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Method for producing MnO2 supported catalyst as well as method of using the same and apparatus for treating waste water

The invention discloses a method for preparing MnO2 supported catalysts, an application method thereof and a wastewater treatment device. The preparation method comprises the following steps: manganese acetate is prepared into a solution; one of activated carbon, active aluminium sesquioxide, white silica gel, a molecular sieve, zeolite or diatomite is taken as a carrier and dipped in the solution; and supported solid catalysts are prepared through dipping, evaporation, concentration, drying and roasting. A reactor of the wastewater treatment device is divided into a plurality of reaction spaces by baffles, and the catalysts exist as fluidized beds on every baffle. When the MnO2 supported catalysts prepared by the method are used in the reaction of degrading refractory organic matter through ozone catalytic oxidation, the contact time among the MnO2 supported catalysts, wastewater and ozone is between10 and 120 minutes, and the mass ratio of the adding amount of the catalysts to the wastewater in the reaction is between 1 to 200 and 1 to 20. The MnO2 supported catalysts prepared by the method have the characteristics of easy recovery, high repeat utilization property and high efficiency of catalyzing and degrading refractory organic matters.

Cooling Suit

The present invention aims at providing a cooling suit having a simple structure and capable of assuredly vaporizing a large amount of perspiration. To this end, there is provided a cooling suit to be worn on a wearer, comprising: an air inlet 2a configured to introduce outside air; parallel airstream generation means 3 for introducing the outside air through the air inlet to generate parallel airstreams which are substantially parallel to the wearer's body; a guide sheet simultaneously serving as a garment 2 and for guiding the parallel airstreams generated by the parallel airstream generation means, parallelly to the wearer's body; an air exit portion configured to discharge the parallel airstreams to the exterior; and electric-power source means for supplying electric power to the parallel airstream generation means; wherein the parallel airstream generation means cooperatively blows air of a total amount of about 5 m3/H to 500 m3/H into between the guide sheet and an undergarment or wearer's body to cause positive pressures between the guide sheet and the undergarment or wearer's body to thereby produce an air flow space therebetween, and the parallel airstream generation means causes the blown air to flow through the air flow space to thereby discharge moisture due to perspiration to the exterior and to thereby constantly feed fresh outside air into the air flow space, thereby largely intensifying conditions where perspiration can be evaporated.

Large-effective-area inverse dispersion compensating fiber, and a transmission line incorporating the same

An inverse dispersion fiber having a large effective area and a transmission system that incorporates the fiber for providing dispersion and dispersion slope compensation in a transmission fiber. The large-effective-area inverse dispersion optical fiber (IDF) has a negative dispersion and a negative dispersion slope. The effective area, Aeff, of the IDF preferably is greater than approximately 31 micrometers squared (μm2) at a transmission wavelength of approximately 1550 nm. The large-effective-area IDF is suitable for use with super-large-effective-area (SLA) transmission fiber for compensating dispersion in the SLA transmission fiber while reducing nonlinear effects between wavelength channels and cabling loss, which is especially advantageous in transoceanic and long-haul terrestrial systems. These nonlinear effects are inversely related to the effective area of the fiber (i.e., nonlinearities˜1/Aeff). Thus, an increase in the effective area of the fiber translates into a decrease in nonlinear interactions, which increases bandwidth capabilities and limits signal degradation. Furthermore, the large-effective-area IDF of the present invention has very desirable transmission properties. The present invention also provides a transmission system comprising at least one of the large-effective-area IDF optical fibers of the present invention. Furthermore, Aeff can be made large without having to increase the ratio, Ra, of the diameter of the core to the diameter of the trench region.
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