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Leadframe strip having enhanced testability

A method of fabricating a semiconductor package comprising the step of providing a leadframe strip which defines a strip plane and a multiplicity of leadframes. Each of the leadframes includes an outer frame defining a central opening and a die pad disposed within the central opening. Each leadframe further includes a plurality of leads which are attached to the outer frame and extend toward the die pad in spaced relation to each other. The outer frames are integrally connected to each other and collectively define connecting bars which extend in multiple rows and columns and define saw streets. Semiconductor dies are attached to respective ones of the die pads, with the semiconductor dies being mechanically and electrically connected to the leads of respective ones of the leadframes. Thereafter, an encapsulant material is applied to the leadframe strip to form at least one mold cap which at least partially encapsulates the leadframes, the semiconductor dies, and the conductive wires. The leadframe strip and the mold cap collectively define a package strip. Isolation cuts are formed through the package strip along at least some of the saw streets to effectively electrically isolate the leadframes from each other.

Device and method for flame stabilization in a burner

A device and a method for flame stabilization in a burner (10), includes a burner housing at least partially enclosing a burner volume, into which may be introduced via at least one fuel line, fuel, and via at least one air feed means, air, forming an air / fuel mixture spreading in a preferred flow direction, which may be ignited in a combustion chamber (11) connecting downstream of the burner housing to form a stationary flame (13). Upstream of the flame (13), a catalyst arrangement (1) is provided through which an air / pilot fuel mixture (4), separate from the air / fuel mixture, is flowable. The catalyst arrangement (1) has at least two catalyst stages which are located one behind the other in the through-flow direction, of which the catalyst stage (3) located upstream, the so-called POX-catalyst, is flow-washable by the air / pilot fuel mixture (4) with an air / pilot fuel mixture ratio λ<1, by which catalyst stage (3) the air / pilot fuel mixture (4) is partially oxidized, and of which catalyst stages the downstream catalyst stage (8), the so-called FOX-catalyst, is flow-washable by a leaned air / pilot fuel mixture (7) with a mixture ratio λ>1, by which the leaned air / pilot fuel mixture is completely oxidized forming an inert hot gas flow (9).

Fiber optic module

A fiber optic module includes a connector connected to a mother board of a host computer, an LD semiconductor IC for converting serial data received from the mother board to an LD electric signal for a laser diode, an LD module for converting the LD electric signal to an LD optical signal, a PD module for converting a photodiode optical signal to a PD electric signal, a PD semiconductor IC for converting the PD electric signal to PD serial data, a circuit board having the connector and carrying LD semiconductor IC and PD semiconductor IC, an LD shielding plate and a PD shielding plate for electrically shielding the LD module and the PD module, respectively, a first frame and a second frame for holding the circuit board, LD module and PD module. In the fiber optic module, the connector is of a surface mounting type, leads of the LD and PD modules are connected to a side of the circuit board mounted with the connector, the circuit board has an LD variable resistor for adjusting a drive current of the LD module, the LD variable resistor is provided to a side of the circuit board opposite to the connector, the circuit board has a PD variable resistor provided to the side of the circuit board opposite to the connector for detecting a signal of the PD module, 3 signal processing semiconductor ICs or less are provided.
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