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Winding wedge retention to maintain coil form

InactiveUS6113024AMinimizes coil movementEliminates and at least minimizes coil insulation breakdownWindingsMagnetic circuit rotating partsSystems designEngineering
A winding wedge retention system designed to maintain coil form includes a rotor (21) having a plurality of rotor poles (24), a coil (20) wound on one of the rotor poles (24), a V-shaped support wedge (22) positioned between adjacent rotor poles (24, 24) and that is adapted to support the coil (20), and a second wedge (26) that is positioned between and adjacent to the coil (20) and the rotor pole (24) on which the coil (20) is wound. The second wedge (26), in the presence of centrifugal loads, maintains a constant shape of the coil (20) and also maintains a constant position of the coil (20) relative to a position of the support wedge (22). A winding wedge retention system for the entire rotor includes, in addition to the rotor (21) itself and coils (20) wound on each of the rotor poles (24), plural V-shaped support wedges (22) positioned between each adjacent pair of rotor poles (24) and plural dove-tail shaped wedges (26) that are positioned between and adjacent to each of the coils (20) and rotor poles (24). The dove-tail wedges (26) are adapted to move toward the adjacent supports (22) in the presence of centrifugal loads thus maintaining a constant shape and position of the coils (20) relative to the position of the support wedges (22).
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