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Non-volatile MEMS micro-relays using magnetic actuators

An actuation device employing square-loop latchable magnetic material having a magnetization direction (polarization) capable of being changed in response to exposure to an external magnetic field is disclosed. The magnetic field is created by a conductor assembly with non-solenoid configuration. Once the magnetization direction of the material is so changed, the external magnetic field is no longer required to maintain the new magnetization direction. The latchable magnetic material is disposed on the mobile electrode of a switching device, and another magnetic material is disposed in spaced relation to the latchable magnetic material on a stationary electrode or surface. By applying an electrical current to a conductor assembly arranged proximate the latchable material, a magnetic field is created about the latchable magnetic material, to change the magnetization direction and thereby enable the attraction or repulsion of another magnetic material located on the stationary electrode. The resulting relative displacement of the mobile and stationary electrodes effects the selective connection or disconnection of electrical contacts carried on or associated with the respective electrodes of the actuation device without requiring additional power in order to maintain the switched state of the electrodes.

Electric rotating machine

For achieving small-sizing and high efficiency by improving heat radiation of coils, and further for simple-construction to be easily disassembled, thereby being environment-friendly from a view point of recycling, an electric rotating machine comprising: a stator 1a being constructed by inserting coils 10a into slots 11 of a stator core 2a; an outer frame 4 being divided into a plurality thereof, so as to cover periphery of the stator core of said stator; a pair of bearing holder portions 6a and 6b, each having a fitting portion 35a or 35b to be fitted into an inner diameter reference surface 25a at both end portions of said stator and being provided with a bearing 8a or 8b at an axial center portion thereof, and being attached at both sides of said stator core so as to cover coil end portions dropping out at both sides of said stator; a squeezing mechanism (30, 32a, 32b, 6a, 6b) fixing the outer frame at an outer periphery of the stator core, by a wedge function between each of the bearing holder portions and the outer frame due to a squeezing function of attaching the each of said pair of bearing holder portions at both sides of said stator core; and a rotor 3 being formed with an escaping portion for escaping from an outer diameter of a portion opposing to a fitting portion of each of said bearing holder portion, rotatably positioned within said stator core.
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