoring terminal is connected with a nurse control table through the network port. The transfusion monitoring device based on the video images applies the monitoring probe to acquire the video images of a transfusion bottle portion and a drip bucket portion, utilizes the embedded type system to start real-time signal process for the images of the two portions, acquires the dropping speed of transfusion and surplus liquid medicine information, sends out alerts of too fast transfusion, too slow transfusion and finishing transfusion based on a preset threshold. The transfusion monitoring device based on the video images applies a non-interference scheme, can be monitored for 24 hours, is free of particular requirements for transfusion devices, and is free of interfering a traditional manual monitoring. The transfusion monitoring device based on the video images has the advantages of being convenient and flexible to install and capable of greatly reducing labor intensity.

Calibration apparatus and method for ultra-high pressure safety valve

The invention relates to an ultra-high pressure safety-valve test apparatus and a corresponding test method. The apparatus adopts a U-shaped bolt to fix the ultra-high pressure safety-valve on a work platform and the output flange of the ultra-high pressure safety-valve is arranged upward; an ultra-high pressure flange is connected with an ultra-high pressure tube and the ultra-high pressure safety-valve; an air-supply is compressed through an air bottle firstly by a compressor and secondly by an ultra-high pressure pump and then is charged into an accumulator; the purified water is injected into the valve cavity through the outlet flange of the ultra-high pressure safety-valve and the video monitor device is arranged well and the position is adjusted well; a safety shielding wall is adopted to separate the operation zone from the test apparatus zone; after all are ready, a back-up valve on a control table carries out the operations of pressure-rising and pressure-preserving step by step according to the set pressure percentage and sealing test pressure and the opening pressure and the sealing capability of the safety-valve are assessed according to the leakage rate of bubbles from the outlet. The ultra-high pressure safety-vale test apparatus is provided with simple structure, economical and practical capability, high operablity and sensitive and reliable testing performance and solves the actual problems in the ultra-high pressure safety-valve testing field of our country.

Artificial intelligent building sale system

The invention relates to a digital artificial intelligent building sale system capable of presenting an unfinished community and house types on the internet in a three-dimensional modeling way, enabling a client to view houses and place an order on line, and enabling developers to adjust the house types and a marketing strategy in advance according to client demand data. The artificial intelligent building sale system consists of the following modules, namely a building information module, a building shining spot module, a house-looking experience module, a self-help house selection module, a real-time sale control table module, a service consultation module, and an owner communication module. The artificial intelligent building sale system has the advantages that: before quotation opening, the system can feed back reservation data information to the developers by the way of on-line house-looking and network reservation, so that the developers can adjust house types and sale strategy in time; after the quotation opening, the system can assist salesmen in selling buildings, and simultaneously the client can imprint information of the building into a CD and bring the CD home for discussion with families; and during the final building sale, the system can store information of unsold houses in a network system for a long term, so the final building sale can be finished without using a sale hall.
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