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Display device

A highly reliable electrostatic-capacitive-type display device with a touch panel which allows a user to perform finger touch inputting and exhibits excellent detection sensitivity is provided. A transparent conductive film is formed above a back surface of an electrostatic-capacitive-type touch panel so as to block noises generated by a display device. A conductive member is provided to supply a voltage to a transparent conductive film formed above a back surface of the touch panel. An electrode which is formed on the electrostatic-capacitive-type touch panel is divided in accordance with a ratio between the number of X electrodes and the number of Y electrodes. A floating electrode is formed in a gap defined between the electrodes so as to adjust an area of the electrode. Due to the shrinkage of the area of the electrode, it is possible to lower a noise level to a level equal to or lower than a signal level. Accordingly, an S/N ratio is increased thus enhancing detection sensitivity. Further, lines are branched on a flexible printed circuit board and intersecting lines are formed on a back surface of the flexible printed circuit board, and the intersecting lines are made to orthogonally intersect with lines formed on a front surface of the flexible printed circuit board thus lowering line capacitance.

Computer Input Device

A device (1) for data entry into an electronic device such as a computer, personal digital assistant (PDA) or mobile phone is provided, comprising thumb and finger touch pads (5,3), arranged on the device in a pattern corresponding to the natural thumb and finger tip positions of the thumb and fingers when relaxed; each finger pad (3) extending in backward and forward directions; the thumb pad (5) extending in left and right directions; position detecting means to detect the position of the thumb and each finger tip along each of the thumb and finger pads (5,3); finger data selection means to select for each finger a character or instruction corresponding to the detected position of a finger tip when in contact with a finger pad (3); thumb option selection means to select an option corresponding to the detected position of the thumb when in contact with the thumb pad (5); selection display means to display the character or instruction selected on each finger pad (3) according to the option selected on the thumb pad (5); and data entry detecting means to detect lifting of a finger from a finger pad (3) and enter a character or instruction into the electronic device based on the character or instruction selected on the finger pad (3) for which lifting is detected and based on the option selected on the thumb pad (5). Instead of touch pads, pressure cups can be used.

Sensor, dual-mode touch module and dual-mode touch electronic device

The invention discloses a sensor, a dual-mode touch module and a dual-mode touch electronic device. The sensor comprises a first direction lead set and a second direction lead set formed by a plurality of U-shaped first direction leads and second direction leads in a combined arrangement mode. The first direction lead set and the second direction lead set are mutually crossed to form a capacitance coupling touch antenna array; the first connecting end of the opening parts of the first direction leads and the second direction leads is connected with an external control component, the second connecting end of the opening parts is connected in series with a mode switching electronic switch, and the second connecting end is connected to the external control component through the mode switching electronic switch; and the control end of the mode switching electronic switch is connected with the external control component. The sensor realizes dual touch modes of capacitance coupling and electromagnetic induction by mode switching based on the same antenna array, and has simple structure, high reliability and low cost; and when the sensor is combined on a display screen of electronic equipment, the sensor meets the requirements of users on two flexible touch inputs of electromagnetic pen and finger touch.

Fingerprint recognition system and fingerprint recognition method

The invention provides a fingerprint recognition system and a fingerprint recognition method. The fingerprint recognition system comprises a fingerprint recognition device, a detecting electrode and a contact detecting device, wherein the contact detecting device comprises an analog-to-digital converter and a judging module; the analog-to-digital converter is used for charging and discharging the detecting electrode and detecting a capacitance value on the detecting electrode; the judging module is used for judging whether fingers of a user touch the detecting electrode or not according to the capacitance value; and finger touch information is generated when the fingers of the user touch the detecting electrode so as to start the fingerprint recognition device to recognize fingerprints. By the fingerprint recognition system, most of functional modules of the fingerprint recognition device are in a dormant state when the fingerprint touch recognition device is not detected, the fingerprint recognition device is started to recognize the fingerprints when the fingers of the user touch the fingerprint recognition device, the fingerprints of the user can be recognized reliably and effectively, and power consumption of the fingerprint recognition device is greatly reduced.
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