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Method for manufacturing nickel-based high-temperature alloy forge piece

The invention relates to the technical field of forge process, and provides a method for manufacturing a nickel-based high-temperature alloy forge piece. The method comprises the following steps of: (1) inspecting nickel-based high-temperature alloy raw materials, including re-inspection of chemical components and inspection of steel ingot surface; (2) blanking by adopting a sawing machine sawing method or a chopper hot chopping method; (3) heating the steel ingot; (4) cogging and performing forge deformation treatment; (5) performing last but one heating number forging and last heating number forging; (6) rough processing; (7) heat treating; (8) testing mechanical performance; (9) detecting faults with ultrasonic wave; and (10) inspecting products. According to the manufacturing method provided by the invention, home-made manufacture of nickel-based high-temperature alloy forge pieces achieves a success, utilization of China to the nickel-based high-temperature alloy is broken through, and the quality and grade of products of China can be improved, the requirement of domestic market for high-quality valve rods and valve discs of a steam turbine, seal rings in various specifications and critical parts in aerospace field can be fulfilled, and the competitive capability of native enterprises in the international market can be improved.

Operation mechanism for Romanian blind

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An operation mechanism for Romanian blind includes a Roman blind made up of a blind body of a proper length and width securely attached to the underside of a telescopic upper beam wherein the blind body is equidistantly doubled up for a certain length from top to bottom and sewed up at one side thereof to form a plurality of elongated through holes for horizontal rods to be led and retained therein respectively. At both lateral sides of each elongated through hole are respectively disposed a retaining piece having a C-shaped clamping part detachably mounted at a preset position of the elongated through hole thereon, and a cord-passage hole protruding in vertical position relative to that of the C-shaped clamping part thereof for a pull cord suspending downwards from the upper beam to be led there-through and fixedly tied up to the bottommost cord-passage hole for location thereby. Thus, separately set from the elongated through holes of the blind body thereof, the retaining pieces can be precisely located onto the elongated through holes to clamp tight the horizontal rods retained therein after the blind body along with the horizontal rods thereof are properly trimmed in width according the telescopic upper beam adjusted to fit to the size of a window frame so that the pull cord can be properly held in place according to the adjustment of the retaining pieces to maintain the overall beauty of the blind body in display, increasing the variable changes in decoration and assembly of the present invention to achieve widespread use and boost the competitive power thereof.

Device for controlling fruit sweet acidity separation production line based on visible and near infrared spectrum

The invention discloses a device for controlling a fruit sweet acidity separation production line based on a visible and near infrared spectrum, consisting of a hardware device and a software system. The hardware device comprises three modules including a spectrum collecting module (2), a computer (9) and a separation control module (29); and the software system comprises a spectrum analyzing module and a separation software module. The working process of the control device is as follows: pressing down a start button, running a production line, and conveying fruits to a visible and near infrared spectrum detection station; detecting position information of fruits movement by a proximity switch, transmitting the position information to a PLC (10), triggering a spectrograph (24), collecting visible and near infrared spectrums reflected by the fruits by the spectrograph (24), transmitting signals to a fruit sweet acidity model of the computer software, and detecting the grade of the fruit sweet acidity content; transmitting grade signals to the PLC by the computer; registering the dynamically moved fruits by shift control; and when the fruits move to a separation opening, carrying out the extraction, the judgment and the output control on the grade signals by the PLC, and driving a rotary electromagnet of the separation opening, thus realizing the separation of different grades of fruits.

Automatic winding and bundling method and device for carrying out method

The invention discloses an automatic winding and bundling method. The automatic winding and bundling method is characterized by comprising the following steps: 1, a bundling belt arrangement device, a bundling belt delivering device, a line grabbing device, a line winding device, a line arrangement device, a line connecting device, a line wrapping device and a bundling belt twisting device are arranged respectively and are respectively arranged on a main machine frame; 2, a PLC control system is arranged, wherein the PLC control system is connected with the devices respectively and controls operation of the devices. The invention further discloses an automatic winding and bundling device. The automatic winding and bundling method and the automatic winding and bundling device integrate a one-line multiple-station production technology and a multiple-variety collinear production technology, multiple products different in type and shape can be simultaneously processed and produced in a high-efficiency mode, the product diversification demand can be met, the production period of the products can be effectively shortened, and the competitiveness of enterprises can be improved. Monitoring workers are effectively decreased, operation is convenient, labor intensity is reduced, accordingly manpower and human resources are saved, and production cost is reduced.

Method for preparing modified aliphatic series water reducing agent

The invention discloses a method for preparing a modified aliphatic series water reducing agent. The method comprises the following steps: (1) adding 25-45 parts of sodium hydrogen sulfite,120-150 parts of formaldehyde and 70 parts of water into a first reaction kettle, stirring to dissolve for 0.5-1 hour, adding 30-70 parts of waste acetone and 10-25 parts of pure acetone into the reaction kettle at one time when the temperature is controlled to be less than 30 DEG C, continuously reacting for 0.5-1 hour, and further adding 1-5 parts of a stabilizing agent, thereby obtaining a first mixed liquid; (2) adding 20-35 parts of sulfite and 100 parts of water into a second reaction kettle, stirring to dissolve, adding liquid caustic soda to adjust the pH value to be 11-12, controlling the reaction temperature to be 40-55 DEG C, dripping the first mixed liquid within 2 hours at a uniform speed, and controlling the temperature to be no greater than 90 DEG C; and (3) after the first mixed liquid is dripped, adding 30-50 parts of CLT waste acid and 2-3 parts of formaldehyde into the second reaction kettle, carrying out heat preservation for 2-3 hours, and cooling to be the room temperature, thereby obtaining the modified aliphatic series water reducing agent. By adopting the method disclosed by the invention, the production cost is greatly lowered while the property of the water reducing agent is not degraded, so that the competitiveness of the product is improved.
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