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In computer software, business logic or domain logic is the part of the program that encodes the real-world business rules that determine how data can be created, stored, and changed. It is contrasted with the remainder of the software that might be concerned with lower-level details of managing a database or displaying the user interface, system infrastructure, or generally connecting various parts of the program.

System and method for implementing multimedia calls across a private network boundary

A system and method of the present invention for implementing multimedia calls across a private network boundary is provided, the system comprising a public network and at least one private network, and at least the following hardware components: at least one media gateway for connecting with multimedia terminals of various protocols; at least one boundary gateway for connecting the private network and the public network and performing the translation of a private network address and a public network address between each other, wherein each boundary gateway is provide with an unique subnetwork ID to correspond to the private network connected therewith; a call controller for establishing calls and controlling service logics, in which is recorded the correspondence relationship information of all said boundary gateways and the subnetwork IDs; wherein, the call controller processes a call concerning a private network according to the subnetwork ID information. The system and method of the present invention is simple to implement, has high efficiency and wide application range; saves the boundary gateway resources, does not modify the signaling content and retain its integrity; is applicable to the media gateways of various protocols, and has a high adaptability.

Java server page (JSP) template-based intelligent table system capable of being defined freely and generating method

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The invention relates to a java server page (JSP) template-based intelligent table system capable of being defined freely, which controls a table through system configuration under the driving of a table engine to complete various service functions on the basis of data modeling. The (JSP) template-based intelligent table system provides implementing mechanisms of data modeling, service configuration, table drawing, table editing and the like and can realize user-oriented free customization of the table, and a user can realize most service logics by configuring various parameters through pages, thereby greatly improving the flexibility and extensibility of the intelligent table system. In the system, the JSP file is used as a template of the table, and various configuration information controlling the table and the table template are connected through the table engine, thus that the effect that the table service comes into effect as long as configured can be realized. In the part of table editing, the system can realize automatic calculation of table attribute, addition and delete of sub-table rows, secondary authority control of the table, service implementation and control of the table and the like.

Method and system for top-down business process definition and execution

A system and method is presented utilizing a set of software tools for the graphical definition of top-down workflow process models. Once defined, these models are completely useable enterprise applications that can be deployed in real-time without interrupting current business operations. The present invention has three main components: the process designer, the process server, and the process clients. The process designer allows users to define the business processes from the top down without programming. The process definitions are made up of components, such as tasks and subprocesses. Tasks are work items that are performed either by a human or automatically by an existing system. Tasks in the present invention incorporate all GUI panels necessary for an end-user to complete the task. Events link the process components together, defining control flow and providing a means for data flow through the process model. Process models also include roles, end-users, business logic, and other components that allow parallel processing, synchronization, and timing of services. Adapters allow business data and logic external to the present invention to be incorporated into the process model. The process model definitions are then installed on the process server, which presents the tasks to end-users. End-users access and perform tasks through the process clients.

Method and system for managing authority

The invention discloses an authority management method, the method is used for carrying out the verification of an operation request of a user in an authority management system, the method comprises: the operation request which is put forward by the user is received; an authority identifier distributed for a character which the user belongs to is obtained from a database, the database stores the corresponding relation among the user, the character and the distributed authority identifier for the character; authority resources which are corresponding to the authority identifier are obtained from various authority resource subfiles in the system and cached, the various authority resource subfiles are corresponding to various business logic component modules in the system, each authority resource subfile stores the authority resources of the corresponding business logic component module; the operation request of the user is intercepted, whether the authority resources distributed to the user contain the operation request or not is judged, if yes, the operation request is accepted, otherwise, the operation request is refused. Meanwhile, the invention also discloses the authority management system. The use of the method and the system can meet the detailed authority control needs of each operation of each operation interface of the system, realize the convenient follow-up development and maintenance of the authority resources of the business modules and also realize the flexible customization of the business modules of the user according to the needs.
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