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In computing, a plug and play (PnP) device or computer bus is one with a specification that facilitates the discovery of a hardware component in a system without the need for physical device configuration or user intervention in resolving resource conflicts. The term "plug and play" has since been expanded to a wide variety of applications to which the same lack of user setup applies.

Home automation system and method

A home automation system and method for automatic control of controlled devices throughout a home. A unique architecture of occupancy sensors includes entry/exit sensors for detecting movement through doorways that separate rooms in the home, room motion sensors for detecting room occupancy, spot sensors to detect occupancy of specific locations within the rooms, and house status sensors to detect the status of certain parameters of the home. A central controller communicates with the sensors and controlled objects over a communications network, where the sensors and controlled objects can be added to the system in a ‘plug and play’ manner. The central controller controls the controlled objects in response to the entry/exit sensors, room motion sensors, spot sensors and the house status sensors. This control is accomplished by assigning each room to one of a plurality of room occupancy states, and to one of a plurality of room modes for creating desired room atmospheres using the controlled objects, which both dictate how the controlled objects are controlled by the central controller. The room modes travel from room to room as the occupant moves throughout the home, and multiple occupants can be using different room modes as they move about the home. The controlled objects also have controlled object states, which are used by the central controller to control the controlled objects.

Method for automatic correction and tiled display of plug-and-play large screen projections

The invention discloses a method for automatic correction and tiled display of plug-and-play large screen projections. The method comprises the steps as follows: adaptively generating a checker pattern with a certain resolution ratio, projecting by projectors in sequence, capturing by cameras, carrying out feature detection and identification on complicated projection surfaces or checkers under the illumination condition with a multi-feature detection method based on color and geometry, and creating a Bezier curve function to represent a corresponding relation of points between projector images and camera images; and obtaining effective display areas for screen projection with a quick approach method, determining a corresponding relation of the projection contents of the projectors and the display areas, carrying out geometrical distortion on the images to be projected for geometrical correction, and calculating weight values of pixels in projection overlapping areas with a distance-based nonlinear weight value distribution method for fusion of edge brightness. According to the invention, a plurality of projection images of irregular surfaces can be aligned and seamlessly spliced, and the whole method is simple and easy to use, higher in autonomy and better in seamless splicing performance.

Integrated universal simulation test system and implement method for electric network scheduling and electric quantity collection

The present invention discloses an integrated universal simulation test system for electric network scheduling and electric quantity collection, a telemechanical terminal is connected with a test control device through an instation network, an electrical energy remote terminal is connected with a plurality of electric energy meters. The simulation test system is provided with a portable computer, and has a function of processing the remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control data of an automatic SCADA system and electric energy meter data of a electric quantity collection terminal simultaneously or separately; a specification analysis function of the automatic SCADA system and electric quantity collection system; the specification is an usual specification, or is added with a plug-in card mode. By means of the technical scheme, the system has stable operation and perfect functions; the system is portable and is flexible to be employed; the system has high reliability and well expandability, openness, compatibility, and excellent maintainability and easytouse; it is capable of expanding and modifying the specification expediently, and it is capable of plugging and playing.
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