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Internal memory database system and method and device for implementing internal memory data base

The invention discloses a memory database system which comprises a communication interface, a establishing device, a write operation device, a query operation device and a relief operation device; the establishing device is used for establishing a first storage area of the description information of a memory database in a shared memory, storing a second storage area used for locating the index information of table records and a third storage area used for storing the table records, and storing the description information of the memory database into the first storage area; the third storage area comprises storage units which are matched with the table records in size, and each storage unit stores one table record of the database, a physical block is formed by the storage units which have the same size and are continuous in physical space, and a logical block is linked by one physical block or a plurality of the same physical blocks. The invention also discloses a method for establishing the memory database, a method and the device for establishing multiple indexes. The invention realizes the loose coupling of the memory database table structure and the data storage structure, and can flexibly establish and manage the memory database.

Hierarchically structured logging for computer work processing

A work request is processed and interpreted to automatically establish job data structures associated with jobs constituent to the work and data storage structures associated with tasks constituent to the work. Further, parent-child relationships between jobs, sub-jobs and tasks are automatically established based on interpreting the work request. Once tasks are executed, log information related thereto is stored in respective data storage structures, for access and rendering upon request. Each data storage structure stores log information pertaining only to a respective task. In an embodiment, in response to receiving a request to delete a particular job, the particular job and all of its progeny sub-jobs and tasks are deleted. The work request does not include explicit commands to establish the job data and data storage structures, nor to store the log information in the data storage structures. Generally, structured work requests based on a job request language and interpreted by work management application layer provide the foregoing functionality. In embodiments, a representation of a job data structure and its constituent sub-job and/or data storage structures are rendered, along with linking mechanisms between various levels of the overall work aggregation hierarchy that is implied in an associated work request. The links can be used to traverse the hierarchy to easily access and view log information stored in data storage structures.
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