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Finger guide device

A finger guide device that positions a finger (or minutiae containing digit) of a human subject on a fingerprint sensor in a manner optimal for the data capture operation of authentication or identification of said subject wherein a relevant portion of the finger is in alignment with a sensor or scanner. Authentication or identification takes place by fingerprint matching. The finger guide device may also be used for enrollment of the initial fingerprint data into the system through one or more readings of the fingerprint and translation into a template for future comparison matching. The finger guide device may also serve to provide temperature or temperature equivalent tactile feedback or other forms of feedback to a user. The finger guide device may also contain an outer surface ridge which feels somewhat uncomfortable due to application of a high pressure per square inch on small areas of the finger when the finger is incorrectly positioned to encourage correct placement of the finger, which is more comfortable. The finger guide device may have a curved inside surface to contour to a wide variety of fingertip shapes and sizes, wherein the sides and front have shorter radii of curvature than the rearward portion of the finger guide device. The front of the finger guide device may have sufficient steepness of its sides and shortness of radius of curvature in order to serve as a stop positioning the tip of the finger approximately between 0.20 and 0.90 inch ahead of the center of the sensor. This is an ideal position to enroll and later to authenticate or identify a subject user. The finger guide device material or surface may be electrically conductive and thereby serve as a means to transmit a driver signal to the finger tissue to facilitate the improved use of capacitive or other types of electronic or electromagnetically operated fingerprint sensors requiring this electrical potential sensing means. Additional tactile enhancements such as twin positioning bumps or Braille or audio or mechanical motion or visual marking or indicator light feedback may be added within the finger guide device if desired. The level of the fingerprint sensor or scanner may be raised or lowered as an additional enhancement to alter the data capture characteristics. The finger guide device may be used in communication with electromechanical devices to serve the additional purpose of functioning as a switch or pointing device.

Selected processing for non-equilibrium light alloys and products

A new class of light or reactive elements and monophase alpha'-matrix magnesium- and aluminum-based alloys with superior engineering properties, for the latter being based on a homogeneous solute distribution or a corrosion-resistant and metallic shiny surface withstanding aqueous and saline environments and resulting from the control during synthesis of atomic structure over microstructure to net shape of the final product, said alpha'-matrix being retained upon conversion into a cast or wrought form. The manufacture of the materials relies on the control of deposition temperature and in-vacuum consolidation during vapor deposition, on maximized heat transfer or casting pressure during all-liquid processing and on controlled friction and shock power during solid state alloying using a mechanical milling technique. The alloy synthesis is followed by extrusion, rolling, forging, drawing and superplastic forming for which the conditions of mechanical working, thermal exposure and time to transfer corresponding metastable alpha'-matrix phases and microstructure into product form depend on thermal stability and transformation behavior at higher temperatures of said light alloy as well as on the defects inherent to a specific alloy synthesis employed. Alloying additions to the resulting alpha'-monophase matrix include 0.1 to 40 wt. % metalloids or light rare earth or early transition or simple or heavy rare earth metals or a combination thereof. The eventually more complex light alloys are designed to retain the low density and to improve damage tolerance of corresponding base metals and may include an artificial aging upon thermomechanical processing with or without solid solution heat and quench and annealing treatment for a controlled volume fraction and size of solid state precipitates to reinforce alloy film, layer or bulk and resulting surface qualities. Novel processes are employed to spur production and productivity for the new materials.

3D terrain imaging system of interferometric synthetic aperture radar and elevation mapping method thereof

The invention discloses a 3D terrain imaging system of the interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) and an elevation mapping method thereof, which mainly solve the problems that the existing InSAR has bad imaging pragmaticality and can not implement 3D elevation mapping on the fast-changing terrain and the transilient terrain. The system comprises three sub-aperture antennas, a radar transmitter, a radar receiver and an imaging data processor; the imaging signal processor comprises a SAR image processing unit and an InSAR image processing unit. The invention receives radar echo through the three sub-apertures, then conducts SAR imaging process on the radar echo respectively received by the three sub-apertures, and then conducts InSAR imaging process on the obtained SAR complex pattern, wherein the InSAR imaging process comprises image registration, phase filtering and phase unfolding based on cluster analysis. The processed InSAR phase unfolded image is processed with an elevation inversion to recover a three dimensional digital elevation map. The invention has the advantages of wide adaptability to mapped terrains, and high imaging effectiveness, therefore, the invention can be used in the mapping of the 3D terrain.
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